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A Comprehensive Article on WhatsApp Local Backup

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: January 14, 2023

A WhatsApp local backup is important for emergency purposes. Those texts as well as pictures we send towards our friends and family via WhatsApp as well as other mobile applications retain a particular location throughout our hearts. It's really entirely normal for someone to desire to keep all of them together secure for about as long as anything that takes.

Furthermore, apps like those of WhatsApp recognize the importance of something like the information users publish through their platform, and this indicates why so they also take particular precautions which including backing up their information throughout several storage facilities. Throughout this article, we would go over all there was to know at all regarding WhatsApp local backup as well as reveal several surprising insights about that as well.

Part 1. What Is the WhatsApp Local Backup Feature?Part 2. Finest WhatsApp Chat BackupPart 3. Why I Can’t Backup WhatsApp Chat?Part 4. How to Locally Backup WhatsApp Chat on Various Devices?Part 5. Conclusion

Part 1. What Is the WhatsApp Local Backup Feature?

Day after day, WhatsApp automatically generates a local backup within your device's storage capacity. This was not possible to modify both location and time directly. Based on WhatsApp, each local backup has always been produced mostly at 2:00 a.m. each morning as well as stored as something of encrypted files into your device's storage device. Head over to files organizer, enter perhaps the root directory, look as well for the WhatsApp directory, as well as press on each other to locate its local backup kept throughout the device's storage capacity.

Browse again for the 'databases' directory that also contains almost all your WhatsApp chats. They contain your WhatsApp local backup. These photos and videos were also stored in a different 'Media' directory within the WhatsApp directory. Also, there was a 'Backups' directory that also contains backup preferences as well as other protected information.

Part 2. Finest WhatsApp Chat Backup

In this article, we’ll tell you about how to back your data up. One strongest option for backing up WhatsApp chats as well as convos would be to fully use the software FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer that further allows users to easily save WhatsApp chats between iOS as well as other iOS. And from there, back up your WhatsApp chats onto your Computer as well as recover them onto your iOS devices.

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The whole service does, throughout reality, accommodate the majority of iOS editions as well as iPhone devices. Everything just simply backups the whole WhatsApp chat through into the Computer with such a couple of clicks, minimizing potential data issues. Below is a step-by-step guideline to generate a WhatsApp local backup among both iPhone as well as Computer:

  1. Once indeed the FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer has indeed gotten setup upon on Computer, open that as well to get proceeded.
  2. Pick the button "Backup" from the programs display menu.
  3. Afterward when integrating the iPhone onto all with the Computer to somehow keep going.
  4. Then simply pick the backup destination choice, followed by the button "Start Backup" to somehow begin backing up all WhatsApp contents.

Shart WhatsApp Local Backup Using Fonedog WhatsApp Transfer

FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer would not only assist users in moving WhatsApp contents between each iPhone towards another, but this would even backup existing users of WhatsApp to somehow prevent information loss as well as restore everything into iOS gadgets quickly.

Part 3. Why I Can’t Backup WhatsApp Chat?

Backing up WhatsApp records was indeed essential for moving info between different devices as well as preventing information loss. iPhone owners may back up WhatsApp messages using iTunes as well as iCloud backups. However, Android owners throughout recent times have been unable to automatically save WhatsApp messages onto Google Drive.

Following the current deal between Facebook and Google the week before, WhatsApp would use Google Drive for back up WhatsApp conversations, photographs, video clips, as well as other data on Android smartphones. By then, all WhatsApp users would be able to quickly backup WhatsApp Chat using their portable devices.

We might very well experience issues as well as error notifications from time to time, therefore WhatsApp backups would not be finished throughout the backup procedure. Because when you attempt to back up each of those chats as well as the material which always goes with them as well as the backup fails, you have every right to be concerned. A WhatsApp local backup, on the other hand, might fail for a variety of circumstances.

  1. Activate the iCloud backup as well for WhatsApp Chat

Whenever you wish to backup WhatsApp content using iCloud, users should first enable iCloud backup for WhatsApp Chat.

To do it you must first head into the device’s setting, then input Apple ID, thus into the iCloud, after that scroll and afterward locate WhatsApp, then make it “On”.

Activate iCloud Backup for WhatsApp Local Backup

  1. iCloud space is insufficient

Regardless of whether you had already updated iCloud storage capacity, iCloud space available for 256GB iPhones as well as other big capacity iOS gadgets could indeed quickly be depleted, particularly when many iOS gadgets utilize that very same iCloud user. Whenever you access iCloud space through Settings, enter your Apple ID, and afterward select iCloud, and then will notice that numerous applications as well as services are already using up your iCloud space.

Images from iCloud Camera Roll, iPad as well as iPhone backups, iCloud Drive, Emails and even iMessages, WhatsApp Chat, as well as other apps simultaneously consume iCloud space. Once you execute a backup procedure and your WhatsApp contents surpass iCloud's available space, this should notify you that "Couldn't finish backup".

To fix this you must assess whichever portion has been eating up one of the largest iCloud storage capacities and afterward delete that one through the iCloud memory; it may well simply be an outdated WhatsApp local backup.

Failed WhatsApp Backup Because iCloud Couldn't Finish Backup

  1. The most recent iCloud backup was damaged or even just unfinished

This is the third reason why you can’t make a WhatsApp local backup. Once the backup procedure draws to a full halt or becomes stopped in any way, you will always get the solid yellow notification "Couldn't complete backup. Back up Immediately as well as reduce the recurrence of Auto Backup”.

However, you discover whether you must have adequate space available throughout your iCloud memory that backup WhatsApp Chat. Because once you begin backing up WhatsApp contents onto iCloud, WhatsApp would replace perhaps the most recent iCloud backup. This same backup procedure might not have been completed unless the previous iCloud backup was damaged as well as unfinished.

To fix this, delete the iCloud backup that is damaged as well as unfinished. Locate WhatsApp Chat into iCloud by going onto iPhone default settings, inputting your Apple ID, and after which going into iCloud into Manage storage. Press WhatsApp Chat as well as then select the "Delete Data" option to erase your previous WhatsApp backup using iCloud.

Delete WhatsApp iCloud Data to Erase WhatsApp Backup

  1. Existing network main reason

Almost always WhatsApp has been unable to finish the backup procedure because it is unable to access just the iCloud network.

To fix this: Whenever utilizing the internet at home, consider starting rebooting the modem router, turning off from the modem router, as well as unplugging their power lines. Sit tight thirty seconds before turning on already or perhaps make use of another option. Any unreliable communication network might interrupt the backup workflow if you were using mobile data. Furthermore, the backup procedure might result in heavy data costs; thus, must deactivate the mobile network for iCloud. Head over into iPhone default settings, after that into Cellular, then into iCloud Drive, and eventually press it "OFF".

  1. After backing up using iTunes, there isn't sufficient available space on Computer.

Here is another reason why you can’t implement a WhatsApp local backup. Whenever you want to back up your iOS devices using iTunes and receive a notice stating which there was insufficient storage capacity on mac, usually appears that perhaps the iTunes backup has been unable to transfer to the storage directory.

To fix this: Remove several large folders as well as files off either the system to free up storage space. Make absolutely sure that the device's available storage space exceeds the iPhone's data storage. Or maybe use the other option which you must remove the previous iTunes backup. Even though the previous backup was faulty as well as outdated, you won't be able to back up any iPhone through iTunes, as well as that it might show an uncertain issue. Throughout this scenario, we must erase the most recent backup.

  1. The iOS, as well as iTunes versions, were indeed incompatible.

There’s a reason why you can’t make a WhatsApp local backup. From utilizing an older iOS version as well as WhatsApp software, you might experience the problem whereby backup cannot be finished. To fix this now, reboot your iPhone as well as iTunes, as well as give it another shot. But only after, check for iOS updates as well as install the latest iOS and otherwise iTunes versions.

Part 4. How to Locally Backup WhatsApp Chat on Various Devices?

So, how do you make a WhatsApp backup? Almost any user of a communication program had also inadvertently erased texts at a certain time. All these chats, including photographs, contain priceless experiences, as well as everything just, would be a disaster once someone erases each of these and whilst also accidentally.

WhatsApp, perhaps the biggest and most prominent communication program, enables users to save a local backup with all of their chat histories, incorporating multimedia. To somehow avoid the catastrophe of deleting your important WhatsApp chats, this is how to generate a WhatsApp backup.

For Android Devices

WhatsApp local backup as well for android devices, whilst also standard, generates a regular local backup from all chats as well as saves this one into the WhatsApp directory upon your device's system storage as well as microSD storage. However, whether you really want the, you may manually generate a local backup. Here's how to do it.

  1. To get started, you must launch the WhatsApp application into your device, after that press the button “Menu” which is represented as three aligned dots from the top right corner of the screen. Then upon press that head into the Settings, then into the Chat Settings, and afterward into the Local Backup chats.
  2. And from there, the whole record would then indeed be stored locally also as "msgstore.db.crypt7" throughout your device's /WhatsApp/Databases directory. WhatsApp advises renaming one such item "msgstore.db.crypt7.current" even without quotations so find things simpler to discover while restoring the local backup.
  3. Again so, to recover chats from just a local backup, uninstalling WhatsApp as well as locate the relevant backup file throughout the WhatsApp directory. Backups that were also a little outdated were mostly labeled "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt7". To recover several of them, change the filename into "msgstore.db.crypt7".
  4. Afterward, download and install WhatsApp again. When you authenticate your device number, WhatsApp would display a popup informing you whether it would have discovered backed-up chats. Press Restore, then select the appropriate backup files as well as await therefore for chats to display throughout the application.

WhatsApp Local Backup on Android

For iPhone Devices

Backup WhatsApp locally as well for iPhone local backs up your chats using Apple's iCloud services. With the exception of videos, the latter WhatsApp local backups all of it. This is how to utilize it.

  1. From there on your iPhone device, you must head into the Settings, then go into the iCloud, after which into the Documents and Data, then into option “On”. You must turn it on for the WhatsApp chats to be locally backup and be saved.
  2. Afterward, launch now the WhatsApp application, then head straight into the Settings, which is located from the bottom right corner. After that, choose the Chat Settings, then into the Chat local backup, then into the button “Backup Now”.
  3. You'll also notice a choice named Auto Backup in almost the exact location. This should be tapped. All of that was configured to Weekly per standard. To minimize information losses, we recommend should you set all of that with Daily.
  4. When recover backups, remove as well as reinstall this same program. Once you've verified your mobile number, click Restore.

WhatsApp Local Backup on iPhone

For Windows Devices

Below was a guide on how to make a local backup of your WhatsApp conversations record with Windows Phone.

  1. You must first launch WhatsApp, then from the interface, you will see three dots aligned then press that.
  2. Upon that, choose the Settings, then into the Chat Settings, and into the Backup. This would now generate a local backup of all WhatsApp chats.
  3. We recommend that you should not make a fresh backup when you unintentionally erased your conversations. Rather, look at the last backup period that could be located together under the backup option indicated throughout the preceding step.
  4. Once you got the erased messages within the whole period, delete then reinstalled WhatsApp.
  5. WhatsApp would prompt you whether you wish to recover a conversation backup once you authenticate your mobile number. Pick yes.

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Part 5. Conclusion

Throughout this article, we immensely give an insight into what was WhatsApp Local Backup all about. After which we, also recommend using the FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer to further back up your WhatsApp chats as well as media into your devices and which are easy and quick to use. FoneDog is a great tool to use for WhatsApp local backup.

We also give an overview about why users can’t backup WhatsApp chats into their respective devices alongside how to fix these issues. And we also, tackle the guidelines on how local backup WhatsApp chats into various phone devices. We hope that this method could really help you throughout backing up your chats as well as media such as photos and videos. We hope that you had a great day ahead!

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