How to Play YouTube in Background on your phone(iPhone/Android)

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: October 22, 2021

Are you frequently listening to your favorite artists on YouTube? Can you play YouTube app in background?

Well, this article is for you! You can now play YouTube in background on your phone(iOS/Android).

Check it out! Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to some YouTube music while reading a book or having a chit-chat with friends? You can actually play YouTube in background of your iPhone/iPad or android phone. We have collected the best and effective methods on how to do the trick. Find out which among these works well for you!

What you can do is to use a YouTube downloader and download the entire videos and playlists as long as you want.

Part 1. Download Video or SongPart 2. Use a Different BrowserPart 3. Use YouTube RedPart 4. Request a Desktop ViewPart 5. Play YouTube Videos on Private BrowserPart 6. ConclusionsVideo Guide: How to Restore Lost Videos from iPhone Devices

Part 1. Download Video or Song

Download Your desired Videos or Songs

If you are a fan of playing music on your iPhone then probably you know YouTube too well. You cannot actually play your favorite music videos and songs while the iPhone is locked or the screen is off. There is another way through on how to do this; simply download the playlist you want and start listening.

First, go to AppStore and search for YouTube downloader

Follow the onscreen instructions on how to download and install the app

Use the app according to its instructions

Most of these YouTube downloader apps simply let you copy the YouTube link and paste it into their app and choose the desired file format. After which, you can now play the videos or songs in the background.

There are so many YouTube downloaded out there but here are a few effective and good apps:



Titan Downloader

MxTube for YouTube

MyVid Video Downloader

And many more

Choose the best YouTube downloader app which really covers everything you need.

Download Video Photos

Part 2. Use a Different Browser

The easiest solution by far to play YouTube in background on iPhone is to open a web browser other than Safari. But which browser can play YouTube in background? There are many browsers you can use like Dolphin, Mercury Browser, Opera Mini, or Opera Coast for playing YouTube videos and audio apart from Safari or Chrome.

People also like to ask How to Export Google Chrome Bookmarks to Safari.

This guide helps you export Google Chrome Bookmarks to Safari browser.

Tip: When the YouTube’s audio stops while playing, return to control center and navigate to music control and set the playback.

To use third-party web browsers, follow these steps

Open the desired web browser

Type in YouTube at the address bar

Find the desired music video/audio to play

Just let the video or music player in the web browser and do not choose the in-app settings otherwise it will ask you to download and install the browser app.

You can now continue doing whatever you desire on the phone or go to the Home screen.
Note: Again, if the music stops, go to Control Center and tap the play button on the music player

You can now play YouTube in background, even when the device screen is sleeping or locked

The Third Party Tool Browser

Part 3. Use YouTube Red

YouTube Red is another option for you to play YouTube in background of your phone. However, YouTube Red is a premium subscription and is available at selected locations only such as the United States, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico.

YouTube Red offers a feature that lets you play YouTube in background even when the screen is locked or off.

How to use YouTube Red:

Open YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad

Click Account

Find and click on YouTube Red

YouTube Red is a premium subscription of $11.99 per month. However, the YouTube videos will be seamless and can play it even on background

If you want to change the settings, go to Menu, then Settings

Part 4. Request a Desktop View

How to request a desktop view

If you are using Safari or Chrome or any other web browsers, you can actually request a desktop site and play the videos seamlessly.

Let’s take for example the Firefox browser, and follow the steps below:

Open YouTube in Firefox

Type in the desired video

Scroll at the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Request Desktop View’

Play the video and tap the Home button

Launch the Control Center and tap play

You should now see the URL in the Control center and start listening to your favorite music

If the video doesn’t play, go back to the Firefox browser and play the video from there before hitting the Home button.

Request Desktop View

Part 5. Play YouTube Videos on Private Browser

Let's Play YouTube videos on the private browser

There is another effective workaround on how to play YouTube in background of your iPhone/iPad or android. That is to use a private browser! You can even do this on your Safari browser by following the steps below:

Launch the Safari browser

Type in YouTube in the search bar

Find the desired video or music

Tap the icon at the bottom right portion of the screen

Tap Private to turn on the private session and tap Done

Once under private sessions, you can go back to the Home screen

Access the Control Center and press play button

This should now let you play YouTube in the background smoothly. If in case you don’t see the private session on the browser, clear the browser settings and history first and then restart the iPhone/ iPad.

To do this go to Settings> tap Safari> tap Delete History and Website Data

Part 6. Conclusions

And there you have it, you have just learned about the different tips and tricks on how to play YouTube in the background of your iPhone or iPad. You have 5 different ways on how to play YouTube in background and each is actually effective and convenient to do. We hope you have made the trick well played on your device and share it with friends so they will be able to get this cool hack too!

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