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FAQs of FoneDog App Uninstaller

Find the answers to the common questions you might come across.

Q1: How can I know if the apps are uninstalled?

When an app is removed successfully, a window will pop out saying "Cleanup successful" and how much space has been freed up and how much you can use.

Q2: Do you support a free trial version? And are there any differences between the trial version and the registered version?

Of course, you can try FoneDog App Uninstaller for free, but there will be some limitations on the trial version. For the free trial version, no more than 500MB is available for cleaning up apps. Besides that, the functions of the trial version and the registered version are basically the same.

Q3: If I possess more than one Mac device, can I use the program on them with one registration code?

Yes, you can use one registration code of FoneDog App Uninstaller for 2 Macs or even 5 Macs licenses. FoneDog App Uninstaller is available in 3 versions, just in order to fit your different needs. Furthermore, if you need a registration code for more than 5 Macs, you're most welcome to contact us to get a discount.

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