Methods On How to Transfer Data From iPhone to iPhone

By Vernon Roderick, Last updated: September 4, 2019

When the inevitable comes and you decide to get yourself a new iPhone to replace your old one, the first you’ll probably think of is how to move your data. In short, you’ll think of ways to transfer iPhone to iPhone without leaving behind any important data. While there are a number of ways that this can be done, you simply can’t rely on a few ways. After all, most of the time you’ll be finding yourself getting stuck due to unexpected issues with your iPhone. So what you’ll have to do first is make yourself aware of as many ways as possible, but still making sure that all of them are effective so you won’t be wasting time learning about them.

So today, we’re going to talk about what you’ll have to do to transfer iPhone to iPhone, from setting up both phones to completely transferring 100% of your data from one phone to another. However, before anything else, there are some things you need to understand. These are mainly the pre-requisites to transfer iPhone to iPhone so you’ll need to do them regardless of how you’re going to approach the transfer of data.

Before You Transfer iPhone to iPhoneHow to Transfer iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud or iTunesTransfer iPhone to iPhone through iCloudTransfer iPhone to iPhone through iTunesTransfer iPhone to iPhone through New Migration OptionFinal Thoughts on How to Transfer iPhone to iPhone

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Before You Transfer iPhone to iPhone

Remember that the steps that we’ll be talking about before you transfer iPhone to iPhone should be done before doing anything else. Without further ado, here’s a look at the things you need to take care of first:

  • There are many cases where, upon transferring the data from the previous iPhone to the new one, the data from the Apple Watch that was paired with it cannot be restored. So to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, ensure that your Apple Watch, if you have one, is unpaired to your previous iPhone.
  • Make sure your device has a backup stored in either one of your drives or on the internet.
  • Prepare your Apple log-in credentials, including your Apple ID and password. This is important for processes that require you to login to your Apple account.
  • Before you transfer iPhone to iPhone, ensure that your SIM card is already out of your previous iPhone, so as to avoid rare cases of SIM card having the contacts deleted.

If you’ve done these things already, then you no longer have anything to worry about other than the actual process to transfer iPhone to iPhone. Now, let’s proceed to the first option you have.

How to Transfer iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud or iTunes

FoneDog Phone Transfer is a new product by FoneDog that allows for Apple users to transfer iPhone to iPhone without doing much. Plus, there are also not that many pre-requisites for you to pull it off. At most, you’ll just be needing the following things:

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  • internet connection for the initial installation (although you won’t need it once the product is installed).
  • a USB-C or anything that can connect an iPhone to a computer.Homepage

In addition to the very few requirements to run the program and start to transfer iPhone to iPhone, the software is also capable of doing things that are not possible with your iPhones such as:

  • Transfer different kinds of data separately such as messages, videos, music, photos, and more.
  • Supports both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Transfer files in an organized manner and in a clean format.
  • Play and view files to ensure that you’re transferring the right data.

Transfer iPhone to iPhone through iCloud

The first option involves the use of iCloud to transfer iPhone to iPhone. iCloud is already known to be a useful way for transferring data from one place to another, and our case today is not an exception.

The process is not that complicated. You just have to follow simple steps. Take note, however, that it’s not going to happen immediately once you start doing it. You’ll have to wait for it.


Here are the instructions that will guide you through each step in using iCloud to transfer iPhone to iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings on your older iPhone.
  2. Look for an Apple ID banner and tap it.
  3. You will then see an option that says iCloud. Click on the option to get a list of actions.
  4. Select the iCloud Backup button and you’ll be taken to another screen.
  5. In the iCloud Backup screen, you’ll see a Back Up Now Tap on it to start the backup process.
  6. Once you see the message that indicates the completion of the backup process, turn off your old iPhone.
  7. If you haven’t removed the SIM card, then do it only at this point and not before or after.

Wait for a while so that the backup process can be finished. Making a backup of your old iPhone is essential before you can transfer iPhone to iPhone. This is to ensure that you won’t lose important data in case you fail the first time.

Now that you’ve made a backup of your old iPhone, you can ignore it for a while and focus on your new iPhone. This time, there are another set of steps you’ll need to take:

  1. With the SIM card out of the old iPhone, you can now transfer it to the new one.
  2. After transferring the SIM card, you’re now free to turn on the new iPhone.
  3. Setup your new iPhone. This can be a long process since it includes various tasks such as choosing the language. The most important part is that you set up your internet, be it Mobile Data or Wi-Fi Network.
  4. With a stable internet setup on your new iPhone, go to the Settings
  5. Once again, go to the iCloud option to get a list of actions you can take.
  6. From there, you’ll see an option that says Restore from iCloud backup. Tap this and you’ll be redirected to a new screen that will asked you to sign in to your iCloud account.
  7. Sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple log-in credentials that we talked about before.
  8. Keep on clicking Next or Agree until it asks you to choose which backup you’ll use for your new iPhone.
  9. Choose the backup file you made with your previous iPhone.

At this point, your new iPhone should already be processing the backup file and you’ll be able to transfer iPhone to iPhone without leaving important data behind.

Another option you have that is awfully similar to iCloud is iTunes. They are both default apps for Apple devices so they are both legitimate ways to transfer iPhone to iPhone.

Transfer iPhone to iPhone through iTunes

Since you already know how to transfer iPhone to iPhone using iCloud, this option will become easier for you to understand. So without making this any longer, here are the steps for you to transfer iPhone to iPhone through iTunes:

  1. Check whether you’re running the latest version of iTunes. This is to avoid any misunderstanding with the following steps.
  2. Connect your old iPhone to your computer, regardless of whether it’s a Mac or Windows PC. Just make sure you have an iTunes app on that computer.
  3. Open your iTunes app.
  4. Look for an iPhone icon that typically appears in your menu bar then click on it.
  5. Select the Encrypt Backup option and add your password if asked for.
  6. Click the Back Up Now Sometimes, you’ll be asked to Backup Apps, but it’s up to you whether you’ll agree or not, although we suggest skipping it.
  7. Unplug your old iPhone from the computer.
  8. Turn off your old iPhone.
  9. Take out your SIM card from the old iPhone.

The backup file should already be processing. You just have to wait for it to finish and you will then be able to proceed to the next set of steps.

  1. Insert your SIM card on the new iPhone.
  2. Turn on the new iPhone.
  3. Connect your new iPhone to the same computer you used with your old iPhone.
  4. Set up your new iPhone just like what we discussed with the iCloud option. This includes you choosing the language and internet network.
  5. On your new iPhone, go to Settings and look for the option that says Restore from iTunes backup.
  6. In the iTunes app on your computer, select Restore from this backup.
  7. Choose the backup you made earlier.
  8. Click Continue. You will then be asked to enter the password you used before.
  9. Enter your password.

The transfer should already start after you enter the password. Make sure your new iPhone is plugged until the transfer gets completed. Remember that it will take a while, so don’t suddenly run out of patience.

Both of the iTunes and iCloud options that allows you to transfer iPhone to iPhone takes a while. So if you don’t like waiting too long, then we’ve got another option for you.

Transfer iPhone to iPhone through New Migration Option

Not so long ago, Apple announced a new migration option made specifically for those who want to transfer their data from their old iPhone to their newly-bought ones.

While we won’t be going into detail about the announcement, we WILL talk about the steps to pull of this new migration option.

So basically, you have to have an iPhone device that has an operating of at least iOS 12.4. If not, then you can either stick to the two previous options or choose to use a third-party software, which we’ll talk about later.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a way to update your device to iOS 12.4 or later.

Update your devices

The process to update your device isn’t complicated. However, it will take long. So unless you already have an iPhone with iOS 12.4 or later, then it would be better to rely on the two previous options since both will take a while.

Before anything else, you should first make sure your device is compatible and able to update to iOS 12.4 After confirming its compatibility, follow these steps to update your device:

  1. Launch the Settings app of your iPhone.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap the Software Update There will be a set of instructions given to you directly so there’s no need to enumerate them right here.

With your iPhones updated enough to use the migration tool, you should already have no worries when going through the Quick Start.

Quick Start: iPhone’s new migration tool

Quick Start is what Apple called iPhone’s new migration tool. It allows you to transfer iPhone to iPhone directly.

All you have to have is a stable internet connection or a cable, preferably a USB-C. With these pre-requisites taken care of, you’ll be able to pull it off by following these steps:

  1. Point your old iPhone’s camera on the dots that will appear on the newer iPhone. You’ll then be asked to enter your login credentials.
  2. Enter your passcode and Touch ID or Face ID. You will then receive a message asking you to choose from the options, Download from iCloud and Transfer from iPhone.
  3. Choose the Transfer from iPhone

You will then be able to transfer iPhone to iPhone without a hitch. Just make sure the connection is stable throughout the process, whether it be through a USB-C or the Wi-Fi.

Sure, this is a great way to transfer iPhone to iPhone since it takes faster than the previous two options, you should have already realized by now that it still requires you to put a lot of effort.

So what if you don’t have time for it? That’s why in our last option, we’ll be talking about an independent third-party software where, after installation, you won’t be doing a lot of things just to transfer iPhone to iPhone .
Transfer Iphone To Iphone

Final Thoughts on How to Transfer iPhone to iPhone

There are many ways to transfer iPhone to iPhone. What you’ll need to worry about is just how effective each of those ways are. After all, you don’t want to be wasting time with something that you won’t actually benefit from.

As such, we demonstrated to you three of the ways you can transfer iPhone to iPhone with iPhone’s own system. However, that is not enough to have a satisfactory transfer of data. That’s why at the end, we talked about FoneDog Phone Transfer.

FoneDog Phone Transfer allows you to transfer data in an unbelievable rate while still keeping the files as it is. It also offers many features that are not available in your normal iPhones. So if you think you’re tired of the traditional method of transferring data, FoneDog Phone Transfer is definitely for you.

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