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How to Register FoneDog Data Recovery

By Shirley, Last updated: September 29, 2019

FoneDog Data Recovery is a program for the purpose of the deleted data recovery on your computer hard disk drives or other removable drives. If you have tried this tool to recover your deleted data with its free trial version, you could later purchase FoneDog Data Recovery and continue to enjoy the powerful function to retrieve your deleted data. And this article is mainly to write for you of how to register FoneDog Data Recovery. Let’s start the activation.

Guide on How to Register FoneDog Data RecoveryHow to Check Updates for FoneDog Data Recovery

Guide on How to Register FoneDog Data Recovery

Here are several steps of how to activate FoneDog Data Recovery on your computer. Follow and register the tool now.

Step 1. Download and Install FoneDog Data Recovery

To begin with, you are supposed to download and install FoneDog Data Recovery on your Windows or Mac computers. Then, run the tool.
Download And Install FoneDog Data Recovery

Step 2. Purchase FoneDog Data Recovery

If you are the first time on the homepage of FoneDog Data Recovery, you will see the registration page. Click the Purchase button and make an order. Or if you have been with the tool for quite a few days, you could also purchase it through the Shopping Cart logo on the top side or directly on the FoneDog’s official website.
Purchase FoneDog Data Recovery


  • Please double-check the email address you leave when purchasing FoneDog Data Recovery as the email address will be used in the registration.
  • Carefully keep the email you will receive after the purchase in your box because it contains the license key that also required in the registration.

Step 3. Enter Registration Page

Click the button like a Key next to the Shopping Cart logo mentioned in the last step. It is the entry to the registration page. Or you can also click the Menu button shown in three bars and then select Register….
Click Register Button

Step 4. Fill in Your Registration Information

Now, fill in the email address you use to purchase FoneDog Data Recovery and the registration code (license key) received via an email. Try to copy and paste the code in the column to avoid unnecessary mistake.
Fill in Registration Information

Step 5. Successful in Activation

Press the Register button to finish the registration.

Congratulations! You’ve been successful in activating FoneDog Data Recovery.
Successful in Registration

How to Check Updates for FoneDog Data Recovery

And for how to check updates for FoneDog Data Recovery, it is extremely easy for you.

Here are two main steps:

  • On the homepage of FoneDog Data Recovery, select Check Update... under Menu.
  • Then, the tool will check the updates for the software itself. If it is the latest version, you will get the notification as below.

Check Update

If you still have any other questions of FoneDog Data Recovery, write it down in the comment site below or directly contact our Support Center.

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