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FAQs of Screen Recorder

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q1. What are the differences between the free trial version and the registered version?

The main difference between the free trial and the registered version is that the free trial only supports saving the first 3 minutes of the video if it is longer than 3 minutes, while the registered version has no video length limit.

Apart from this limitation, there are no specific feature limitations.

Q2. Is it safe to install the FoneDog Screen Recorder?

Yes. FoneDog Screen Recorder is completely safe to install on your computer. It will not cause any malware problems.

Q3. Can I record both my screen and my webcam at the same time?

Yes. Recording your screen and webcam at the same time only requires a few customized settings before recording the video. Simply go to Video Recorder > Screen & Camera > Start Recording.

Q4. How do I record my computer screen with my voice?

FoneDog Screen Recorder supports recording the screen and sounds simultaneously or separately. You can simply enable the microphone or the system sounds before you click “Start Recording” to record your computer screen with your voice.

Q5. Can I record videos using FoneDog Screen Recorder without adding a watermark?

Yes. FoneDog Screen Recorder will not add any watermarks to your videos no matter if you are using the free trial or the registered version.

Q6. Does FoneDog Screen Recorder have the function of editing recorded videos?

Yes. FoneDog Screen Recorder provides the features to edit recorded videos after recording. You can also add annotations during the recordings through the toolbar.

Q7. Do you have customer support?

Yes. If you can not find out the answer to your question on this page, or you have other product-related issues to deal with, please feel free to contact our support center via [email protected]. Our support team will get back to you within 48 hours once your email is checked.

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