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All-out Guide: Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone 2024

By Adela D. Louie, Last updated: March 29, 2024

Photographs, for example, could really exemplify a million words. Obtaining and ability to share daily life memories wasn't ever simpler than those of devices. WhatsApp is without wonder the ideal application for taking images. Nevertheless, we often had the terrible experience of losing WhatsApp pictures, whether due to you unintentionally removing those or through a computer error.

Whereupon we rush to find a method to recover deleted WhatsApp media from iPhone which might help us recover all these pictures. We will make things simpler for you with this post!

We would provide dependable methods to assist you in getting situations done! Continue below.

Part #1: Preview: What Is WhatsApp?Part #2: Easy and Capable Tool to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone - FoneDog iOS Data RecoveryPart #3: Ideal Ways to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhonePart #4: Conclusion

Part #1: Preview: What Is WhatsApp?

Before we push ahead mostly with an efficient guide to recover deleted WhatsApp media from iPhone, we must first provide a brief overview of this application. As more than just an insight, WhatsApp was indeed currently the biggest commonly used messaging software on handheld devices.

The latter's primary benefit would be that indeed it has always enabled free and fast user-to-user communication right within various nations as well as social media. The whole application allows iPhone users and also Android users to transmit texts, pictures taken, video files, as well as other media records to family and friends.

Read on to know how to recover your lost WhatsApp data from your iPhone?

What Is WhatsApp?

Part #2: Easy and Capable Tool to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone - FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

Indeed there are certain circumstances that we tend to unintentionally delete or lose WhatsApp Media such as our valuable pictures. With this problem, you are stressing out looking for a reliable way how you could solve this.

So, beyond this section, prior to actually moving forward into a few compiled manual procedures to recover deleted WhatsApp media from iPhone, from here we will first introduce to you an easy and capable tool that you may use hassle-free and free without any backups.

FoneDog iOS Data Recovery ultimate focus has consistently been to fully recover eliminated meaningful media input from your phone's file system. The tool can also be used to recover lost close contacts, chats, cellphone records, photos, audio files, several media files, and other info.

iOS Data Recovery Recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp data, and more. Recover data from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud. Compatible with latest iPhone and iOS. Free Download Free Download FoneDog iOS Data Recovery

Whenever you're using the tool, you can choose from a selection of options for recovering media file data directly within your iPhone's file system. Quite a tool has consistently been distinctive throughout that it features the highest success percentage when it comes to recovering deleted relevant media file type from each and every of your devices.

To know how to make use of this top and free data recovery tool for iPhone over, continue further beneath to accomplish this immediately. Keep in mind that you must first obtain and make sure that this is indeed install within the computer operating system:

Method #1: Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Media through iPhone Directly

  1. Download and maybe even run the FoneDog Toolkit for iOS within your computer system, and further tethered iOS devices were acknowledged. After doing so, exit the foremost interconnection but rather pick the option anything which suggests "Recover from iOS device".Again so, from within that drop-down options list, pick indeed into option that somewhat implies "Start Scan".And just like that keep moving ahead to the second activity.
  2. Within this phase, you can select and press on that button that implies “Start Scan”, the FoneDog toolkit will begin its workflow as well as move forward into the scanning within your phone operating system for those media file type and other data should be recover as well. Upon that, you just have to wait for few minutes for the procedure to be finished, since the scanning could be really based onto the various amount of each and every media file type and data file.
  3. Again so, you ought to may further recover your entire media pile and perhaps a subset of components. Select those relevant media file types, then after those hit further into tab that further presupposes "Recover", but then you must solely pick an approach for starting to recover those media files of yours. And after that, in quite a productive as well as refined sort of way, this app may recover your files even more deeply onto the computer.

Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Media through iPhone Directly

Method #2: Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Media through iCloud Backup

  1. To actually recover deleted WhatsApp media from iPhone, you must first start up FoneDog iOS Data Recovery, and after doing so, you must then select the recovery phase which implies "Recover from iCloud Backup File" again from the main dashboard of the main display.
  2. Upon that, you'll then be seeing the iCloud sign in functionality. But only after, for you to really gain access over this, you must then input your iCloud account's username as well as password. Further to this, FoneDog respects your personal media and data file types.
  3. Upon there, the toolkit itself could really even locate those iCloud data backups throughout your account now since you sign into this iCloud. And from there select the directory from something that you would really like to retrieve information and press the button that explicitly states "Download."
  4. After that, the detection process could very well take a couple of minutes. When it's finished, you'll be able to preview virtually all of the data throughout your iCloud storage device, including video content, contact lists, private messages, hundreds of photos, phone records, and perhaps more. Well you could indeed go through each one as well as select the asset you really would like to retrieve. For you to really reinstate those relevant media and data file type into your computer, just solely press upon this option which implies "Recover".

Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Media through iCloud Backup

Part #3: Ideal Ways to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone

For whatever cause, you might just have ended up losing essential WhatsApp media files which including pictures at a certain time. To consider making this situation worse, recovering those is perhaps the trickiest aspect given that no one assures you precisely how and where to retrieve deleted WhatsApp media such as pictures.

Even if you have indeed any backup or otherwise, this is a simple method that necessitates only few more simple but time consuming steps. As a result, don't be concerned if you actually removed your beloved video footage and photos within your iPhone. Listed below are some ways to recover your deleted WhatsApp media from iPhone.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Utilizing iCloud

Trying to recover deleted media from an iCloud backup has become the most common technique have been using by nearly all people. But unless you actually removed a picture, clip, record, and perhaps other essential file, you can bounce back rapidly it by using an iCloud backup.

However, you must have an existing iCloud backup onto your iPhone in order to proceed. It is essential to remember that somehow this technique might very well erase all media files from your iPhone. As a result, data that is not contained into the iCloud backup may be ended up losing.

Now, to begin to recover those of your WhatsApp media onto iPhone, adhere to the procedure below:

  1. To actually start, launch the Settings application onto your iPhone d. And after that, click upon that option that suggests "General" and next select the option that then implies "Select".After that, select the option one which claims "Erase All Content and Settings".
  2. This one will start taking you towards the handset configuration screen, which allows you to configure your new gadget. And from there, adhere right into the on-screen steps and from that select the option that suggests "Restore from iCloud Backup".
  3. After that, select the best backup for your deleted WhatsApp media files which those pics and maintain your device linked into Wi-Fi on the rest of the procedure and by that you are done.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Utilizing iCloud

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Utilizing iTunes

It's yet another common method for searching and retrieving media files from WhatsApp within any iPhone. However, it really only tends to work unless you have then backed up your iPhone mostly with iTunes prior to actually discarding those WhatsApp media files.

Furthermore, the backup you recover within the iTunes might very well overwrite any content material onto your iPhone. To prevent unnecessary loss of information, back up critical data onto your iPhone somewhere else first.

To really proceed into recovering deleted WhatsApp media files often including photos and videos out of an iTunes backup, try to emulate the onscreen instructions provided on:

  1. You must first do was to, link up your iPhone towards into your computer as well as launch there the iTunes application. And after that, using only a USB power cord, link your mobile device within into your computer but also pick your handset. iTunes might very well recognize your iPhone immediately.
  2. And from there, select the name of your handset. After which, upon that computer monitor, press on the option which further says "Summary" followed by hitting on the option on which says "Restore Backup".
  3. Now, choose the backup containing your deleted media files which you wish to recover. And from there, choose the option which again explicitly states "Restore".

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Utilizing iTunes

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Utilizing WhatsApp Back-up Feature

This WhatsApp backup framework should be the initial backup option you could perhaps consider. If you've got WhatsApp data is backed up established by default or manually, then this will back up through all your those media and data, which would include dialogues, those pictures taken, the video files, and maybe even texts, nearly every day.

As a result, sometimes when you eventuate to delete media files from just about any conversations, essentially backup those WhatsApp media by going through the following steps:

  1. The first step was to navigate into WhatsApp Settings, after which hit the option which again explicitly states "Chats," and finally select on the option which thus states "Chat Backup" so you can verify the time as well as date of your most recent backup.
  2. And after that, manually uninstall WhatsApp within your iPhone and try to install it again within the iPhone App Store. Otherwise you'll be notified that you can recover the conversation media as well as conversation history again from that backup.
  3. Everything in your deleted conversations but also media files would be recovered once the restoring method has been completed.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Utilizing WhatsApp Back-up Feature

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Camera Roll

We all seem to be aware that certain WhatsApp application could really automatically download conversation media through default. As a result, unless you actually deleted several pictures within WhatsApp onto your iPhone, we suggest checking your WhatsApp Album throughout the Photos application onto your device. Just simply head over into your Camera Roll, then upon entering, move ahead from the bottom part of your screen and look for albums.

From there, you must look for the WhatsApp album, upon that verify those media you have then unintentionally deleted. If there is instances that those media files are not there, head over into the Recently Deleted Albums and check there.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Media from iPhone through Camera Roll

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Part #4: Conclusion

Within these proposed and outlined ways on how you could recover deleted WhatsApp media from iPhone, we indeed hope that you may execute it smoothly as well as recover them safely within your devices. It is indeed important to manage your media files since it may have essential info or data, so always backup and make sure you have a copy of those media files and other files types as well.

If there an instances you don’t want to make use the manually steps, just always make use of the FoneDog iOS Data Recovery, which explicitly recommended by most of users.

That’s all for today have a productive day ahead of you.

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