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In 2017, it was at that time when I started to work as a freelance writer covering tech topics including iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. However, when I gradually got involved in the tech writings to provide solutions for fixing bugs, especially for PCs, I was extremely like helping users in troubles, in spite of endless searching, summarizing and testing information online. Now ,I write articles to share knowledge about IT technology and some experience in developing my own software, and developing my own software is one of my passions for work.

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Data Recovery on Mac

6 Useful Tips on How to Recover Deleted Data on Mac

Worried about the solutions to recover the missing data on your Mac? There are six useful ones for you here.

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Data Recovery on Windows

How to Recover Deleted Data on My Windows Computer?

Here is the ultimate guide, including 6 helpful ways, on how to recover the deleted data by mistakes from your Windows computer.

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