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Samsung Guide: How to Do Samsung Photo Recovery

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: August 23, 2019

"Does Samsung photo recovery work? I am a Samsung user and I pretty much love this brand. I wake up every morning and the first thing I reach out to is my Samsung S8. I check my messages, take a few minutes with some social media apps, just the usual stuff before I get up, grab a quick breakfast and do my morning stuff.

Course that's where I made a mistake. I was still a little sleepy when I was navigating my Samsung S8 and instead of posting a photo, I ended up deleting them instead. I know I didn't back it up on my microSD card and I haven't posted that anywhere else.

I've been researching and there are recovery programs out there that promised to get back my pictures without me having backed them up. Is this true? There are a lot of them out there, how do I know which one I should use?"

Part 1. Why We Need Samsung Photo RecoveryPart 2. Free Option to Do A Samsung Photo RecoveryPart 3. The Best Solution to Recover Photos from Samsung PhonePart 4. Video Guide: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone

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Part 1. Why We Need Samsung Photo Recovery

Samsung mobile phones have taken the world by storm and it's no surprise why. The features and designs of various Samsung units are eye-catching and can really convert other brand fanatics to the Samsung side.

The sleek and very thin design is both captivating and technologically advanced. Speaking of which, as technology progresses, the design of each Samsung unit also evolves to make sure that the aesthetic of each mobile phone is unique and user-friendly.

The capabilities of the various smartphones that Samsung produces can brag that they are indeed handheld laptops or computers with pretty much the same capabilities.In fact, technology has advanced so far that Samsung mobile phones are used for more than just calling and texting. Others use it as a portable laptop to do work or other reports as they head to the business meeting.

Some use it as a launch point for their business, which heavily depends on social media applications that continue to gather business for them, and leads to a very successful business.

Some photographers even use their Samsung mobile phones as a backup but only when things get dicey, this, of course, makes it difficult if the photos are suddenly removed from their phone and they cannot regain them.
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Taking photos though is normally something most people do for fun, the memories within a mobile phone are something that can't be measured.

That's why it can get very vexing when you wake up to realize that a number of your photos have been unceremoniously removed from your phone and SD card.

It becomes a crusade to somehow find a way to retrieve them and you stumble upon some viable options that might work but you are unsure of which is the best choice to follow right now.

Part 2. Free Option to Do A Samsung Photo Recovery

There is a free option but this is something that can only be achieved if you activated your back up data using Google. Most Android users, Samsung happily included, usually have or create a Google account to best maximize his or her mobile phone.

By creating a Google account, assuming you don't already have one active, it allows you to usually maximize the usage of your mobile phone. In order to use email, join some gaming communities, create some accounts and so forth, the bare minimum is an active Google account.

Now if you did tie up your Samsung unit to your Google account, you can actually retrieve the photos and other details by following a few steps.Now if ever you were unlucky enough to not have been able to back up your information, don't worry, the nice thing about Android phones is that you are left with many options.

You have found several types of programs that can retrieve the information even though you haven't backed up any of your Samsung mobile phones.

Part 3. The Best Solution to Recover Photos from Samsung Phone

That's pretty much the reason why you are reading up on FoneDog Mobile Solutions Provider and checking on the FoneDog Android Data Recovery program that is made for such an occasion. Let's go list the things that FoneDog Android Data Recovery for you.Message Recovery - Missing a few messages for some random reason? Not a concern, with FoneDog Mobile Solutions Provider, you can get those messages back as long as you are able to use this program.Missing Contact Numbers - Nobody wants to lose numbers all of a sudden and have no way to get it back, despite how everything has been going you needed those numbers but now they aren't on your Samsung unit. Well with FoneDog Android Data Recovery you can just as easily recover those numbers as you lost them.Photos - Lost photos are the main reason you are reading all these articles. And since you are now out of other back up options, the FoneDog Android Data Recovery is the ideal program for you. Simply follow a few steps and you'll be able to get back the photos rather quickly.Files - There are a number of files or attachments you can accidentally remove from your phone that could be bad for business but again it's FoneDog Android Data Recovery to the rescue.Much more - FoneDog Android Data Recovery can still recover a number of other files for your Samsung mobile phone, it can even handle over 6000+ Android Devices and if you ever had any other phones outside of Samsung, you can still easily recover whatever data you may lose.
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Part 4. Video Guide: How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone

Now that you have FoneDog Android Data Recovery the photos you lost shouldn't be an issue to recover anymore. All you have to do is download the program and follow the directions and you should be able to regain any photos you may have deleted.

This method also works for various other data or information you have removed from your phone. This process can also be used with an SD card as long as the computer or laptop has the capability to read the aforementioned SD card.

This really makes things easier for Android mobile phone users and can really make a difference for business owners who are dependent on their mobile phones.

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