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  • Selectively Backup Android Data to Computer with One Click.
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  • Supports 8000+ Android Devices.

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Backup & Restore Your Android with One Click

Backup your apps and app data
Backup android data in lossless quality
8000+ devices are supported
Backup android data in lossless quality
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100% Secure

Android Data Backup & Restore Guide: Back up and Restore Your Android Data with One Click

Video Guide: How to Backup and Restore Android Data

Our phone has become an important part of our life as it helps us be connected to the world. It lets us communicate with our friends and family and capture our precious moments with them. With that being said, restoring Android phones is a must-know for all users to avoid losing important information like contacts, settings, and passwords even if you lose your phone.

This guide will teach you how to restore your Android phone when you need it. We will show you how to do it using three methods: FoneDog Toolkit, Google Backup, and Factory Reset.

Restore Android Phone Using FoneDog Toolkit

Launch FoneDog Toolkit

With FoneDog Toolkit, backing up your Android data has never been easier. You can back up your Android data to the computer and even select which data you want to restore back to your Android phone. We’ll show you how to do it.

Step 1. Launch FoneDog Toolkit on your PC

Download and launch FoneDog Toolkit for Android on your computer. Make sure that no other backup application is running at the moment.

Step 2. Connect your Phone to your PC

Select “Android Data Backup and Restore”. Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable. Make sure you have enabled USB debugging mode on your phone. If your Android OS version is 4.0 or above, there will be a pop-up window on your phone asking you to allow USB Debugging. Tap OK.

Allow USB Debugging on Android
Backup Android Data

Step 3. Select Backup Option

Once FoneDog Toolkit detected your phone, click the “Device Data Backup” button. By default, FoneDog Toolkit will check all the file types for you, but you can still selectively select which data you want to backup on your PC.

Step 4. Select Data Type to Backup

After selecting the file type, click on “Start” at the bottom to begin the actual process. This will take a few minutes depending on the file size. Don’t disconnect your Android phone, use it or delete any data during the process.

Select Data to Backup
Backup Complete

Step 5. Complete Backup

Once the backup is completed, you can click “Ok” button.

And then you can view the content of each file. You can also restore your previous backup files to your phone.

Step 6. Select Backup Files to Restore

When you click the “Device Data Restore” button, the program will display the files from the latest backup by default. You may also choose other backed up files on the software.

select backup to restore
choose data to restore

Step 7. Choose Data to Restore to Device

You need to choose the data type you want to restore to your device. You can see the file types on the left side. Select the files you want to restore and click on “Restore” to initiate the process.

You will be asked to confirm the restoring process. Click on “OK” for your authorization. The whole process only takes a few minutes. Please don’t disconnect your Android phone or open any Android phone management software. Once it’s done, FoneDog Toolkit will notify you.

Restore Android Phone from Google Backup


Google Backup helps you backup your important files and information to your Gmail account and Google Drive. To restore your Android phone from Google Backup, you must have already backed up the files on your Google account. Once that’s done, follow these easy steps to restore the files and data on your phone.

Step 1. Open Notification Panel

Touch and slide down the top of the screen of your Android phone to open Notification panel.

Step 2. Tap on Settings

Tap on the Settings icon found on the upper right hand corner of your phone.

top on setting

Step 3. Tap on Backup and Reset

Scroll down to find the “Backup and Reset” button. Click it.

backup and reset

Step 4. Check the boxes

You will see a new screen with boxes on it. Check on “Automatic Restore” button. This will automatically restore the data on your phone. This way, you can always restore your Android phone from Google Backup just in few steps.

check boxes

Restore Android Phone with Factory Reset

go to setting

If we want to restore our Android device to its previous state when we bought it from the shop, we usually do a Factory Reset. We use this method when our phone stops working properly or it works very slow due to some reasons like the virus in the phone, installation of unwanted apps or other factors. If you want to pass your phone to another person without sharing your personal files, The best way to restore your Android phone to its previous state is Factory Reset.  But as we know, it’s a must to backup the data from your phone so that you can restore the files later. These are the steps to guide you through this method.

Step 1. Go to Settings

You can find the Settings by scrolling over your applications or by tapping the top of your screen and opening your Notification panel.

Step 2. Find Backup & Reset

After getting into Settings window, you have to scroll down and find the “Backup & Reset” button. Click it.

backup and reset

Step 3. Tap on Factory Data Reset

Once you find the “Factory Date Reset”, tap on it.

data reset
reset device

Step 4. Click on Reset Phone

Read the information on the screen. Be reminded that once you started this process, there’s no turning back.  So you have to be sure you have the backup data. If you’re ready, click on “Reset Phone”.

Step 5. Tap on Erase Everything

This is the final step. Tap on the button “Erase Everything”.  After that, your phone will reset to its previous state. You can restore the backed up files now on it and enjoy!

erase everything

Tips & Trick on Android Data Backup & Restore

Devices & Models







File Types






Contacts,Messages,Call history,Documents

Software Requirement

Supported OS

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP; Mac OS X 10.12(macOS Sierra ), 10.11(El Capitan), 10.10(Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8, 10.7, or 10.6


1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)


256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)

Hard Disk Space

200 MB and above free space


Android 5.0 and former

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