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I have a MacBook Air that I use every single day. I use it for both work and recreational purposes. One thing I love to do with my MacBook Air is to download a lot of files. Mostly because I love watching series and movies. Now, I want to know how to properly delete downloads I don’t need anymore. Can you teach me how to properly do it?

~Anonymous MacBook Air Owner

Part I: Introduction

Apple’s Mac devices are very popular and useful for a lot of users. It has an interface that is user-friendly. Plus, it works fast and smooth.

When we use our Mac devices every single day, we usually accumulate a lot of downloaded files such as applications, music, videos, pictures, and even confidential data.

All of these downloaded files are kept within our hard drive or solid state drive (SDD). Specifically, if not modified, the downloaded file is kept within the Downloads folder.

This can take up a lot of space within your device. Plus, there might be confidential data that when leaked, can cause a lot of trouble for you, your business, or the company you work with.

Fortunately, you are currently in this article. We will be showing you different ways or methods of removing your downloaded files.

We will also tell you how to remove your download history within different browsers in your Mac device. Hopefully, this will help keep your privacy safe and even free up more space within your device to boost its performance.
Delete Downloades Mac Device Delete

Part II: Manually Deleting Your Downloads On Mac

Here are the steps to manually delete your downloads within your Mac device:

Step 01 - Go to the Dock.

Step 02 - Finally go towards the fInder.

Step 03 - Go towards the Manage page.

Step 04 - On the left side of the screen, look for Downloads and click it.

Step 05 - Now, all the downloads will be shown on the pane on the right side.

Step 06 - If you wish to select every single downloaded data, press CMD + A. Or, you can choose specific download files one at a time.

Step 07 - Click the right mouse button.

Step 08 - Select Move To Trash.

Step 09 - Go to your Trash Bin and right click on it.

Step 10 - Select Empty Trash.

That’s it. Very easy right? Well, let’s get on with deleting your downloads history within different browsers.

Part III: Deleting Downloads History Within Different Browsers

There are different steps to deleting your history within different browsers. Let’s check them out one by one.

Chrome: How To Manually Remove Downloads History

Here are the steps to help you manually clear up downloads history within Google Chrome:

Step 01 - Open the browser Chrome.

Step 02 - Press History. This is located within the menu bar.

Step 03 - Press Show Full History.

Step 04 - Choose Clear Browsing Data...

Step 05 - Select the time range you wish to delete. If you want to delete everything, select The Beginning Of Time.

Step 06 - Check the box that states Download History.

Step 07 - Finally, press Clear Browsing Data.
Delete Downloads Mac Device Google Chrome

Safari: How To Manually Remove Downloads History

In order to clear up your history for downloads within the Safari browser, follow the steps below:

Step 01 - Open the browser Safari.

Step 02 - Press History. This is located within the menu bar which is also at the top of the screen.

Step 03 - Choose Clear History And Website Data.

Step 04 - Select All History if you want to clear up everything. Or, you can select a specific time range that you want.

Step 05 - Press Clear History.
Delete Downloads Mac Device Safari

Firefox: How To Manually Remove Downloads History

Here are the steps to help you remove history of downloads within Firefox.

Step 01 - Open the said browser on your Mac device.

Step 02 - Go to the menu bar and select History.

Step 03 - Choose Clear Recent History.

Step 04 - Choose Everything if you want to delete everything. Or, select a time range that you want.

Step 05 - Press the arrow labeled Details.

Step 06 - Check the box that states Browsing & Download History.

Step 07 - Press Clear Now.
Delete Downloads Mac Device Firefox

Now, that’s how you manually delete downloads history from three different browsers. One thing you can actually do is to use FoneDog’s Mac Cleaner to help you clear up your browsers and even make it work faster. Simply select the module Browser Cleanup on the left-hand side of Mac Cleaner’s interface.

Below are the advantages and the steps to use the tool:

* It gives you the ability to make your Mac device perform faster by freeing up more space within the said device.

* It scanning mode is very powerful and helps locate duplicate files, system files, junk files, unnecessary applications, clutter, etc.

* It gives you the ability to clear up junk files. It helps you locate and remove duplicate files. It helps you find and clear up similar images. It helps you delete large files and old files. The Mac Cleaner helps you delete unnecessary applications without leaving any leftovers behind. Plus, it helps in securing redundant searching history. Finally, it helps in the management of extensions, shredding of files, and cleaning of browsers.

* All of the features of the Mac Cleaner can be implemented with just a few clicks.

* Scanned results of the Mac Cleaner can be sorted on a variety of factors including date, time, size, etc.

* The Mac device status is displayed by the device including disk usage, CPU status, memory usage, etc.

* It helps you locate and detect files that are identical. Thus, more space is freed up within your device because no two files are exactly the same. Redundancy is removed within your device.

Here’s how to use FoneDog’s Mac Cleaner to delete downloads on your Mac step by step (Scereenshots below are under the dark mode on Mac):

Step 01 - Download the tool.

Step 02 - Launch it within your Mac device. The main interface will show a variety of the device’ system status.


Step 03 - Select Privacy, a tool Privacy under the ToolKit module. Thus, please click the ToolKit icon and then select Privacy.


Step 04 - Press Scan button. The tool will now do a comprehensive scan of your device.

Privacy Scanning

Step 05 - Once the process of scanning is complete, click View. This will allow you to check scanned results.

Privacy Chrome

Step 06 - Choose a particular category and the files involved in your downloads on Mac. 

Note: Move your mouse to the occupation information on the right side of the files in browsers, you can view more detailed information by clicking the Show button in grey.

Privacy Chrome Watch

Step 07 - Press Clean.

Step 08 - Confirm the cleaning operation.

Privacy Chrome Delete

Step 09 - Wait until the cleaning process is finished.

Part IV: Deleting Downloads With FoneDog’s Mac Cleaner

As stated before, FoneDog’s Mac Cleaner is a great tool to help you delete a lot of junk within your Mac device. It helps you clear up junks such as browsing history, download history, caches, cookies, and sessions within various browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Plus, it can help you remove large downloads.

When it comes to deleting your Downloads History, you simply have to select Browser Cleanup from the left-hand side of the Mac Cleaner’s interface. After which, follow the prompts in order to clean up different browsers on your Mac device.

When you want to delete downloads, you can select three different modules. These modules are named Clutter, Large & Old Files, and Junk Files.

The steps are stated above. Plus, you will be able to select which files to delete and which files to keep. It’s a pretty good way of keeping your Mac clean and helps it perform faster.

Finally, if you want to make sure that files are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered with a data recovery software, you should use the Mac Cleaner’s File Shredder Module.

The steps are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. This tool helps keep your privacy safe and your sensitive data confidential.

Part V: Conclusion

FoneDog’s Mac Cleaner can help you delete the downloaded files you want from your Mac device. Plus, its Browser Cleanup module can help you delete downloads history and browsing history to make information confidential.

If you are serious about deleting data, you can also use the tool’s File Shredder module. In this way, shredded files cannot be recovered even by advanced data recovery tools.

This all in one tool can help you get the space you need for your Mac device thus helping it perform faster and keeping your data safe as well.

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