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FAQs of FoneDog Data Recovery

Solutions are provided to fix the problems you may encounter when using FoneDog Data Recovery.

Q1. How to Install FoneDog Data Recovery?

Q2. How to Uninstall FoneDog Data Recovery?

Q3. How to Register FoneDog Data Recovery?

Q4. How to Solve Computer Not Detecting A Removable Device?

When your removable hard drives are not detected by your computer, please refer:

Q5. How to Fix When You Can Not Open The Recovered Files?

Usually, you can directly open and view the recovered data by FoneDog Data Transfer. The data is in the original size. However, an accident may occur and you would fail to open the data files. That’s probably because the data has been overwritten or damaged. Under this circumstance, you can choose Deep Scan to try once more.

There is another situation that you could not open the data files in original size although you’ve successfully recovered it with the software since the data is from an encrypted SD card. The best solution is to decrypt the card before recovering the deleted data via FoneDog Data Recovery.

Q6. What to Do If FoneDog Data Recovery Scans Nothing?

If you encounter everything seems to go well during the scanning of FoneDog Data Transfer but nothing is found after the process, the most possibility is that the deleted data has been overwritten on your hard drives or the removable drives (e.g. SD cards). Once the data is overwritten, it is unrecoverable.

Why the deleted data would be overwritten? That’s because when one file is deleted, it is still in the drive but the system would place other files to its space when you operate the Save function, as the space of the deleted file is writable now. The deleted file will be permanently removed when its space is occupied by other new files or shows “0”.

Thus, you’d better not save or operate other options on the hard drives or other removable drives once you find that something is mistakenly deleted to avoid the permanent data loss.

Q7. How Long Ago The Data Been Deleted Can Be Recover by FoneDog Data Recovery?

Whether the deleted data could be successfully retrieved or not, it is not determined by the time longer or shorter. It is virtually greatly decided by whether your deleted data is overwritten or damaged or not.

For instance, even though you want to recover the data deleted last a few years on an SD card, the SD card is carefully kept and you scarcely write the files on the card, it is still a big hope that you get your data back.

Then, you can try on FOneDog Data Recovery to discover the deleted data that still on your SD card and recover it.

More questions about FoneDog Data Recovery, you can also contact Support Center for help.([email protected])

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