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How to Show Hidden Files on Mac

You can hide your files on Mac to protect your privacy. In this article, therefore, it is going to talk about methods of how to show hidden files for you.

How to Access or Get Into An Android Phone via USB When It Is Locked

If you once forget your password but you want to get the data on your phone, it is important to know how to get in an Android phone via USB when it is lock.

How to Submit FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Log Files

There are ways to tell you how to express your comments, advice, or even complaints by submitting FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Log Files via "Feedback" on this software.

How to Uninstall FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

As FoneDog iOS Data Recovery has finished recovering deleted data on iOS devices or for other reasons, perhaps you are willing to uninstall FoneDog iOS Data Recovery. Therefore, 2 major methods are introduced to you for further process how to uninstall it.

How to Install FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

Here is a complete guide on how to install FoneDog iOS Toolkit. It helps you recover deleted data from iPhone, fix iOS system issues, backup and restore data.

A Guide on How to Fix Videos That Can’t Play on Android

As some people are facing a problem that videos can' t play on their Android devices. So, here we will talk about how to fix videos that can't play on Android.

How to Register FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

Learn how to register FoneDog iOS Data Recovery and recover your data consisting of photos, contacts or messages on your iOS devices.

Why Is My MacBook Pro So Slow and What to Do about It

MacBook Pro running so slow is inevitable for a long time use or other primary reasons. Thus, we need to try on some ways to avoid Mac devices become sluggish.

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