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User Reviews of Broken Android Data Extraction

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User Reviews

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2019-03-28 01:50:05

Simple to Operate

Thank God! I finally got out the data from my former broken Samsung. It was simple to operate.


2019-03-27 03:35:45


<p>I just recovered my photos from my samsung s5 by extraction using the app, thankyou fonedog</p>


2019-03-11 07:06:08

Defeat the Water Damage!

I once thought I couldn't get my data back after it suffered water damage by my incaution. Magically, FoneDog helped me to recover them!


2019-03-01 01:46:26

Move Out My data From Broken Android

My phone's screen was badly broken, then the device even could not open. I had no choice but to extract the data, thanks to this software, I finally moved them to my computer.


2019-02-28 07:09:20

not bad

I extract my messages to my new phone successfully


2019-02-16 03:45:46

Great app

I extract my logs to another phone after it crashed a couple of times, great app!


2019-01-28 07:07:31


I tried using the app to extract data from my forgotten password phone and able to complete the process, yeay!


2019-01-15 15:04:51

Help Extract Data Out

My phone was badly damaged and couldn't read out my data...Too bad! Thanks to FoneDog's Broken Data Extraction, I can finally extract them to another phone.


2018-12-11 22:03:46

A Great Software!

It has to say this is a really great software. My Note 3 has been being on the fritz, but this time the screen black and I could get my contacts data. Thanks to this software, I finally extracted them out and moved to my new phone.

Edwin Leblanc

2018-07-24 21:27:13

Screen is broken

My Samsung phone screen is broken. I can press the button, but cannot view the data. After trying this tool, I extract the data to my computer.

Tiffiny Johnson

2018-05-18 11:21:11

Helps a lot

My Samsung Galaxy S4 gets stuck in blacks screen for some unknown reasons. I download this software to get back my data. Nice try!

Kristin Bracey

2018-05-14 16:17:43


great download I have seen. Thanks for providing.

Maureen Cunningham

2018-04-26 22:12:54

Samsung S6

My Samsung S6 screen is broken and this program helped me get the data out of my S6. Thank you.

Joe Sao

2018-04-24 14:35:46


My old phone screen is locked cause I forgot the passcode. This software helps me to get back the photos. Thanks a lot.

Harold Williams

2018-03-12 09:18:25

Black screen

Galaxy S5 get stuck in black screen. Luckily, I successfully restore the data from my phone with the help of this software.


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