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How to Uninstall FoneDog Android Data Recovery

By Shirley, Last updated: March 20, 2019

With the help of FoneDog Android Data Recovery, you may have recovered the mistakenly deleted data, as FoneDog Android Data Recovery is dedicated to recovering or retrieving data for users on Android devices. Or you may have found other more convenient or advantageous methods to help you fix the problem of how to recover your deleted Android data. Now, here are steps for you to uninstall FoneDog Android Data Recovery if you are no need for this software.

Means 1. Uninstall form Windows PC

Plan A. Uninstall Directly from "Start Menu" list

  1. On the left bottom on the toolbar, please press the "Windows" button on your keyboard or click the Windows icon;

  1. In this step, right-click FoneDog Toolkit for Android that you can find in the “Start” list first and then choose "Uninstall";

  1. If you confirm that you want to remove this software, please click Yes" on the dialog box;

  1. Continue and click the "OK" button. Later, wait for the uninstalling process. You will receive a completion notice.

Plan B. Uninstall from Control Panel

  1. On the left bottom on the toolbar, please press the "Windows" button on your keyboard or click the Windows icon, the same step as Plan A above;

Open Control Panel

  1. Now, please follow Control Panel> Programs> Program & Features to find FoneDog Toolkit for Android and right-click it to select the "Uninstall" option;

Android Uninstall

Means 2. Remove form Mac

Part 1. Use FoneDog Mac Cleaner

It is convenient and direct for you to uninstall FoneDog Android Data Recovery via Mac Cleaner on your Mac.

  1. Launch Mac Cleaner. 
  2. After it scans the applications on your Mac, please directly select Mac Uninstall option and then choose FoneDog Toolkit for Android and uninstall.

Junk Files Main

Part 2. Remove to Trash Bin

  1. Find out FoneDog Toolkit for Android in "Application";
  2. Right-click it and choose "Move to Trash".

By following the steps, you can successfully uninstall the application FoneDog Android Data Recovery. In the end, FoneDog thanks for your support and your trial on its products.

If you are still worried about recovering or retrieving your mistakenly deleted information, fixing your system or backing up and restoring data on your Android devices, you may also install FoneDog Toolkit for Android and have a try again. Hope the video would be helpful to you.

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