The Best Software to Improve Video Resolution in 2022!

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: November 25, 2022

You have no control of the video quality on the video input. Still, you have complete control of the output quality thanks to the video enhancers in the market that improve video resolution. Video resolution is the number of pixels available in a camera.

Although most people know that the camera is a determinant of the quality of the video, that isn’t the case; an array of parameters come in handy to enhance the quality of the video file.

Some video enhancements include brightness, zoom clips, saturation, sharpness, and contrast. The digital market has many such applications that enhance the quality of the video. You will be spoilt for choice. However, this article looks at some of the top video enhancers you need to consider. Read on to know more information.

Part #1: How to Improve Video Resolution Using FoneDog Video ConverterPart #2: How to Improve Your Video Resolution Using Adobe Premiere ProPart #3: How to Improve Your Video Resolution Using AVCLab Video Enhancer AIPart #4: How to Improve Your Video Resolution Using Ashampoo Video OptimizerPart #5: Conclusion

Part #1: How to Improve Video Resolution Using FoneDog Video Converter

You must be wondering what a video converter has to do with video enhancement. The FoneDog Video Converter is an all-in-one application that triples as a video enhancer, video editor, and video converter. All your video functions are all solved in this toolkit. Some visual enhancements supported on the interface include brightness, sharpness, contrast, and saturation.

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All are in, but to improve video resolution and further the quality of the videos. The application, which is the top video converter in the market, supports multiple video processing and has no limit on the file formats and also the operating system. The toolkit also manages all the visual effects all in one operation. All file formats, irrespective of the operating system, are supported on this application.

Here is the procedure to enhance video resolution:

  • Download, install and set FoneDog Video Converter on your PC
  • Select the Effects button to choose all the visual effects you need to enhance video resolution
  • Select the Convert Format in case you need to work with a different file version other than the input file format
  • Click the Save button to include all the integrations to the new video
  • Click Convert to complete the process and view the files on the Recent Projects menu

Improve Video Resolution Using FoneDog Video Converter

That is simple, yet you run three functions in less than five steps. Can you get a better toolkit with all three functions in the digital market?

Part #2: How to Improve Your Video Resolution Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro's name tells it all; this is a toolkit for all your professional video enhancement functions. It is the toolkit behind the high-end video files with no compromise on quality. The toolkit runs on a simple interface but offers advanced video enhancement functions.

Moreover, it supports even the delicate MXF and AVI files making it a digital solution with significant audio and video codes. The unique advantage of the application lies in the features like the ability to automatically run the reformatting of the videos without interfering with the quality.

Besides, you can manage the curve adjustments with editing tools within the interface. N+Both Windows and Mac video and audio files have no issues with this solution. You can also add some audio tracks to give the video a facelift.

Improve Video Resolution Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Are you still looking further for a solution to improve video resolution? Continue reading.

Part #3: How to Improve Your Video Resolution Using AVCLab Video Enhancer AI

This comprehensive toolkit called AVCLab Video Enhancer AI is responsible for upscaling videos, especially when using them over a network. The toolkit has several remote control systems, ideal for managing multi-framing enhancement with minimal effort. The application uses the power of AI in the management of most of the functions to improve video resolution.

Also, it has a super-resolution, among other extra pixel data. Other additional functions of the toolkit include removing motion artifacts and stabilizing the video shake and neural network systems; It is evident that this is a toolkit for advanced users.

However, still, you don’t need any prior knowledge to use the application. The automated fine-tuning of functions in video enhancement protocols is a plus for this toolkit.

Improve Video Resolution Using AVCLab Video Enhancer AI

Moreover, you can also manage the low-resolution functions by improving video resolution to high levels.

Part #4: How to Improve Your Video Resolution Using Ashampoo Video Optimizer

This is a movie editor that comes in handy to manage all your shots and looks explicitly at video resolution in totality. All your greyish and shaky videos are treated to high video resolution parameters to make them professional with a high-end visual outlook.

Some of the specific features they look at include the optimization of colors and the use of sharp contracts to improve video resolution. Other features supported in the toolkit include fish eye filters and tilt-shift effects for that unique outlook.

Moreover, the toolkit removes noise from the audio, videos, and even graphics. If you shoot a video with poor lighting, this is your go-to toolkit to give your video an excellent and professional visual outlook.

Improve Video Resolution Using Ashampoo Video Optimizer

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Part #5: Conclusion

You are the reason for poor-quality videos. The digital market comes with an array of video editors with video resolution features to improve the quality of the video files. The choice of the software is all at your discretion. The market is vast and diverse.

However, you should look at specific features and compatibility when deciding on the best video enhancement software, all in a bid to improve video resolution. Compatibility is also an issue you can’t ignore.

That is why FoneDog Video converter tops the list of some software you should consider for they solve all the issues on one toolkit. Some o the video file formats are renowned for poor quality irrespective of whatever enhancement you give them; hence video conversion is essential in this operation.

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