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How to Fix SD Card Got Corrupted on My Android Phone?

You can learn about the symptoms of a corrupted SD card, ways to fix an SD card corrupted on Android and how to back up and recover your lost data in this post.

Transferring Your Photos from Your Samsung Device to Your Mac

To avoid the obsession of thousands of photos on your Android especially Samsung device, you'd better know how to transfer photos from Samsung to PC or Mac.

The 4 Best Android Backup Software for Mac

Most of the time, your data on your Android mobile phones is mistakenly deleted. Therefore, there are 4 best Android software systems to help recover your data.

How Can I Backup My Contact on My Google Pixel

There are 3 best methods to back up your contacts on Google Pixel, consisting of via Google Drive, using Google Account and with a third-party software.

The Best Android Backup for You

We cannot live without our smartphones in reality. Therefore, we need to choose a powerful software to backup and restore our data on our phones.

How Can I Backup My Android Device on My Mac?

The easiest and fastest way to back up the Android device on Mac, coupled with backup applications on Mac will be introduced in this article specially for you.

How to Back up SMS from Your iPhone

If you want to back up your messages from your iPhone, you' d better back up with iCloud, iTunes or with the help of a third-party software.

How Long Does the iCloud Backup Process Take?

Indeed, iCloud does a good job in backing up your data on iOS devices. However, there is another way to back up your data if iCloud takes a long time.

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