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General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to turn off Two-Factor Authentication in Apple ID?

If you have enabled "Two-Factor Authentication" feature in your Apple ID, Apple will stop us from getting your iCloud backup file.
To fix this issue, please disable Two-Factor Authentication in your Apple ID and try FoneDog again.
1. Go to the following link to your Apple ID page:!&page=signin
2. In the Security section, Click Edit.turn off factor auth
3. Click Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication
4. Create new security questions and verify your date of birth.

Q2. Is it legal? What about my terms of agreement?

It is 100% legal.
Unlocking your phone and the terms of agreement with your network provider are independent of each other.
The terms of agreement are linked to the service and not the phone. Unlocking the phone will allow its use with any network provider, but the terms of your agreement remain in place until they expire or are cancelled.

Q3. What is the "5-device limit" in personal license?

The personal license can only let you transfer data between 5 devices at most. Every time you connect a new device to MobileTrans, it will count as one device. Devices already connected to the MobileTrans will not be counted as a new one.
If you have more devices to transfer, you will need to purchase another license.

Q4. Why should I get the full version and not just the free trial?

Both the trial and full version do the same jobs, except that with the trial version you can only preview recovered files. With the full version you can preview AND recover those files. When you purchase the full version, we send you the registration code. Validate your code and you can then recover the files you previewed in the free version.

Q5. What support options do I have?

1.Customer Support Team
We offer a support ticket system via our support center, and our support team will answer you within 12 hours (Mon-Fri) and within 48 hours on weekends (Sat-Sun).
2.Social Media
Follow us on Twitter: FoneDog Twitter
Follow us on Facebook: FoneDog Facebook

Q6. What is your policy on Licenses?

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