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Simple Gudie: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S6 to PC

By C. Arboleda, Last updated: September 12, 2019

If you are looking for ways on how to transfer photos from Samsung S6 to PC, there are different ways that you can use including the Phone Transfer tool by FoneDog or manually via a USB cable.

Many individuals who have a phone nowadays usually have several photos and videos. Most save memories of daily events or special occasions in the form of photos and videos. The best way to ensure that your photos and videos are safe is to transfer them to your PC. Let us now take a close look at some of the methods on how to transfer photos from Samsung S6 to PC.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S6 to PC in One ClickManual Transfer of Photos to A PC Step by StepOther Methods to Back Up Your PhotosLet’s Wrap It Up

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S6 to PC in One Click

If you want to learn how to transfer photos from Samsung S6 to PC in a fast and simple manner, it is recommended to use FoneDog Phone Transfer.

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FoneDog Phone Transfer is a highly efficient phone transfer software that allows you to easily manage and transfer all forms of data between Android, iOS, and PC. Aside from photos, you can also transfer messages, audio, videos, voice memo and more.

Other Useful Features by FoneDog Phone Transfer

  • You can transfer all the photos in the camera roll between devices and computers in a hassle-free manner. You even have the option to convert HEIC images to JPG or PNG.
  • iMessages and text messages are transferred to other devices or computers in CSV/HTML/TXT format.
  • Import videos to Android/iOS or export TV shows, Movies, MV, Home Videos, iTunes U and Podcast to other devices.
  • Add, duplicate, delete or even modify the contact name, number, address, and emails. Transfer to iPhone or to a computer in HTML, CSV and vCard format.
  • Play, add, delete audio files and export to a different device or to a computer. Supports iTunes U, Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Ringtones and Voice Memo.


Steps on How to Transfer Photos from Samsung S6 to PC Using FoneDog Phone Transfer

Step 1. Link Your Samsung S6 to Your PC

After downloading and installing FoneDog Phone Transfer on your PC, connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. The app will recognize your device automatically and present information in the interface.

Step 2. Choosing The File Type - Photo

Choose the type of data on the left side. Since you are going to transfer photos, tap on “Photos”. At this point, you can check the photo files that you want to transfer to your computer. Take note that you have the option to view the name, size, created time and other data.

Step 3. Transfer Photos between Devices

Select the files and transfer them to your PC by tapping on the “Export to PC” button on the upper section of the interface.

Step 4. Wait for The Transfer Process to Complete

Photos Export Pc

There you have it, you can easily transfer your photos on your Samsung S6 to your PC in a hassle-free manner using FoneDog Phone Transfer.

Manual Transfer of Photos to A PC Step by Step

All the photos that you have taken on your Samsung S6 phone can be transferred to your PC for editing, storage, and sharing. Remember that this process involves using the USB cable that is supplied with your device.

We will now take a closer look at the steps on how to transfer photos from Samsung S6 to PC manually.

  • Step 1. Connect your Samsung S6 to your PC using the USB cable supplied in its box. In case you are not using the original cable, the one you are using must support MTP or PTP connections.
  • Step 2. If requested to “Allow access to phone data”, tap on “Allow” to accept. Remember that this option might be open depending on your device and if it has been linked to the PC previously.
  • Step 3. Once connected, simply swipe down from the top part of the screen to access the notifications.
  • Step 4. Tap on the notifications from the Android System. You will find “Tap for other USB options”.
  • Step 5. Depending on the device you are using, there are variations in the screen. Tap an option that enables “Transferring files” or “Transferring images”.
  • Step 6. Once your device has a transfer connection, it will be detected by your PC and becomes an available drive. You can find your device on your PC via the File Explorer and check the left-hand column. You can also search under “Devices and drives”. Tap on your device to open it. In case your device and PC have been connected before, your device might appear as a popup window on your PC automatically.
  • Step 7. Tap on your device again. In case you have an SD card, it will also appear.
  • Step 8. You can see all the files that you have stored on your device. Your photos can be found in the DCIM folder. In case you saved your photos to an SD card, you will find them under DCIM in the SD card folder instead.
  • Step 9. Choose the photos that you want to transfer and drag and drop them into a folder that is saved on your PC.

Other Methods to Back Up Your Photos

  • In case you are uploading your photos since you have a new device, the Smart Switch app by Samsung can copy all your data, including photos from your old device to a new one.
  • The Samsung Flow feature will allow your device to securely log into your PC and transfer your data by utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC).
  • For devices that are compatible with Samsung Cloud, it can be utilized to back up all the data on your device, including your photos.

Transfer Photos From Samsung S6 To Pc

Let’s Wrap It Up

Transferring your photos or other types of data from your Samsung device to a PC is a quick task so that you can save, share or edit them for future use.

Now that you are familiar with the different ways on how to transfer photos from Samsung S6 to PC, transferring your photos to your PC is a simple task especially with the help of the Phone Transfer software by FoneDog.

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