WhatsApp Chat Transfer: Moving Data Between Devices

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: July 22, 2021

Users of WhatsApp were mostly connected with the internet as well as have been transmitting photos, messages, video, and music to many other devices. Due to the features including such voice calling, attachment sharing, group chatting, and location tagging absolutely everybody already has a WhatsApp application. Users can communicate with anyone living wherever in the world using just a device and also have a Wi-Fi connection. Here, we will discuss WhatsApp chat transfer.

If you've been still using WhatsApp for a while, you'll have quite a history of too many past conversations, including photographs, voice messages, texts, places you’ve been tagged on, and videos. Now many individuals would've been afraid to lose such history since it may come in handy in near future. Whenever you change devices and hence switch to a newer version, you might well wish to relocate those WhatsApp chats into the new device. So here’s are few solution and tips on how to that.

Part 1. What's The Best WhatsApp Chat Transfer from iPhone to iPhone?Part 2. How to Do WhatsApp Chat Transfer between Android and iPhone?Part 3. Conclusion

Part 1. What's The Best WhatsApp Chat Transfer from iPhone to iPhone?

In this WhatsApp chat transfer article, we’ll talk about ways to transfer data between two iPhone devices. The best-preferred way for transferring WhatsApp messages, chats, and data contents between an iPhone and another iPhone device is by using the FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer.

FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer has become a handy application that then permits anyone to effortlessly transfer WhatsApp chats between iOS to another iOS. Simply plug the devices into the pc and press the button Start Transfer to begin the transfer. Users may backup all WhatsApp chats to prevent database loss as well as restore all WhatsApp contents onto the iPad or iPhone devices at any moment. Most of the iOS versions and iPhone models are supported by this platform.

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So here’s an easy method you can follow in transferring WhatsApp chats between an iPhone and another iPhone device:

  1. Select the option Device-to-Device: Once users successfully installed and downloaded FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer, launch this onto the PC. By using a Charging cable, plug the newest iPhone device as well as the previous iPhone into the PC. Afterward, just on the platform's main screen, just choose on “Device-to-Device Transfer” option.
  2. We ensure that you have trust with your iPhone: Now, upon on the following screen, just confirm that the software trusts your iPhone device. You may accomplish everything by completing the instructions viewed on the monitor.
  3. Finally, Proceed the Transfer: After which, just click the options button Start Transfer to start transferring all the WhatsApp chats from the previous iPhone device to the newest one.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone?

Whenever you've accidentally deleted the WhatsApp conversations, or the device was invaded by a virus that causes data theft or whatsoever the situation, it's really irritating if you realize you needed such crucial WhatsApp content immediately yet can no longer retrieve it.

However, there is always another chance. Users may recover their WhatsApp files on the iPhone using FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer, which offers the market's best recovery tool for recovering deleted or lost data including call logs, messages, contacts, and even more. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Install the FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer.
  2. Plug the iOS device into the PC.
  3. From the iOS device, choose option Restore. Then, select the option “Start Scan” so the recovery will start.
  4. Select the option “WhatsApp messages and attachments”, then hit on “Next” to proceed and to start scanning.
  5. Once completed, head to every conversation, then choose those you truly need and select the option “Restore”.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

Part 2. How to Do WhatsApp Chat Transfer between Android and iPhone?

There have been numerous factors to consider before switching an Android phone into an iPhone device and otherwise vice versa. You'll need to move the photos, videos, contacts, and any important information between the previous device into the newest one.

It is indeed important to assure that the WhatsApp conversations are correctly transmitted after shifting devices. If both phones are using WhatsApp then it will not provide a fast way to move files between another device into the other one.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

WhatsApp chat transfer can be done from Android to Apple iPhone too. Transferring using email is possible. Unfortunately, this was really a time-consuming procedure because you will only transmit a single chat one at a time.

  1. Launch the WhatsApp on the Android device then head to the “Settings”.
  2. Simply select the "Cheats" option and afterward choose the "Chat History."
  3. Select the option “Export Chat”. After that, choose any contact with the conversation you'd really need to transfer.
  4. After that, choose whether to backup or maybe not backup any media files.
  5. Then, head to the Gmail app and now input the receiver’s Gmail acc. You could even use here your personal account.
  6. Click send, then restore that message to the iPhone device.

Tip: In addition to the methods described above, there are many tricks to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, you can click this link to learn more.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

How to do WhatsApp chat transfer from iPhone to Android? When something concerns data transfers over cross-platform phones, things become a bit challenging. Users may prefer to move WhatsApp chats as soon as they purchase the latest Android device. However, when you’ve just recently changed a device from an iPhone into an Android device. There seems to be some difficulty due to Apple's prohibitions. But rather than complaining, you really have to figure out a solution. Here's a basic guide on how to transmit WhatsApp messages through email:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone device, go to Options on WhatsApp into the previous device. After which select the Chat settings option, then now select Email chat in the selection which then appears.
  2. Select the WhatsApp history which you intend to transmit, then a popup will appear about attaching media. Depending on your preferences, select either to Attach Media option or Without Media.
  3. From the sending screen, you must enter the email address then choose to Send.
  4. Sign in to the account on the latest device and you'll be able to access the WhatsApp chats over email on the latest device. However, you cannot sync the WhatsApp chats into the WhatsApp app.

Please keep in mind that this is not intended for large-scale transmission. It might be inconvenient to send communications via contacts once at a time.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android

Local Backup

This is another way to do WhatsApp chat transfer. Using local backup in transferring the WhatsApp chats between two Android devices can automatically backup any chat records into your device’s Whatsapp files. These files can be seen on the phone’s external or internal memory card. To use this follow the guide below:

  1. When you previously download and transferred WhatsApp into the external Memory card, just remove the Memory card from the previous phone then insert that into the newest one.
  2. When you stored data into the phone's internal storage, upon connecting the device to the computer, go into the file WhatsApp / Database.When you stored data into the phone's internal storage, upon connecting the device to the computer, go into the file WhatsApp / Database. Every backup file was labeled with an actual date. These will match files ending in “.db.crypt.” Scroll then duplicate the file by the most recent publication date, which will be distinct to the file names of the automated backups generated in the Computer.
  3. Download WhatsApp onto the latest device but just don't launch it. Plug the newest device into the computer through the use of USB. Even though you've previously installed WhatsApp onto the latest device a folder of Databases or WhatsApp will now exist.
  4. Finally, copy in the folder the backup files of WhatsApp chats. Launch now the application into the latest device and by then confirm your mobile number. You'd automatically be notified whenever a messages backup has been detected. Simply press Restore, then you're finished. All of the messages had shown on the latest mobile device within just a couple of seconds.

Please delete WhatsApp before installing it on the latest device. That's the primary means through which WhatsApp will recover recent messages. And that’s how to do local backup for WhatsApp chat transfer.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a storage platform but can be used for WhatsApp chat transfer. Using Google Drive in transferring the WhatsApp chats between two Android devices could store your chats as well as files into your acc in Google Drive.

  1. Open WhatsApp into the old Android device, then head to the menu option, to settings, into the chats, and lastly into Chat Backup in which you may see the option for backup on the settings of the Google Drive.
  2. To automatically backup the WhatsApp chats in Google Drive, select “Backup to Drive” and choose a frequency backup but not the “Never” option.
  3. When transferring a backup to the latest Android device, install WhatsApp onto the current device and, before authenticating the mobile number, you would be asked to restore conversations and images through Google Drive. When the restoration procedure is finished, press Next, then your conversations will be seen once the startup is finished. Following the restoration of your conversations, WhatsApp may begin the restoration of the media files.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android Using Google Drive

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Part 3. Conclusion

This article just helps you on what and how to do WhatsApp chat transfer on certain devices such as Android and iPhone. Given such difficulty, it really is definitely among the most efficient methods of preventing the safety of all WhatsApp conversations. Still, keep in mind that you need to be always cautious when handling any accounts. And besides, data theft has no bounds so be double careful. Happy Listening!

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