2022 Guide: Convenient Ways to Delete App History on iPhone

By Adela D. Louie, Last updated: November 15, 2022

Users should first understand how to delete app history on iPhone and whether you really would want that such application to delete its history. Several more iPhone users buy different device applications that can be used on their own iPhone devices.

Those very same applications might very well use most of your consumption record keeping, which would include your personal information as well as any completely ineffective insufficient file systems on your iPhone.

Continue to read whenever you really wanted to delete your application history into your iPhone device as well as that application store purchase history, in order to clear up space on your iPhone. This article will provide you with the answer.

Part #1: Quick Tool to Delete App History on iPhone – FoneDog iPhone CleanerPart #2: Useful Methods to Delete App History on iPhonePart #3: Conclusion

Part #1: Quick Tool to Delete App History on iPhone – FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

You might also want to remove app history on iPhone completely, even without the possibility of recovering. But unless you intend to offer your phone device, or whether you're that used a device for jobs as well must revert back that one it over to your company, you must firmly erase that as well.

Anything other than that, with both the right software, whatever classified emails, pictures, history as well as other information can indeed be recovered. Although if you enjoy having your privacy violated, protected erasure should be a must.

So prior to knowing the manual procedure of how to delete app history on iPhone. We will introduce something that could indeed help you clear up your iPhone’s app history as well as free up some space for your devices. The FoneDog iPhone Cleaner would be the finest choice that you could use from regarding whenever it concerns your iPhone space storage problems.

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This cleaning tool could really help you as well assist you in deleting as well as wiping out unwanted data, files and so many more which then includes the app histories, temporary caches, and cookies, not used applications but also large items. This tool will indeed make sufficient room for any of your devices.

To proceed with the instructions, keep in mind that you have to download and obtain the tool in order to accomplish the steps provided below. You could indeed acquire this tool on its main website. It is indeed free and easy to obtain.

  1. To get started, you must then launch the tool within your device, to the procedure to begin you ought to press on the option that indicates “Erase Junk Files”, then after that, it will begin to check and detect those app histories caches, garbage files, and data from your iPhone.
  2. And from there, don’t forget to hit on the button which implies “Erase”. On the other left portion of the main display of the tool, you may now hit on the option that symbolizes a drop-down arrow just indeed beside the button that indicates “Free up Space”.
  3. After which, you must also hit on that button that implies “Erase Garbage Files” then the process of detecting and also deleting those files, history caches, as well as other remnant data into your device, would then begin.
  4. Finally, once the detecting process has been done those files and caches that have been detected will then be displayed on the main screen. What you should do now is to check on the boxes right through the listings of the things you wanted to be deleted off your device.

Delete App History on iPhone Using The FoneDog iPhone Cleaner

After that, just simply hit on the button that indicates “Erase”, then the tool may begin its duty of deleting the items you choose through the listings found from your device's operating system. And from that, you are done.

Part #2: Useful Methods to Delete App History on iPhone

By using this family sharing account, users might even want to retain several other app transactions with themselves or just perhaps completely remove old purchases that are no longer needed in their history.

Hidden applications won't immediately appear inside this purchased catalog as well as therefore will hardly be visible to family members who indeed share the account's transactions. So below are some methods you could use to delete app history on iPhone.

Deleting App History on iPhone & iPad

Is your phone's memory overflowing? You should not have to be concerned because there are numerous things you can do to reclaim your space. The first thing you should do is identify the applications all of which are taking up a lot of your space.

To get started with this means, you must follow the steps provided:

  1. You must head into your iPhone's Settings app, and from there you must then choose an option that implies "General".
  2. After that, you must look for the option that indicates "Storage & іClоud Usage".
  3. Upon that option, head on to look for the "Manage Storage" option and click on that. In this part, you would then see and found those applications which thus consume too much storage space on your iPhone device.
  4. Thereafter, whether there is something more applications that you aren't using, simply tap upon that application as well as select on the option which indicates "Delete". Just several users delete their iPhone's application history. Unless you're one of that many others, you should delete your application history so that it will then free up some storage space.

Deleting App History on iPhone & iPad

So for deleting the application history into any of the applications you have you must do the following steps provided below:

  1. You must then head over through the iPhone's Settings app.
  2. After that, scroll down until you found on an application such as Safari and tap on it.
  3. From that, you must now clear on the history and the caches of that applications, afterward simply scroll over until you will then reach the bottom, after which select on the option that implies "Advanced".

Deleting App History with iCloud

Whenever you really need the urge to delete the purchased application's history into your iPhone device, you could indeed do it just into your iPhone via iCloud. Just all you have to do was follow such instructions:

  1. The first thing you have to do was to head over through the iCloud to to delete app history on iPhone, after which sign in now with the password as well as you must then select the options account.
  2. Select on the button that then implies "Purchase" from that you could now view each and every application from the listings which you indeed purchased throughout your use it.
  3. From there, you must first find the button which indicates "All" from that history and go delete that app history. Note: you could only hide that app history and not delete it permanently.

Deleting App History with iCloud

Deleting App History with iTunes

To begin, you must upgrade iTunes to the most recent version. Later, you can successfully delete any iOS app history from the iTunes directory and perhaps other devices as well.

Just follow on the instruction below to delete app history on iPhone:

  1. To get started, you must first go over into the iTunes application and from there you ought to select that iTunes Store symbol which was located in the very left portion of your device’s main menu.
  2. After that, select the icon which implies “Purchased”, which is located at that far-right potion of your main screen.
  3. Finally, just simply select the option which indicates “Apps” as well as make absolutely sure to also press the button that implies “All’ on it so that everything will just then be displayed throughout the listing.

Deleting App History with iTunes

To keep hiding the application history, move to that but also glide the cursor over that; then black X would then appear throughout the upper left edge. Simply double-click that application above that iTunes, and otherwise, it will then inquire you whether you desire to keep it hidden for one such purchase.

By clicking it away the latter hides the application from the perspective and therefore does not permanently delete that one out of the iPhone.

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Part #3: Conclusion

To conclude, we hope that this article would then help you know how to delete app history on iPhone. We then provided a manual procedure and a instant procedure. Remember that it is important to clean up and also delete those data that may cause insufficient storage on your phone but also may cause data privacy leakage.

If ever you have faced this kind of problem and the manual procedure could not indeed help you with permanent deletion, just make use of the best cleaner master---FoneDog iPhone Cleaner, which has so many features you could use. Just make sure that you have obtained it within your device and surely it will help you with your problems. Have a fun day ahead.

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