Easy Steps! Uninstall Anaconda on Mac Effectively!

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: August 8, 2020

If you find an application not useful and unnecessary anymore, you would just probably simply dragging it directly into the trash bin. With a thought of the application has been removed already along with its associated files. No trace or mark left behind.

Anaconda is just like those applications - dragged and trashed directly since it is not needed anymore. If not a data engineer or not interested in data distribution, then Anaconda is a useless application. It will just take up space from your Mac hard drive space.

So, you might want to remove and uninstall Anaconda and its files on your Mac to free space for new application and files. However, dragging it in straight to the trash is not the proper way of uninstalling the app. You are just simply removing the application from the dock of your Mac device and not on its entire system. Believe, the file of Anaconda is still there. You need to find the anaconda directory and delete the anaconda related files.

Part 1: How to Efficiently Uninstall Anaconda on Your Mac?Part 2: How to Manually Uninstall Anaconda on Your Mac?Part 3: Wrapping Up

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How To Uninstall Anaconda On Mac

Part 1: How to Efficiently Uninstall Anaconda on Your Mac?

If you are guilty of doing this dragging method, then you might want to check the status of your Mac hard drive now. You may just want to let it go thinking that your Mac still has a lot of space to endure a few cluttered files. Well, you might want to stop and think twice.

Those Anaconda cluttered files may have a small total byte file size. However, if other cluttered files from other uninstalled files will pile up then you will have a problem. Your Mac might start to run slow and lag.

You can manually uninstall Anaconda and its associated file. But be sure to have spare time to do. But, if you want to easily get rid of Anaconda with its files for only a few clicks - FoneDog PowerMyMac's Uninstaller is the key. It will remove Anaconda completely from your Mac. No need to hassle browsing files manually.

Free Download

FoneDog Uninstaller has a user-friendly interface which made uninstalling of applications is easy. These are the following steps to uninstall Anaconda on your Mac using FoneDog:

Step 1: Download and install the PowerMyMac of FoneDog

Visit the official website of FoneDog and download the PowerMyMac. Wait a few minutes to complete the PowerMyMac software download. Install the program. Installation of the program will take a few minutes to complete. Run the PowerMyMac.

Step 2: Select the Uninstaller

After launching the PowerMyMac, the program will show your Mac system status on screen. Go to the "ToolKit" icon then click the Uninstaller button.

Step 3: Scan Applications installed on Your Mac

After selecting the Uninstaller tool, select the "Scan" button at the bottom right of your Mac screen. The circle on the left side of your screen represents the scanning progress.

If you want to Re-scan your Mac, just click again the scan button. The program will then rescan your Mac device.

Uninstaller Scan

Step 4: Browsing Applications on your Mac

Click the "View" icon. Scan through the app's page and at the left column, the program has displayed all of the apps installed on your Mac.

Step 5: Locate the Anaconda Application

Browse and scroll the app's page. Search for Anaconda. You can also use the search bar on top and type in Anaconda.

Click the "Anaconda" application to view the files and folders under the application which will be displayed at the right side of the screen.

Step 6: Select Anaconda to Clean

Click all the files and folders associated with Anaconda application. You can also browse files to be removed on the Sort By besides the Select All.

Uninstaller Clean Files

Step 7: Begin the Cleanup of the Anaconda

Select the "Clean” button displayed at the bottom right of your screen to uninstall Anaconda.

Step 8: Complete!

Click “Confirm" to start the process to uninstall Anaconda. Wait for a few minutes. Done!

Part 2: How to Manually Uninstall Anaconda on Your Mac?

Proper uninstall Anaconda on your Mac device manually. Follow these steps to effectively remove Anaconda.

Step 1: Exit the Anaconda application.

Go to Activity Monitor App. Check if Anaconda is still running on your Mac device background by browsing through the Memory Tab. Force quit Anaconda to terminate and stop it from running on your Mac device.

Step 2: Remove Anaconda from Application

Go to "Finder" and select Applications. Search for Anaconda Application and then right click. Click Move to Trash button.

How To Uninstall Anaconda On Mac Manually

Step 3: Remove the Supporting Files of Anaconda

All supporting files are located on your Mac Library and User folders. Go to Library and delete all files with "~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda".

Browse through each folder to find every file of Anaconda and to be sure no single file of Anaconda is left behind.

Step 4: Remove the KeyChain Entries of Anaconda on your Mac

Run the Finder and Select Applications. The Keychain is located on Utilities. Select the Utilities and click the Keychain Access. Delete all password records for Anaconda.

Step 5: Remove the Anaconda icon on your Mac Dock

Anaconda icon will be displayed as a question mark on the Dock after the uninstallation process of files. Select and right-click the Anaconda question mark icon and click Options. Click Remove from Dock from the Options button.

Step 6: Complete!

Go to trash bin and empty. Restart your Mac. Now you have uninstall Anaconda and it's related files.

Move To Trash And Restart

Part 3: Wrapping Up

The FoneDog PowerMyMac's Uninstaller tool is a powerful tool when it comes to uninstalling application like Anaconda efficiently and with less hassle.

You don't need to have a long spare time just to browse each folder on the Library of your Mac. No need to search each file just to be sure all associated files of Anaconda has been removed from your Mac hard drive.

With FoneDog PowerMyMac's Uninstaller, you are worry-free of any traces from Anaconda application lingering on your Mac. It saves you time and free space from your Mac quickly.

No regrets will hit you if you allow FoneDog Uninstaller do the job. Download and install the PowerMyMac and try the whole system for 30-days, FREE! You can uninstall apps, boost your Mac, encrypt files and many more with the PowerMyMac of FoneDog.

Feel at ease when uninstalling Anaconda on your Mac with FoneDog.

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