'What To Do' Tips In 2020 - Airdrop Not Working On Mac

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: April 24, 2020

Sharing files is what the common form of communication especially when engaging business with other business. It is one way to keep the data intact from the sender to the receiver. Either using any transmission devices such as Bluetooth or through the internet, the transfer of data is possible. On top of that, the security of transmission is the priority.

There are actually a lot of technology products that depict the assurance of data privacy while transmission occurs and example of them are the Apple products. Apple products are known to have their own features solely for their devices. Hence, full awareness of how such devices work is a requirement so, the privilege of getting the best performance will be acquired.

Secure transmission of files between Apple devices is made simple. There are lots of alternative ways to share files between Apple devices and these are Apple’s iCloud Drive, OneDrive, email, Dropbox and Airdrop. Among the mentioned alternatives, the simplest way of data transfer is Airdrop, but sometimes we need to deal with airdrop not working problem.

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Part 1: What To Do If Airdrop Won’t Work On Mac?Part 2: Why Does Airdrop Not Working On MacPart 3: Conclusion

Part 1: What To Do If Airdrop Won’t Work On Mac?

Airdrop must be manually enabled in Mac’s Finder for it to work. Make sure you choose “Everyone” option in order to be easily discovered. It is dependent on Bluetooth and WiFi. Thus, these two must be checked first before going through the troubleshooting process. If one of them is turned off, then the Airdrop won’t work.
Fix Airdrop Not Working

To ensure that proper connection is being established, turn the WiFi off and on again as well as the Bluetooth. The devices involved in the sharing of data must not exceed 30 feet far from each other. For better reception, move the devices closer together. If none of the above-mentioned steps work, then follow these troubleshooting steps:

Solution 1:

Step 1: Make sure that the Airdrop is turned on. Click on the Airdrop icon in the sidebar. Then, the Airdrop status will prompt display “Allow me to be discovered by”.

Step 2: If it displays “No One” then, it’s not discoverable by anybody, when it displays “Contacts Only” then it means only the contacts added to the Contacts app will be able to discover the Airdrop.

Step 3: Perhaps, there will be a display that says “Airdrop can’t be used” thus, the internet connection via WiFi has been shared. Click the arrow down near the display “Allow me to be discovered by” and choose “Contacts Only” to avoid strangers to Airdrop, or choose “Everyone” to maximize the probability of being discovered.

Solution 2:

Restart the Mac.

There are several times when Bluetooth or WiFi failed to function properly, restarting the device is the best solution.

Solution 3:

Run software updates.

It is important to update the software in order the bugs won’t take over the system and cause the malfunctioning of features.

Airdrop Not Working

Part 2: Why Does Airdrop Not Working On Mac

After doing the aforementioned troubleshooting steps and yet there’s no sign showing of successful file transfer, that is, airdrop still didn't work on mac, then there are still factors left to be verified before reaching to a final conclusion. The following could be the reasons behind the unsuccessful file transfers:

Reason 1: Devices are asleep.

The devices that are involved in the file transfer process might asleep. This could be the reason that the transmission of data failed to occur. It is because the Airdrop cannot be discoverable. Hence, make sure that the devices are awake mode and unlocked.

Reason 2: Unavailability of WiFi.

The absence of WiFi causes the transmission of data to be a failure. Or if the connection is being shared to other devices, aerial WiFi won’t be available for the Airdrop. Therefore, stop or turned off internet sharing.

Likewise, if the hotspot of an iPhone is turned on, then Airdrop won’t become available as it needs the WiFi to enable Airdrop.

Apparently, having the Airplane mode to be switched on when the WiFi and Bluetooth will be disabled thus, making the enabling of Airdrop to be impossible.

Please be reminded that even if having no internet connection, the Airdrop should still function. It only creates a network using the WiFi aerial to establish a connection between the two devices.

Reason 3: Issues with Bluetooth.

Otherwise, the Bluetooth could be the main reason. In which, other devices connected to it should be discarded to test it makes a difference or try to connect to another Bluetooth to see if there is an issue with its functionalities.

Reason 4: Interference from other devices/appliances.

If the Airdropping procedure is being done inside the house premises and there are devices/appliances using magnetic and radioactive waves that are being used then these could be hindering the process.

Reason 5: Disable Mac’s Firewall.

In order for the process to continue without disruption, Mac’s Firewall must be disabled. This is because the primary purpose of the Firewall is to block incoming threats that could trespass and destruct the system. And that, transferring and receiving files could be the bearer of those threats.

Part 3: Conclusion

These are the common guidelines that are very helpful especially to those who are new to Airdrop or about to get-to-know on how to use the Airdrop and help you to deal with airdrop not working problem. These may sound simple yet very complicated to those who were not familiar with the Airdrop’s functionality. These guidelines serve as requirements to meet to be able to make use of the Airdrop at its finest.

Airdrop has its pros and cons. This is the simplest yet safest tool when it comes to filing transmission handling. Not just it preserves the quality of photos and videos sent, it also encrypts the data that is being transmitted. The negligence of internet connection proves that it can transmit data securely without the need to access iCloud servers. This may require a lot of keen observations for any other factors that may cause its functions disability but once it functions smoothly, this will make sure that the data that is being transmitted is properly handled with tough security.

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