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How to Submit FoneDog Android Data Recovery Log Files

By Shirley, Last updated: March 20, 2019

To begin with, thanks for your support for using FoneDog Toolkit - Android Data Recovery to solve your Android problems and issues. It is a powerful tool for you to safely recover deleted data from Android phones and tablets: including recovering deleted text messages, contacts, call history, photos, videos, audio files, WhatsApp messages and so on.

Now, here, this article aims to tell you how to submit FoneDog Android Data Recovery log files if having problems or suggestion during your use.

Simple as the steps of how to submit FoneDog Android Data Recovery log files are, you are better to have a knowledge and get a help.

  1. Enter Feedback Page

First of all, you need to click the Feedback icon shown with dialogues on the top-right side, the fifth one counted from left.
Android Feedback Main

  1. Fill in Your Email

Then, you will find a pop-up window turn up. Here, you have to fill in your valid email address in the corresponding column, easy for us to reply to your questions or problems.
Android Feedback Email

  1. Fill in Your Contents

If necessary, please write down your comments, suggestion or questions in the Contents column.
Android Feedback Contents

  1. Tick Attach The Log File

After filling in your email address and contents, tick the Attach the log file.

  1. Tick Attach The Database File

Also, you have a need to tick the Attach the database file before you send your feedback to us.
Android Feedback Tick

  1. Click The Submit Button

Finally, click the Submit button at the right bottom of this pop-up window.
Android Feedback Submit

Tips: You can add attachment through the blue link at the left bottom of this pop-up window as well.

We promise that we will reply your feedback by email ASAP. Hope you would have a better use on our FoneDog Toolkit - Android Data Recovery.

Excellent Thanks for your rating.

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