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How to Do Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

By Wian LJ, Last updated: July 26, 2019

"Is it possible to factory reset iPhone without a password?"

As much as possible, we do not like doing any kinds of resets because this will really cause serious issues later on. One of the most dreaded kinds of resets is factory reset which totally wipes out the information we have stored on the device. Performing a factory reset will lose all data such as contacts, photos, videos and many more.

But why do we need to do a factory reset? Can you do a factory reset on iPhone even if you do not have a password?

Reset iPhone Without Passcode

In this article we will discuss and learn the different way to factory reset iPhone without password. Read along!

Part 1. Reasons for doing a Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset is not a simple task. Doing this method can cause severe impact on the device and with your data. However, we cannot avoid not doing a factory reset especially when we experience some unwanted scenarios that any of the below mentioned things happen:

1.Sell iPhone

2.Buy second-hand iOS device

3.Forgot the iPhone passcode

4.iPhone/iPad is disabled

5.iPhone/iPad is suffering from software and other phone issues

But what if you don't have a password? Are you able to factory reset iPhone without password? This is a common scenario especially nowadays when selling second-hand iPhones is so easy. As we lnow, Apple is so sensitive and critical of data saving and sharing.

The answer is yes. We have carefully compiled the best and effective methods to factory reset iPhone without password in the next parts below.

Part 2. Factory Reset iPhone without Password via Hardware Keys

Hardware keys are not just for navigation but also for resetting the device when the software part fails. You can

Press and hold Sleep/Wake + Home buttons altogether

Continue holding until the iPhone restarts

Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears

This is so far the easiest way to perform a factory reset on the iPhone via hardware keys.

factory reset iphone via hardware keys

Part 3. Factory Reset iPhone without Password via iTunes

The next step you can do is to reset the iPhone via iTunes. However, before you perform this kind of reset in iTunes, make sure that you have perfectly synced your iOS device with iTunes peviously or should have at least created a backup on iTunes. Otherwise, you will lose more data if you haven't made such backup.

Create Backup on iTunes

Plug in the iOS device using a USB cable

Launch iTunes

Find and click on the iOS device when it appears on iTunes

Click 'Restore iPhone' under the Summary pane

Confirm request by clicking 'Restore'.

Note: If there is an available software update, you will be asked by iTunes to update your phone. Follow and agree to the terms and conditions.

Wait until process is completed

This method is very much effective and has helped tons of users perform factory reset iPhone without the password through iTunes. The only cost is data loss to your existing phone contents.

reset iPhone via iTunes

Part 4. Factory Reset iPhone without password via Settings

This third method only works if you are having an iCloud backup just like in iTunes. This is not applicable to those second-hand iPhone users since you might need to ask the first wonder whose data is on the device to perform the said factory reset. For this case, advice the first owner to do the reset for you.

When you have done an iCloud backup, you can simply factory reset iPhone without password via settings.

Follow these steps:

Launch Settings

Tap General

Find and tap Reset

Tap Erase All Content & Settings

Tap Erase iPhone

Wait for the device to restart

Go to Apps & Data on the startup screen

Tap Restore from iCloud

Select desired the iCloud backup

Wait until restoration is finished

Note: Again this step will work if you have enabled the 'Find My iPhone' setting and have synced the iOS device to iCloud prior to the factory reset.

reset setting

Part 5. Factory Reset iPhone without Password via FoneDog Toolkit- Recommended

When the above steps fail or if you do not want to do tedious tasks, this final method I will recommend is highly effective and reliable since it does not need iTunes and iCloud in order to factory reset iPhone without the password. FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery program does the job perfectly in any kinds of system errors and issues.

There are plenty of recovery programs available online so you have to be careful in choosing and downloading. To make it simpler, I have chosen the best program available online, FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery.

This software works smoothly and seamlessly with just a manner of a few clicks! FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery features the following:

Compatible with any iOS devices even the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus

Resolves any kinds of iTunes error codes

Fixes freezing and crashing iOS

A great solution for recovery mode, DFU mode, stuck on Apple logo, looping on start and many more

No Data Loss at all!

How to Use FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery?

Using FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery is so easy. It is even great for beginners because of its user-friendly interface and click-through process.

You can follow these guides on how to use the iOS System Recovery:

Step 1: Download and install program. Launch FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery. Connect iPhone via USB cable. Choose desired system recovery or go to Advanced

Select iOS System Recovery

Step 2: Start to Detect Your iPhone Issues.

Start to Detect your device

Step 3: Enter the correct firmware package and click Repair.

Download Firmware

Step 4: Wait until the system recovery is completed.

wait for completed

That's it! No complicated steps and other work-around. FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery simply does the factory reset iPhone without password.

Video Guide: Easily Factory Reset Without Password

Part 6. Conclusion

So there you go, we have given you the best possible methods to factory reset iPhone without password via four different methods; from using the hardware buttons to reset using the iTunes and iCloud and of course, the easiest method. We hope you have resolved this kind of problem with the most effective solution, FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery.

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery offers a free download version so why not try it today!

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