How Can Mac Cleaner Free up Mac Space?

Clean junks
Manage duplicates Files
Delete similar images
Remove old or large files
Uninstall leftovers of deleted apps
Protect redundant searching history

Third Part

Eight Powerful Features of Mac Cleaner ( 20+-in-1 Mac Software)

System Status
Mac Cleaner
Similar Image Finder
Duplicate Files Finder
Mac App Uninstaller
Extensions Manager
Browser Privacy Cleanup
File Shredder ......


How to Clean up Your Mac OS Quickly and Safely

Step 1: Launch Mac Cleaner on Your Mac

Download FoneDog Mac Cleaner and launch it. Check the system status and choose the module "Cleaner" on the menu.

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clean up mac

Step 2: Scanning Junk File

Then you can choose what you want to clean. Choose one and click "Scan" button, and wait for a while.

Clean junk files

Step 3: Review and Select Items

As you can see from the screenshot, junk files are shown in categories. Move your mouse to a category like "Photo Cache", the detail data for the category are shown in the right table. Choose them you want to clean, and then you can delete them by clicking the "Clean" button. Note: As for the other modules: "Cleanup" and "Large and Old Files", the steps to clean up them is the same as that in "Junk Files" module.

clean mac junk files

Step 4: Cleaning is Done

After a while, those unnecessary contents are deleted from the table and the system, but some of them will be marked as "Zero KB" as they are auto recreated folders.

Finish cleaning Mac

Check Supported Devices and Data Type

Devices & Models


iMac Pro


MacBook Air

MacBook Pro

File Types

Junk Files

Application Cache, Photo Junks, System Cache, User Logs, Trash Bin


Locate and delete unnecessary files to free up space.

Large & Old Files

Identify and remove those large or old files that you don’t need any more.

Duplicate Finder

Find the same picture files & Detect other identical files


Delete unwanted applications

Software Requirement

Supported OS

Mac OS X 10.7 or above


Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or above


1GB system memory

Hard Disk Space

2GB hard drive space


1280x800 display or above

Display Card

Accelerated 3D graphics – 64MB RAM

FoneDog Mac Cleaner Reviews

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