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Yahoo! Email Problems In Computer, iOS, And Android Devices

By Marice, Last updated: August 27, 2019

Are you experiencing Yahoo! email problems and issues? This can be very frustrating. Fixing issues with Yahoo! mail can also be expensive and time-consuming. However, you can also opt for a do-it-yourself method of fixing the issues.

In this article, we will teach you how to solve common issues with your Yahoo! email account. In addition, we will provide two sections on solving problems with Yahoo! Mail found in iOS and Android devices. Let’s get started with the most common Yahoo email problems.

Most Common Yahoo! Email ProblemsYahoo! Email Problems On iOS: Five Methods To Fix The Unresponsive AppYahoo! Email Problems: How To Fix Issues With Android DevicesIn Conclusion

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Most Common Yahoo! Email Problems

The Common Yahoo Mail Issues

Below are basic issues you usually find in Yahoo! We will delve into details regarding how to fix these common problems.

Password Forgotten

At one point or another, we forgot our passwords. With a multitude of accounts on different platforms, it can be hard to remember even the most simple authentication credentials we have created. That’s why Yahoo! Has made it easy to reset your password in case you need it. Here are the steps to fix this problem:

Step 01: Go to Yahoo’s log-in page here.

Step 02: Click on the link labeled “Difficulty Signing In?” Now, you will be directed to another page for verification purposes.

Step 03: Choose one out of three options for recovery, Recovery Email Address, Recovery Phone Number, and Sign-In Email Address Or Mobile Number.

Step 04: Follow the various instructions prompted on the screen in order to reset your password.

Yahoo! ID Or Username Forgotten

Step 01: For this problem, you have to go to Yahoo’s log-in page here.

Step 02: Click the link labeled “Difficulty Signing In?”

Step 03: Input your recovery phone number. This is true in cases where you have actually provided your phone number before.

Step 04: Now, your phone number will receive a message that contains a verification code. Enter this verification code and press Verify.

After you have done the steps above, you will receive the ID or username associated with the phone number you have entered. There’s a drawback to this method though. If you don’t have the associated email ID or phone number, you can’t retrieve the actual username associated with your account. Thus, you have to contact Yahoo! Mail’s technical support team in this case.

Hacking And Malicious Attacks

Step 01: Visit the page known as Sign-In Helper. You can find it in the Difficulty Signing In page we discussed earlier.

Step 02: Find the link labeled “Help.” This is located in the top-right portion of the screen. Then, look at the panel located on the right side. Click on “Problems Signing Into Your Account.”

Step 03: A page will now open. Select the option that says “I Think Someone Else Is Using My Account.”

Step 04: Read the different suggestions given by the Yahoo! customer support team. Follow these suggestions or instructions.

Invalid Password Or Invalid ID

To fix this problem, you have to ensure that you are inputting the right ID or password. Check if you have Num Lock or Caps Lock activated on your keyboard. You should also avoid auto-fills or auto-suggestions as your password might have been changed. Finally, you could try to sign in using another browser different from the one you’re currently using.

Spam Email Messages

First, you have to know the difference between genuine marketing email messages and spam ones. A real marketing email usually provides complete details about the company. Information about the product will be outlined as well. You can double-check it on the company’s website if you wish.

On the other hand, spam messages don’t include a company name. It often attracts you with fake rewards, big cash prizes, and other products. Sometimes, it will even use a real company’s name to appear genuine.

Here are the steps you can follow in order to block email addresses that send spam messages:

Step 01: Go to the gear symbol and click the drop-down box. Choose Settings.

Step 02: On the panel located at the left, choose Blocked Addresses.

Step 03: Input the email address who sends junk mail. Put this within the field labeled “Add An Address.”

Step 04: Press Block. Then, press Save.

Now, we have solved the basic Yahoo! email problems using the solutions above. Let’s move on to fixing your Yahoo! Mail app on iOS devices including iPhones.

Yahoo! Email Problems On iOS: Five Methods To Fix The Unresponsive App

Yahoo Email Problems

Yahoo! Mail must be your favorite email service provider. But it has its drawbacks too. The provider has apps on both Android and iOS devices. Here, we will focus on iOS devices. Problems on Yahoo! Mail are rarely occurring. One such problem is an unresponsive app on iOS. If you are experiencing this problem, then you’re in for a treat! In this section, we’ll focus on the Yahoo! Email problem of having an unresponsive app on your iOS device. Read on.

Solution 01: Restart The App

When the Yahoo! Mail app is unresponsive, simply force it to shut down. Then, launch it once again. In order to do this, you should press the Home button twice. You will now have a list of various apps open within your device. Find the Yahoo! Mail app. Swipe to shut it down. Once this is complete, simply launch the app again.

Solution 02: If Possible, Update The Yahoo! Mail App

Try check if there is an update for the app. Visit the App Store then locate the Yahoo! Mail app. If it allows you to update the app, then simply do it.

Solution 03: Reinstall The Yahoo! Mail App

First, you have to uninstall the application. Do this by pressing the Yahoo! Mail app icon twice. Once the X symbol appears, press it. The app will now be uninstalled. Visit the App Store again and locate the app for Yahoo! Mail. Download this app and install it within your device.

Solution 04: Restart iOS

Press the Sleep/ Wake button and hold. Wait until the slider is displayed. Toggle it off in order to shut your device down. Wait for about 20 to 30 seconds. After this, press the Sleep/ Wake button one more time to turn the device on.

Solution 05: Update Your iOS

If your iPhone isn’t updated to the latest iOS version, then you should do so. Make sure a new version of iOS is available. This could be the answer you’ve been searching for all the time. Compatibility issues can actually cause you to have an unresponsive Yahoo! Mail app. Plus, updating your iPhone can fix other bugs within the system.

Yahoo! Email Problems: How To Fix Issues With Android Devices

If the Yahoo! application isn’t working within the Android device, then you can follow the guidelines below to fix the issues you face with the tech giant’s app. The instructions below will help you get your app in tip-top shape.

First, Update The Application

The easiest way to fix Yahoo! Mail app problems is by updating it. You can do this by going to Google Play Store and visiting Yahoo! Mail’s page. If it says “Update,” press it. Wait until the app is actually updated before you launch it again. If a specific problem still persists, go to the appropriate section below to learn how to fix it.

Yahoo Mail App Problem Android

Problem 01: App Regularly Crashes, Freezes, Or Is So Slow

If the Yahoo! Mail app regularly crashes or freezes then you have a simple problem. The same goes for an app that is so slow. In order to fix this issue, follow the steps below (in the said order):

Step 01: Update the Android operating system. Make sure it is using the latest version. You can look online for ways to update your Android operating system depending on the device you use. It will vary from one type of gadget to another.

Step 02: You can clear cache and app data. To do this, you have to open the Settings app on your Android device. Press Apps > App Manager > Yahoo! Mail > Storage. Then, press Clear Data. Finally, press Clear Cache.

Step 03: Force close your app and then launch it once again.

Step 04: Uninstall the application. Then, reinstall it using the Google Play Store.

Step 05: If none of these problems work, then there might be a problem with your specific device. Contact the manufacturer to get technical support.

Problem 02: Features On Desktop Site Is Not On Mobile Device

There are certain features found in the desktop site which is not available on mobile devices. If there’s a feature you can’t find on your mobile device, check their list to ensure that it is really not available in Yahoo!’s mobile app.

Problem 03: Connection Problems

For this particular problem, you have to check if your device is actually connected to the Internet. If it is not connected, then you can’t use the application. Connection problems might also occur if you haven’t permitted the app to do certain functions. This would refer to app permissions.

Simply put, app permissions refer to various settings allowing an application to connect to different information found within your device. Thus, it is best to review the permissions you’ve given to the Yahoo! Mail app. Ensure that they are enabled. Here’s what you can do to see permissions.

How To See Permissions Before Installing Yahoo! Mail

Step 01: Launch Google Play Store.

Step 02: Press Apps and visit the search icon. Type in Yahoo.

Step 03: Tap the Yahoo! Mail app and press Install.

Now, the screen will be displayed. It will show you the different permissions the Yahoo! Mail app needs.

How To See Permissions After Installing Yahoo! Mail App

Step 01: Go to the homepage of your device screen.

Step 02: Press Settings > Apps (or Application Manager).

Step 03: Tap the Yahoo! Mail app icon.

Step 04: Visit the section for Permissions.

Step 05: Enable various permissions necessary for your app to function well.

Problem 04: Problem With Yahoo! Mail Password

You should check out the following to fix Yahoo! email password problems:

  • Capitalization – Your current Android device might be capitalizing the first letter you input every single time. Typically, this is done automatically. Thus, you have to double-check it.
  • Incorrect Password – If you’re unsure of the password you’re putting in, then you can opt for the choice “ I Forgot My Password.”
  • On-Demand Password, Two-Step Verification or Authentication, Yahoo Account Key – You might have activated one of these three features. Thus, it is necessary to utilize a particular app password in order to gain access to your account. These second authentication methods might be displayed within a non-Yahoo! app.
  • Special Characters – You might have used special characters that cannot be found on your mobile device. If this is the case, change the old password using your laptop or desktop.

Problem 05: Problems That Are Device-Related

  • Device Instructions – You should double-check the official website of the phone’s manufacturer. It might provide technical support on native applications such as Yahoo! Mail.
  • Insecure Apps – Yahoo! block out access to accounts especially from apps and programs that possess outdated security. You can provide temporary access to that of insecure apps while you are actually switching apps.
  • Cookies And Cache – You might have cleared up all of your cache and cookies. Thus, you need to sign in to your account again using your mobile device or browser.

Problem 06: Conflicts With Security Settings

There might be problems with your security settings. You can clear this up by removing all applications that are connected to that of your Yahoo! account. Once this is complete, you should reconnect apps that you trust.

How To Remove Yahoo! Mail App Settings Using Your Desktop Browser

Step 01: Log into your Yahoo! account.

Step 02: Press Recent Activity.

Step 03: Visit the section called Apps Connected To Your Account.

Step 04: Find all entries and press Remove next to all of them.

Step 05: Log into your Yahoo! account by using a mobile device.

How To Remove Yahoo! Mail App Settings Found On Mobile Devices

Step 01: Go to Yahoo! Mail app and press the Menu which looks like three horizontal lines.

Step 02: Press Manage Accounts > Account Info.

Step 03: Press Recent Activity.

Step 04: Visit the section labeled Apps Connected To Your Account.

Step 05: Press Remove next to every entry included in this section.

Step 06: Use the mobile device to log into your Yahoo! Mail account.

Yahoo Email Problems Logo

In Conclusion

In this guide, we have gone through various Yahoo! email problems on desktop, laptop, iOS, and Android devices. You can simply find the specific issue you are facing and follow the guidelines above. You will find that our comprehensive guide will help you fix the most common Yahoo! email problems the easy way.

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