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App Uninstaller User Guide

How to Use FoneDog App Uninstaller

How to Activate the Software?

1. Click "Unlock all" on the top of the main interface.

Unlock the Full Version of App Uninstaller

2. Click the "Activation" button to start to activate the software.

Activate FoneDog App Uninstaller

3. Choose "Purchase a License", if you don't have one.

Get an App Uninstaller License

4. Choose "Have a License", when you have received the license email. Put in the license key and the email address you filled in when purchasing.

5. After that, click "Activate Now" to finish your registration.

Activate App Uninstaller Successfully

How to Completely Uninstall Apps on Mac?

Step 1. Scan Applications

You can start the uninstallation process by clicking the "+" icon to find the unwanted apps from the files. Or you can simply click "See all applications" to allow the software to scan out all the apps on your Mac.

Scan All Applications

Step 2. Choose Applications

When the software finishes scanning, you can see a list of installed apps on the left side of the interface. Then, you can choose the apps you want to uninstall by clicking the square box next to them. Or you can type in the name of the app into the search bar in the upper right corner to find it. If you have no idea what apps to uninstall, you can click the icon on the upper left to filter "installed, selected, unused, and not launched apps".

Choose Unneeded Applications

Step 3. Check the Application Files

After an app is chosen, all its relevant files will be shown on the right side of the interface. If you don't want to keep any of the files, you can simply click "Select all files". But if you wish to hold the important files for a running day, you can unclick the ones you want to keep.

Select Related Files

Step 4. Confirm Uninstallation

At last, click the lower-right-corner button "Uninstall App" to confirm and start uninstallation. When it is done, a window will pop out to tell you how much space is freed.

Uninstall Apps on Mac

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