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About Us

About FoneDog history

Why We Called FoneDog???

Fone /fōn/ means a phone but you could regard it as the representative of electronic devices here. Then talking about Dog, Bob Barker, a television game show host, says a person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life. We can come up with the virtues from his words, such as faith and honest of dogs. What’s more, dogs are helpers for the disabled. We name us FoneDog with Dog inside to hope our products can efficiently help you the users who encounter problems in smartphones, computers and other electronic devices.

Fonedog Toolkits Home

FoneDog Toolkits
We are Dogs Staying Home!

 fonedog boss


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iOS toolkit

iOS Toolkit:

(shy) Hello! I’m a Border Collie, is bright by nature and good at accurately understanding the owner's instructions to backup and restore iOS data and fix bugs on iOS devices. I have three sons called iOS Data Recovery, iOS Data Backup & Restore and iOS System Recovery.

android toolkit

Android Toolkit:

(proud) Labrador Retriever, cultivated for use in different environments from chasing to searching, can help backup and restore Android data, retrieve deleted data and even extract data from a damaged Android device. And I have three cute babies called Android Data Recovery, Android Data Backup & Restore and Broken Android Data Extraction.

(Phone Transfer, Data Recovery...5 friends like this reply.)

Powermymac & Mac Cleaner

PowerMyMac / FoneDog Mac Cleaner:

Although I am a small Welsh Corgi Pembroke, I am very daring and alert so it is regarded as one of the most popular small guard dogs. I can check the status of users’ Macs and keep them in a good performance.

Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer:

(hahaha) I am a naughty Husky and likes transferring data in various ways, such as data transfer from iPhone to iPhone, from Android to Android, from iPhone to Android, from Android to...

Data Recovery

Data Recovery:

Golden retriever is the salient feature of retrievers are that they have the predominant function of retrieving prey. Yes! I am that dog that can help quickly locate and recover the deleted data on computers and other removable hard drives.

Video Converter

Video Converter:

German Shepherd is here! I am agile and suitable for action-oriented working environments so I am often deployed for various tasks. For example, converting MP3 files to those in MP4, AVI, RBWM or other formats.

(iOS Toolkit, Android Toolkit...7 friends sent ??? to Video Converter.)

online Toolkit

Photo/PDF Compressors:

I am Chihuahua, one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. My works are just as small as my size.

Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer :

@FoneDog Boss, here comes a stranger!

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@Video Converter Who are you?

Video Converter

Video Converter:

I am a new member, testing now...

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(Photo/PDF Compressors, Data Recovery...6 friends like this reply.)

What Can FoneDog Do for You?

It is quite obvious to identify who we are in this tech field,that is,FoneDog is a solution provider as well as a tool developer.

FoneDog aims to provide the most efficient methods for users to solve issues on electronic devices.And FoneDog develops helpful tools to help fix problems on more than 6000 devices.

FoneDog is committed to providing the data recovery solutions for iPhone,iPad,and Android,and data cleaner on Mac OS.Browsing our website,you may find articles about how to fix various issues turning up on your Android, iOS or Mac devices. And if you have problems with some steps or why the phone should be rooted,you can contact our support center and ask for a favor.

Tips: Tools for Android, iOS and Mac devices would provide you a free trial.

No matter who we are, as a solution provider or a tool developer, FoneDog has contributed a lot to mobile users' daily usage. And we will keep forward and make our utmost to provide the best service to our customers.

Find What FoneDog is Exploring!

We are an international IT software company and we are dedicated to helping users get complete mobile phone solutions.

You can see all the services we can provide above.

Our excellent leadership team and staff team will provide more useful solutions for users in troubles when they are using iOS, Android and Windows/Mac devices.

FoneDog Exploring

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