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How to Fix RecBoot Not Working

RecBoot is a free and important software to fix your iOS stuck in Recovery mode. Thus, there are Five ways to help fix RecBoot if it does not work.

How to Fix the “invalid response was received from the device” issue of iTunes?

iTunes connection device failed and shows "invalid response was received from the device"? Don't worry, the following guide lists seven ways to solve this problem.

How Long Does it Take to Restore An iPhone?

How Long Does it Take to Restore An iPhone? It depends on the size of the backup and the speed and reliability of the Wi-Fi connection you are using.

How to Reset an iPhone without Apple ID?

At FoneDog we are committed to providing our users with the best mobile solutions for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and other mobile devices on Windows and Mac OS.

How to Undisable an iPhone?

Disabling the iPhone is a very annoying thing. Is there any way to unlock disable an iPhone? The following article will show you how to unlock disable an iPhone.

How to fix iPhone not detecting SIM Card?

If your iPhone Not detecting the SIM card, don't worry, this is an easy problem to solve. We have the fastest 7 ways to help you solve this problem.

7 Top Workarounds to Your iPhone Camera Not Working

Users will come across iPhone camera not working issue when they are using new models iPhone, so this post gives 7 Top Workarounds to this issue!

Top 5 Ways to Solve "Unfortunately System UI Has Stopped"

How to solve 'Unfortunately System UI has stopped' error on Android? That is why this post comes in. You can follow the top 5 ways to fix it step by step.

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