How to Move WeChat to Your SD Card to Repair Insufficient Storage Error in Android?

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: December 14, 2019

I have an Android phone and I use it a lot. Well, a lot of people use their phone too much and I think I’m one of those people. I take photos and videos a lot and it’s taking up too much space on my device. Now, it says that there is insufficient storage available. One app I want to move to my SD card is WeChat. How do I do this?

~Android Smartphone User

Part I: IntroductionPart II: Fixing Insufficient Storage in Android by Moving Apps to SD CardPart III: Other Fixes to A Full Storage SpacePart IV: Conclusion

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Part I: Introduction

A lot of people use their smartphones all the time. They fill it up with pictures, videos, applications, and a lot of media. That’s why it sometimes gets filled up. When you get theinsufficient storage available message on your phone, it means you don’t have enough disk space.

You might not know it but your storage space (on an Android smartphone) is divided into three types. These are USB storage, System Memory, and an external SD card if you have one. Only a small part of the storage space is allocated to the System Memory. Most of it is in USB storage. Most applications are stored in the USB storage (internal memory) by default. That’s why when your internal storage is out of space, you get an error message.

So, how do you fix this error? Well, read our guide below:

Move WeChat to SD Card

Part II: Fixing Insufficient Storage in Android by Moving Apps to SD Card

When there is insufficient storage in your phone, you might experience a lot of things. You cannot save files for one. And your phone might also crash or slow down. You might not be able to update your apps as well. So what should you do with this? Well, it’s easy.

What you have to do is to move applications (and its files) to your SD card. As you might not know, apps take up much of your storage space especially with the fact that they have to be updated all the time. They contain the app itself, the app’s related files, and even cache. That’s why you can save more space on your internal memory by moving your apps towards your SD card.

Although, you might have to take note that not all apps can actually be transferred towards the SD card. It depends on the app developers making. It might also depend on the manufacturer of the phone. Thus, you have to check if your phone actually allows apps to be moved to the SD card.

Part III: Other Fixes to A Full Storage Space

One fix to a full storage space is to actually move files you don’t usually use towards your PC. If you simply want to restore it, you can do so also. The tool you have to use is FoneDog's Android Data Backup & Restore.

Below are the advantages and features of this tool:

01 - It allows you to back up files from your device with just a few simple clicks. You can even choose which files to backup with its selective feature.

02 - It allows you to back up applications and the data contained within these apps.

03 - It allows you to preview backup data and restore it to any type of Android device.

04 - It supports approximately over 8000 Android devices.

05 - It is a hundred percent secure and does not have any malware or viruses within it. Only you have the access to your data and your backups.

06 - It keeps your data safe and ensures it will not be overwritten in any way.

07 - It gives you a 30-day free trial. Meaning, you can have access to the tool and have the ability to check it out first before actually paying for it.

Here are the steps to follow in order to back up your data and be able to restore it when you actually need it:

Step 01 - Download the FoneDog toolkit on your computer.

Free Download Free Download

Step 02 - Launch the FoneDog toolkit on your computer. Ensure that you haven’t launched another backup application while you have FoneDog toolkit running.

Step 03 - Choose Android Data Backup & Restore.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Launch

Step 04 - Connect the phone (where you want to back up the files from) to your computer using the USB cable that comes with it upon purchase.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Connect

Step 05 - Activate USB debugging mode on your phone.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Backup USB Debugging

Step 06 - FoneDog toolkit will now detect the phone connected to your computer. Then, press Device Data Backup. FoneDog will now detect all file types for you.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Backup Device Data Backup

Step 07 - You can select all data type to backup all data types. However, you can still select the data you wish to back up on your computer.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Backup Select Files

Step 08 - After you have selected the type of files, press Start. This will take a few of your minutes. Ensure that you do not disconnect your Android phone from your computer. Do not use it also and do not delete any file or data during the backup process.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Backup

Step 09 - When the backup process is complete, press the button OK. Now, it is time to restore the backup to the device you wish to restore it to.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Backup Completion

Step 10 - On the main interface of FoneDog toolkit, click Device Data Restore. It will show various backup files by default. You can also select other backup files on the interface of the software.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Device Data Restore

Step 11 - Next, select the data type you want to restore to your other device. Select the files you wish to restore.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Restore Select Files

Step 12 - Click the Restore button.Step 13 - Click OK to confirm the process and wait for the entire restore operation to finish.

Move WeChat to SD Card FoneDog Restore

Part IV: Conclusion

Moving your apps (including your WeChat app) to your SD card can be a great way to free up space in your internal memory especially if it is full. You can simply follow this guide to do it. And another way to free up more space is to backup files on your computer with FoneDog's Android Data Backup & Restore tool. This tool will allow you to restore the files on your device whenever you need it.

Free Download Free Download

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