Root Guide: How to Root Android Device with Root Genius

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: August 22, 2019

Part 1. What is Rooting on Android and Why We Want to Root?Part 2. Precautions before Rooting Your AndroidPart 3: How to Root Android Device with Root Genius

Part 1. What is Rooting on Android and Why We Want to Root?

Most Android users are annoyed by these system default applications, which are not really being used but can not be deleted because, if so, the Android operating system will not run smoothly and may cause an interruption. Rooting is a process that allows users to access the main software code of the device's operating system and allows you to modify or change something based on what you want, and how you want the phone application to work for you. Safe to say that this is Android corresponding to Apple jailbreak. After rooted, you can no freely install apps that you think will enhance your mobile experience. After all, that is what we all wanted, to get the most of what we have.

Benefits of rooting:

1. Remove the unwanted programs and games pre-installed by your carrier and phone maker, saving more space on your phone.

2. For some Apps, you need to root first to get the authority to enjoy some functions or use it normally.

3. To stop the pop-up notifications and ads of some malware.

4. You can upgrade your Android to the latest version faster.

Risks of rooting:

1. Your device may be easier to be infected with the virus and Trojan horse.

2. System error. Rooting your device means you get the permission to all files in your phone. Some important system files may be deleted from your device, which will cause a system error.

3. You may be unable to enjoy the after-sale service. Some manufacturers and carriers are not willing to provide service after your purchase. And rooting is a good excuse.

Part 2. Precautions before Rooting Your Android

Note: Rooting Android phone is not guaranteed 100% success and safe, so the following precautions you need to take before rooting an Android phone.

Backup Android phone

Just in case, you had better back up Android messages, contacts, photos, etc.

Enough Battery Life

Ensure your Android devices are at least 60% of battery remained. Or your device may become a brick after you fail to root it.

Choose a Rooting software

Find a third-party root tool which provides less and easy steps with higher success rate freely. Here we recommend Root Genius .

Root Genius

Part 3: How to Root Android Device with Root Genius

Note: You are not allowed to root your Android phone with Mac. However, when you are intended to root your Android phone and then use our software - FoneDog Android Data Recovery for Mac version, you can directly root on the Android phone with the below method.

Step 1. Connect Your Android Phone to Windows

Download Root Genius on your computer. The application is ready to work without installation. Just open the application and connect your Android phone/tablet to the computer by USB connection.

Genius Connect Device To Pc

Step 2. Allow USB Debugging

On your Android phone, you need to enable USB debugging so that you can manage your phone on computer easily. Go to "Settings" > "Developer options" to enable "USB debugging". You need to allow USB debugging on your Android device in order to continue. Click "OK" on the pop-up window in your Android device to enable the option.

Genius Allow Usb Debugging

Step3. Start to Root Your Phone with Root Genius

Click "Root Now" to get your phone or tablet rooted. The rooting process will take a while, so just wait patiently. When you see the message "You've got root access", it means your device has successfully been rooted.

Root Genius Root Successfully


Is rooting safe? This is the most common questions being asked by interested users. Android root acts like the device administrator and guard, so once this layer of security tampers, there are several risks that can affect your Android phone. As we mentioned above, make sure to have all the necessary backups needed.

As an open operating system, Android triggers a wide range of Android mobile brands and Android OS versions, we still have not found out a program which is 100% compatible for every Android phone or leads to absolutely successful rooting, particularly for Android 4.4 and the later.
Always remember to practice safety and protection before doing any root on your Android devices.

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