iOS System Recovery User Guide.

How to Use iOS System Recovery to Fix iOS Issues?

Video Guide: Watch The iOS System Recovery Video Guide

Method 1: How to Use iOS System Recovery

Step 1: Launched System Recovery and Choose Option.

Once you have launched or run FoneDog, in its toolkit interface choose "iOS System Recovery" option to begin with. Then connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer using the USB cable. Check the probably bricked reasons and click on the "Start" button. You will later select the repairing mode.

Choose iOS System Recovery

Step 2: Confirm to Download Firmware.

In order for the FoneDog to fix the abnormalities in your operating system you will be asked to download the firmware, and it is a must. FoneDog will provide the latest iOS version to download.

All you need to do is click the "Download" button for one iOS version to your computer and wait for it to finish downloading.

Download iOS Version

Step 3: Repairing Automatically.

Once the download is completed, FoneDog will automatically start repairing your iOS if the downloaded iOS version matches your iOS devices. You are not allowed to use your device during this step; if you do your device might be at risk of becoming bricked.

Automatically Repair iOS System

Step 4: Wait for the Process Completed.

Once the repair is completed, FoneDog will notify you, you can't unplug your device just like that. Wait for your device to reboot first until then you can remove or unplug your device.

iOS Restoration Complete

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