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Who is FoneDog

It is quite obvious to identify who we are in this tech field, that is, FoneDog is a solution provider as well as a tool developer.

For one thing, FoneDog aims to provide the most efficient methods for users to solve issues on electronic devices. For instance, FoneDog is committed to providing the data recovery solutions for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and data cleaner on Mac OS. Browsing our website, you may find articles about how to fix various issues turning up on your Android, iOS or Mac devices. And if you have problems with some steps or why the phone should be rooted, you can contact our support center and ask for a favor.

For another, FoneDog develops helpful tools to help fix problems on more than 6000 devices. First of all, for Android, it has FoneDog Android Data recovery to recover deleted Android data, FoneDog Android Data Backup & Restore to backup existing Android data, and FoneDog Broken Android Data Extraction to recover data from damaged Samsung devices. For iOS, it has FoneDog iOS Data Recovery to recover deleted iOS data, FoneDog iOS Data Backup & Restore to backup iOS data, and FoneDog iOS System Recovery to recover your iOS system in troubles. What's more, FoneDog also develops two main Mac cleaner called FoneDog Mac Cleaner and FoneDog PowerMyMac. They can clean up the junk files and make your Mac keep in a better status. Tips: Tools for Android, iOS and Mac devices would provide you a free trial. Last but not least, FoneDog provides two more free compressors online: FoneDog Free Photo Compressor and FoneDog Free Free PDF Compressor. If you have a Mac device, you can also download the software FoneDog PDF Compressor and compress your PDF files directly.

No matter who we are, as a solution provider or a tool developer, FoneDog has contributed a lot in mobile users' daily usage. And we will keep forward and make our utmost to provide the best service to our customers.

What FoneDog Explores

We are an international IT software company and we are dedicated to helping users get complete mobile phone solutions.

We provide mobile data recovery services, backup and restore data from iPhone and Android, fix iOS system issues and recover data from damaged Samsung phones.

In addition, we have a free iPhone app that allows users to transfer photos and contacts between the iPhone and the computer, scan similar or duplicate photos on the iPhone, delete incomplete contacts and merge duplicate contacts.

For Mac users, we have developed a smart cleaning software for Mac, and it contains a variety of gadgets that help Mac computers, such as WiFi detection, one-click replacement DNS cache, and faster Mac speed. We also provide our customer with a free PDF Compressor to reduce PDF file size.

Now, we FoneDog also provide two more free online tools: FoneDog Free Photo Compressor and FoneDo Free PDF Compressor. You can finish compressing your photos in large sizes and PDF files in several seconds with only one button click.

Our excellent leadership team and staff team will provide more and more useful mobile phone solutions to users.

Our Products


is an all-in-one software to clean up Mac OS and speed up your Mac.

FoneDog PDF Compressor

Totally free software to optimize and compress PDF files to reduce file size.

Android Data Recovery

recover deleted files from Android phone or tablets.

Broken Android Data Extraction

export data from damaged Samsung phone.

Android Data Backup & Restore

back up you Android Data and selectively restore from backups.

iOS Data Recovery

recover deleted data from iPhone, iTunes, iCloud backup.

iOS System Recovery

fix various system errors from your iPhone or iPad.

iOS Data backup & Restore

back up your whole iOS data and selectively restore from backups.

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