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User Reviews of iOS Data Recovery

What do our customers think of FoneDog iOS data recovery?

User Reviews

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2019-04-28 06:58:11

Great Product

I have it all figured out, both programs that I purchased, I have already utilized them to do what I wanted, thanks for the contact email, great product!


2019-04-01 05:24:05

Quick process

Just recovered data to my new iphone x from an old one, less time consuming, suits busy office person like me


2019-03-25 16:31:45

It Does Work!

I can't believe my lost data is back! At first I was so worried if I couldn't get them back. There are many important files and information.


2019-03-25 06:52:00

Totally recommended

My friend just recommended me this app while i'm trying to recover my data from my lost iphone, and turns out that it 100% recover all my data! totally recommended


2019-03-21 06:49:02

Smart recovery

I backup all my data from my old iphone 6 to my new xs max only in a couple of minutes, definitely a nice app


2019-03-04 16:03:21

My Data's Back!

My friend said I can use FoneDog to restore my lost contacts, thus, I downloaded and tried its data recovery. Jesus! My contact data is really back then!

Allyson Uoa

2019-03-03 17:17:59

Follow up: fonedog.com

Hi there, I wanted to ask if you've ever considered what might be possible if we could help drive more traffic and sales to fonedog.com. I've taken a look at your site, and have a few particlar ideas on how we could do that. Would you be open to briefly connecting with the consultants I work with to discuss? We'd even run an in-depth analysis when we're done to drive home the point (Completely on me). If increasing visitors/sales something that interests you, just reply here so I can have my teammates get in touch at your phone number . All the best, Allyson

Emmy balai

2019-02-18 23:27:14

Has fonedog.com hit a wall?

Hi, Hoping all is well! Would you have a quick moment to connect about a few approaches where I think we can help develop additional traffic/sales for fonedog.com? All I'd need to get started is whether it's alright for my consultants to quickly connect with you at your direct line and what the best time would be. Emmy

Peyton Dace

2019-02-05 15:58:37

Follow up: fonedog.com

Hi there, Wanted to know if I could give you a quick call this week. There were some ideas for fonedog.com I wanted to quickly run by you (Mostly relating to how we can help develop more traffic/leads) Would it be OK for someone from my end to get in touch? And what would the best time be? Peyton D.

Liv Volle

2019-01-22 20:17:44

Candid notes - fonedog.com

Hi there, I've meant to reach out to you: I've taken a look at fonedog.com, as well as your company's overall online presence. Would you be open to discussing a few things where I think we can make a huge difference? Most specifically, I think we can drive a lot more targeted traffic, in addition to converting the site visits into sales. If increasing visitors/sales by 35%-160% is something that interests you, just respond here so I can have my teammates get in touch at your phone number . At the very least, I promise, we'll show you a few things you might have overlooked. Thanks, Liv


2019-01-22 18:27:23


I accidentally lost an important phone call history and immediately recover the number using the app, no need to use icloud, so fast


2018-12-09 09:41:20

Very touched

My data is really back. Great.

Dennis Hoffmann

2018-08-24 13:37:29

It Works!!!

I lost all the contacts of my iPhone, thanks for FoneDog iOS Data Recovery, it helps to restore my contacts from iTunes backup. It really helps my life and work.

Sunset Williams

2018-07-29 10:15:31

Great Software

The software is easy to use. Thanks god I have not backed up my iPhone with iTunes before. But FoneDog helps me recover iPhone deleted text messages directly from my iPhone 7. Thanks a lot!!!

Jesse Watters

2018-07-18 16:35:23

Highly recommend!

I use it to recover deleted contacts from my iPhone 6s. What surprise me is that, it find lots of other files I didn't notice. Recommend it!

James Holliday

2018-06-13 18:22:13

Not Bad

I made an upgrade to my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11, and find all contacts seems to be disappeared. I tried your program to recover the lost data. Actually, it does work.

Peter Rahman

2018-05-26 11:10:44

Restore deleted photos from iTunes backup

I mistakenly deleted my favarior photos. I tried fonedog data recovery to scan my iTunes backup. It scans all my data on iTunes and I can selectively extract the photos which I need from iTunes to my computer.

Jonathan Siebert

2018-03-12 15:23:16

Helps a lot

I accidentally deleted my call history forgetting that I needed to make a call back, even though my iphone was not backed up, I was able to retrieve the number.


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