How to Fix the Error “Message in iCloud Is Currently Disabled”

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: August 27, 2019

Messages in iCloud can be used by enabling it in your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. This is one development you wouldn’t want to miss. You’ll definitely want to activate it as it is an improvement on the half-baked sync feature found in previous releases.

Before, the syncing feature was not as developed as it is right now. All devices have to be turned on and they should all be connected to the Internet simultaneously. If not, syncing would not be in unison with all devices. For instance, once you delete a particular conversation or message, it will only be done within the device you used to do so.

Messages in iCloud actually provide a fix for all of these. Here’s what it actually does: it stores all messages (SMS and iMessage) including the various attachments within it to that of your iCloud account. After this, it syncs them among various devices you own. Thus, all of your devices will have the most updated state in unison.

However, there’s one problem which all types of platforms face, it is not free of flaws. Sometimes, you will find the error “Messages In iCloud Is Currently Disabled.” This can be frustrating especially if you rely on this feature too much.

But still, there’s a fix for it. In this article, we’ll give you various ways on how to fix this error. Read the entire article to choose the best repair option for you. Let’s get started.

Method 01: Use FoneDog’s iOS System Recovery ToolMethod 02: iOS Device Force RestartMethod 03: Log off iCloud And Then Log in Back AgainMethod 04: Activating Two-Factor Authentication In Your iOS DeviceMethod 05: Resetting Your Network SettingsIn Conclusion

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Method 01: Use FoneDog’s iOS System Recovery Tool

The first option you should go for is to repair the entire system of your iPhone or iPad. This can be done through FoneDog’s iOS System Recovery Tool. The said software can be used to fix various issues concerning iOS systems. For instance, it can repair the following:

  • DFU Mode
  • Recovery Mode
  • Blue, Red, Black Screen
  • Frozen Status
  • Frozen Apple Logo
  • Disabled iPhone
  • Headphone Mode
  • Other System Errors

The said tool supports various iOS devices including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. It is 100% secure and makes sure your privacy and sensitive information is kept safe. iOS System Recovery Software is very easy to use. It has a simple, powerful interface that can be easily understood.

In addition, it ensures that you don’t lose your important data during the recovery process. You can instantly download the tool through their site here or click the button below. Their site also contains a user guide that can help you fix the error of “Message In iCloud Is Currently Disabled.” Simply follow the instructions in their guide here and you are on your way to repairing the problem.

Free Download Free Download

Method 02: iOS Device Force Restart

The process is different depending on the device you are using. Simply follow the instructions below to solve the issue of “Messages In iCloud Is Currently Disabled:”

Hold your iPhone using your hand. In your iPhone 6, press the Sleep/ Wake button including the Home button. Hold these simultaneously. Wait for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo is displayed on your iPhone’s screen.

For iPhone 7 and for iPhone 7 Plus, press the Sleep/ Wake button + Volume Down button. This Volume Down button will be your replacement for the Home button in iPhone 6. For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and for iPhone X, press the both Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together. After this, hold the iPhone’s side button. Do this until the Apple logo is displayed.Force Restart Iphone

Method 03: Log off iCloud And Then Log in Back Again

You can actually sign out of iCloud first. Then, all you have to do is to sign back in again. In this way, you might be able to fix the issue. Here’s how to do it step by step:

Step 01: Visit the option for Settings.

Step 02: Tap the option labeled Apple ID.

Step 03: Select one of two possible options, Sign Out oR Sign Out Of iCloud.

Step 04: Put in your password within the box and then press Turn Off.

Step 05: Wait for a significant amount of time. Then, visit Settings again.

Step 06: After this, sign in to your iCloud account again.Log Out

If this doesn’t work, then you have to use the methods below.

Method 04: Activating Two-Factor Authentication In Your iOS Device

You might need to activate two-factor authentication within your iOS device in order to fix the issue. Here are the steps on how to do so:

Step 01: Go to the Settings application within your iOS device.

Step 02: Press [Your Name]. This is usually located at the top part of the Settings interface.

Step 03: Select Password & Security.

Step 04: Press “Turn On Two-Factor Authentication.”

Step 05: A page will now appear. It will show you the feature details of two-factor authentication. Select “Use Two Factor Authentication.”

Step 06: Select a new or an existing number in order to send the code for the verification process.

Step 07: Enter your Apple ID’s password in order to finish the process.Activating Two Factor Authentication In Your Ios Device

Method 05: Resetting Your Network Settings

Here are the steps you should follow to reset the network settings of your device:

Step 01: Go to your Settings. Then, press General and then opt for Reset.

Step 02: Select Reset Network Settings. Confirm it in order to start the process.

Step 03: If it prompts for your password, simply input it.

Step 04: Now, simply go back to your Home screen. Follow the steps used in Method 02 in order to reset the device again.

Now, check again if the error still comes up. If it still does, you might have to contact Apple support in order to fix the issue.

In Conclusion

You might have the problem or error “Message In iCloud Is Currently Disabled.” This can be very annoying especially if you wish to take advantage of the feature all the time. You can follow various methods outlined here in order to fix the issue.

However, the best method of doing so is through FoneDog’s iOS System Recovery Software. This can fix various system errors within your iOS devices without losing your data. It is the best tool to use when you’ve encountered the “Messages In iCloud Is Currently Disabled” error. As such, you can also use other methods if you wish.

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