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How To Use Spotlight Search on Mac?

The spotlight has great features. But many people still don't know how to use the Spotlight search on Mac. Next, we will introduce the top ten features of Spotlight!

TWO Proven Ways of How to Encrypt Files on Mac

Encryption is a better choice for you to help you protect your files, in particular, on Mac. Thus, it is a comprehensive guide on how to encrypt files on Mac.

A Quick Guide on How to Hide Files on Mac

If you want to keep files hidden for others, you can use these methods to hide files on Mac. Here, you will know how to hide files on Mac comprehensively.

How to Find WiFi Password on Mac

For better management of WiFi on Mac, you need to know how to find WiFi password on Mac and confirm whether you should forget wireless networks or not.

How to Enable Dark Mode for PowerMyMac

PowerMyMac provides dark mode when your Mac turns to Dark in System Preference. Click this link and see how to enable dark mode for PowerMyMac on your Mac now!

Solved - Unable to Expand ZIP on Mac

If you encounter the problem unable to expand ZIP on Mac, you can try on methods in this article to open your ZIP files on your Mac device again.

How to Enable or Disable Mac Extensions?

You can enable or disable third-party extensions on your Mac without having to uninstall them completely. Make good use of your Mac is easy to learn.

How to Know If An App Is Not Safe on Mac?

To ensure that your Mac is protected from viruses, make sure the Apps on your Mac is safe. So how to know if an App is not safe on your Mac? Here are a few w...

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