FAQs On Average Cost Of Data Recovery (2021 Update)

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: July 26, 2021

When opting for a product, perhaps your first thought is how much it would cost you. After all, no matter how effective the software is, you must remember to take your expenditure to moderation.

This is especially true when it comes to local data recovery. This type of service often involves a tedious process. For that reason, many factors will affect the average cost of data recovery.

In the end, we also introduce a software called FoneDog Data Recovery, which allows you to do data recovery without paying. You can use it to do the data recovery you want, such as do dead laptop hard drive recovery or perform VHD recovery on Windows 10.

Data Recovery

Part 1. What Is The Average Cost Of Data Recovery?Part 2. Is The Cost Of Data Recovery Largely Different?Part 3. What Are The Factors That Affect The Average Cost Of Data Recovery?Part 4. What Are Some Misunderstandings About The Average Cost Of Data Recovery?Part 5. What Type Of Average Cost Of Data Recovery To Avoid?Part 6. Why Should You Choose Local Data Recovery Services?Part 7. Is There A Way To Do Data Recovery Without Paying?

Part 1. What Is The Average Cost Of Data Recovery?

Services such as data recovery are pretty rare nowadays. That should be enough to explain the seemingly expensive average cost of data recovery. After all, it would require the service provider a certain amount of skill as well as labor.

Usually, the average cost of recoveryis $750. There are those with lower prices, and there are those with higher prices. This is just for companies in the US, however, it can be converted to currencies for other countries and it would result in the same average cost of recovery.

Since we’re looking at more than half a thousand dollars, you should expect no less than a quality service. If not, then you can be sure that they are being excessively expensive. So the cost of data recovery services is different with each store, but how different is it from each other?

Average Cost of Data Recovery

Part 2. Is The Cost Of Data Recovery Largely Different?

To start with, we say ‘average cost of data recovery because the gap between the cost for each can be very large. And with that, it’s pretty obvious that the answer to this question is a big YES. With that said, there is a lower range and an upper range for the price.

The lowest price available may be around $50, but that would be the low-end recovery service. The high-end price would be $1500.

As you can see, there’s a huge difference between the two, and this is because the two involve different methods for recovery. One is simple file recovery, while the other involves recovering the whole system altogether.

Of course, there are perks to both of them, but the more expensive service is bound to have more benefits to the user. At the end of the day, remember that there’s no flat rate. There are always factors that will change the average cost of recovery, and that would be our next topic.

Part 3. What Are The Factors That Affect The Average Cost Of Data Recovery?

There are stores that abide by such factors, while others do not. First, let’s discuss the primary factors that should be included in most data recovery stores:

  • Professionalism (Hourly Rate). It is a given that there are only a few who has the talent and has undergone education that is qualified for data recovery. This alone makes the industry very competitive. But since it is such a rare service, it is only natural that it’ll be very expensive. Professionals take pride in their abilities, and they usually charge hourly, and depending on the educational background and the skill of that expert, it may be as low as $100 or as high as $300 per hour.
  • Equipment/Parts. In addition to the talent or skill, professionals often use specialized equipment to do their job. This will contribute to the average cost of data recovery. There are also cases when they have to use spare parts to completely repair a storage drive in case the problem lies within the hardware. Either way, the price will increase as the quality and quantity of parts or equipment used to increase.
  • Development/Research Lab. Even with the highest level of educational attainment, professionals still have to learn about the constantly advancing technology. As a result, you’ll find that those that are truly passionate will have their own labs to research data recovery. In the event that they such facilities, the average cost of data recovery will increase.
  • Data Storage. Instead of relying solely on the storage drive that you asked them to recover, they will use different storage devices as well. For one, they will naturally need the drive to copy the files that they recovered temporarily. In the event that your hard drive is irreparable, they may also charge you extra for the spare drive that they’ll be giving you for replacement.
  • Quality Check. Once the initial data recovery is finished, there’s often a quality assurance section that will be conducted to ensure that the customer will receive the appropriate service.

Data Storage Affect Average Cost of Data Recovery

These five factors are mainly the ones that they consider most. Not only are they adopted by most stores and professionals, but it is also common sense to include them in the pricing. In addition to these primary factors, there are other things that they will consider:

  • The use of specialized equipment is included mainly because it was used at the time of data recovery. However, other stores like to include the pricing the cost of maintenance for the said equipment. This includes the cost for forensics, burnishing tools, and more.
  • Unlike the excessive pricing for the maintenance, adding security to the list of what will be included on the average cost of data recovery is a big deal. Considering the increasing number of hazards to your data, it’s important for professionals to maintain the security of your drive during recovery.
  • Customer Service. The last secondary factor with the average cost of data recovery is the quality of customer service. Some stores charge their users for the availability of their customer service. However, the support comes from experts, so it can be said it may very well be worth the price.

Overall, you can expect your expenditure to revolve around these eight factors. If the store that you checked out has other factors besides this, then it might be time to be suspicious of their pricing range. This takes us to some misunderstandings about this subject.

Part 4. What Are Some Misunderstandings About The Average Cost Of Data Recovery?

As previously said, there are times when you should be suspicious of the store for having either a ridiculously expensive price or a very low cost. After all, an expensive price can just be excessive, while a low price can be too ineffective.

That is why many companies try to advertise their products with half-baked truth. This led to one of the most common misunderstandings about the average cost of data recovery, which is the supposedly “per GB recovered” pricing of competitors.

Companies try to make their customers believe that there are no other great options besides them because other companies charge a certain amount per GB. However, this isn’t the case.

The idea is that you should choose their company since they don’t do such ridiculous pricing. But so far, there aren’t any legit data recovery companies that will charge you with every GB that is recovered, thus, removing any reason for you to think that they’re your only option.

However, if you’re not new to this industry, then you shouldn’t be easily tricked by this scheme. Also, there are other schemes that you should look out for.

Part 5. What Type Of Average Cost Of Data Recovery To Avoid?

Usually, you will only be looking at three types of average cost of data recovery. This would be the ‘per GB’, the one we discussed earlier, the flat rate, and the pricing that you can’t seem to understand because it’s too complicated. Let’s start with the one we already know.

Per-GB Data Recovery

First of all, the per-gigabyte pricing doesn’t make sense at all. For one, the usage of equipment, both physical and digital, doesn’t depend on the size. Thus, relying on the size for the price isn’t effective, both for you or for them, unless they are exaggerating it.

Also, we’ve discussed the other factors before, and the size isn’t one of the main primary ones. Plus, if you’re going to compare the recovery process of 10GB of music and 300GB of movies, if both suffered from the same problem, the labor and skill required are the same.

So taking that all into account, this model for calculating the average cost of data recovery doesn’t make sense. Since that’s the case, make sure you avoid this type of cost model. Now let’s head to another one that you should avoid.

Avoid Per-GB Average Cost of Data Recovery

Flat Rate Data Recovery

The first one is as diverse as it can be. A per-GB rate would have different final prices, but this one is quite the opposite. Instead of relying on such an inconsistent figure, this type of cost model already has a fixed price.

However, this, too, should be avoided. This is because most of the time, a company has a flat rate due to having not enough confidence in their resources.

For one, they don’t have someone good enough to do data recovery in all kinds of situations. They may also have no equipment to do so. The flat rate is just a way for them to at least make a profit, regardless of whether they succeed or fail.

Many times, the flat rate average cost of data recovery is very cheap, so watch out for this. Remember that the cost model you should be looking for is the third one, which we won’t be discussing as it is very complicated.

Avoid Flat Rate Average Cost of Data Recovery

Part 6. Why Should You Choose Local Data Recovery Services?

We’ve discussed all the average cost of data recovery, the factors affecting it, and the different types of cost models, but do you really need such a service? We can say that the answer can be either yes or no. Here’s a look at why the answer to this is yes:

  • Data recovery is very difficult, and it gets even more difficult when the issue is severe. Thus, doing it by yourself or with someone inexperienced may lead to further problems.
  • The specialized equipment usually used by companies will skyrocket the success chance for data recovery.
  • In case the worst happens, the professionals can think up some solution before the problem gets too severe and unstoppable.
  • You can be assured that your storage device is being repaired in the most secure and safest environment possible.

These are just some of the pros of local data recovery services. However, there are also disadvantages to such a service. Here’s a look at some of those cons:

  • First of all, the cost is very high compared to other methods.
  • You won’t find many local data recovery stores around your place if you don’t look hard enough, so it can be very time-consuming.
  • Refunds are usually unavailable to users in the event that the data recovery is unsuccessful, although a chosen few offer refunds.

With this, you should now have an idea of what you’ll be dealing with when opting for such a service. This should remove any negative thinking while making it realistic enough for you. In case you decided to back out, then we’re glad to tell you that you have another method.

Part 7. Is There A Way To Do Data Recovery Without Paying?

Many people will prefer to avoid spending if possible, so it’s only natural to ask this kind of question. Fortunately for you, the answer to this is yes. You can do data recovery without having to spend your money.

This is by the way of using specialized software. Thus, we recommend using FoneDog Data Recovery. This software is the tool you’ll ever need to do data recovery for most scenarios.

Free Download Free Download

It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can also recover all kinds of files, be it images, videos, documents, and more. Regardless, you can always use this software by downloading it from the official website of FoneDog.

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Most clients have tons of questions about the average cost of data recovery that need to be answered. Some of them were probably already answered through this article, but there should be others with answers that are still unknown to you.

Either way, you must remember that these are not the definite reasons for you to opt for a local data recovery service or not. You should also do your research on the company, but make sure you don’t disregard what you’ve learned here. That concludes this topic and hopefully, it helps you to a certain degree.

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