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FoneDog App for iOS

Optimize Your iPhone and iPad with Free App

Manage your data on iOS devices, protect your photo secret, find duplicate or similar photos, and transfer contacts without USB cable

Wireless Data Transfer

FoneDog allows you to transfer Photos, Videos, Contacts to Windows or Mac. You don't need to connect to your PC with a USB cable. Just through WiFi. How convenient it is!

Wireless Data Transfer

Manage Similar or Duplicate Photos on iPhone/iPad

FoneDog App helps you scan the similar or duplicate photos on your iOS devices. You can preview those photos on your iPhone. Or delete the similar or duplicate photos to save more storage space on your iPhone with one click.

Manage Similar or Duplicate Photos

Protect Your Photos Privacy

If you want to prevent others from viewing your photos, FoneDog App helps you Hide Photos on iPhone or Disguise the Original Picture by Another. You're also able to set a password to encrypt some private images on your iPhone/iPad.

Protect Your Photos Privacy

Transfer and Manage Contacts

Merge Duplicate Contacts

  • Scan Repeated Contacts
  • De-Duplicate Phone Numbers
  • Merge Multiple into One

Incomplete Information

  • Detect Contacts Missing Name
  • Scan Contacts with No Numbers
  • Delete Incomplete Contacts

Transfer Contacts to Other Devices

  • Transfer Contacts to iPhone/iPad
  • Share Contacts to Other App
  • Backup and Restore Contacts

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FoneDog iOS App

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