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Free Online Photo Compressor

Free Image Compressor Online Tool to Compress JPEG, PNG, SVG, Gif Files.
Up to 40 images, max 5 MB each

Or drop your photos here

What Image Type is Supported?

Free Online Photo Compressor supports multiple image types. Such as jpeg, png, svg, and gif. You can compress up to 40 images at a time, each of which does not exceed 5M. Our service is completely free. And we will support more image types and free online services that are helpful to users.

What does FoneDog – Photo Compressor do?

* It allows you to compress image files (e.g. JPEG, PNG, SVG, and Gif) which will result in a reduction in size without losing much of the image’s quality.

* It allows you to save more space on your device. Thus, you can use this space for other photos, videos, and important documents.

* It results in the image using less bandwidth especially if you want to use it inside a website. Thus, you can save a lot of bandwidth and accommodate more users especially if the web hosting package you availed has a limited amount of data transfer available.

* It results in faster loading times within devices and for web hosting service providers. Users of your website won’t be bored by slow loading times. Because your images take up less space, it will load faster and provide a better user experience.

Why should I use image compressor?

PNG and JPG are our commonly used photo formats. But files are generally large, and they take up a lot of space. Large images take up more memory to load that’s why it leads to slowing down of devices displaying it. This goes the same for web pages who use an insanely huge size of images. Large sized images which load slow leads to the poor user experience. Use FoneDog – Photo Compressor to shrink the image of application and website. It will use less bandwidth and faster load. Save space for your computer or Mobile devices.

How to Compress JPG or PNG files?

You can upload up to 40 images, 0-5M per file. Support JPEG and PNG files. Click the Upload button, select multiple images in JPEG, PNG format. The tool will automatically compress the photos. It is totally a free online image optimizer.

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