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How to do a Full Backup of iPhone?

How to do a full backup of iPhone? I believe many people want to know how to solve this problem. Next, we will introduce you several ways to fully backup your iPhone.

How to Backup Text Messages from iPhone to Gmail?

Backing up text messages from your iPhone to Gmail is easy. Here are three easy ways to help you back up your text messages on your iPhone to Gmail.

Should I Encrypt iPhone Backup?

Should I encrypt my iPhone backup? This article will tell you why you need an encrypted backup and how to encrypt the iPhone backup.

How to Access iPhone Backup?

Recently, many people are asking, how can I access iPhone backup. In this article, I have presented three simple and practical solutions to this problem.

How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes?

Even without iTunes, we can easily back up our iPhone. Here are two easy ways to teach you how to backup your iPhone without iTunes with one click.

How to Backup iPhone Messages without iTunes?

How to backup iPhone message without iTunes? This guide will show you how to use the easiest way to back up your iPhone message with iTunes.

2020 Discovery: How to Extract Photos from iPhone Backup?

How to easily extract pictures from iPhone backup? The following guide describes how to recover and extract photo from iPhone backups with the easiest method.

[Solved!] How to Check the Last iCloud Backup?

Wonder to see what is in the iCloud backup? The guide shows 3 ways for iCloud backup check and view. Follow this guide and to view and access the iCloud backup.

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