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[2022 Guide] How to Backup iPhone to Computer

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: June 20, 2022

I want to back up my iPhone to the computer, and my friend suggested that I use iCloud. I don’t want to use that though. I feel uneasy about uploading all of my files on the cloud, so I’m hoping that there’s a much better way.
It would be great if I could save all files from my iPhone to my computer. How to backup iPhone to Computer?

If you come here to know how to backup iPhone to computer, then you’re in the right place. I'll show you about two easy ways to backup Your iPhone.

Part 1. Why Back Up iPhone to Your ComputerPart 2. Performing A Two-Way Backup Part 3. How to Selectively Backup iPhone to ComputerVideo Guide: Step By Step to Backup iPhone to Computer Part 4. How to Back Up iPhone to Computer with iTunesPart 5. Conclusion

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Part 1. Why Back Up iPhone to Your Computer

Your iPhone contains hundreds, or even thousands, of files. Much more than that, it keeps special memories and important information. That’s why backing up your iPhone’s to the computer is essential. What better way to do that than to save your backup on your computer. It is a safer and more secure means to protect your data.There are many ways to backup iPhone to Computer.

Each method has its own fair share of advantages and drawbacks. iCloud is a popular choice among Apple users. It doesn’t come as a surprise because it enables you to perform backups without doing anything. You can also synchronize data across all the iOS devices that you own.

However, three conditions must be met for the automatic backup to start. You must be connected to the internet and your phone locked and plugged into a power source. Your files get uploaded to the cloud too. Anyone who can hack into your iCloud account can get access to your data. For that to happen would probably be your worst nightmare.


By backing up your iPhone to the computer, you can get past these problems. While you have to manually prompt backups, at least you know for sure that your data stays safe. You should understand, too, that it pays to make backing up a habit. Doing it on a regular basis is the least you can do to safeguard yourself from data loss.

let's start to back up your iPhone to Computer!

Part 2. Performing A Two-Way Backup

As far as your data is concerned, there is no such thing as too many backups. That’s why we recommend you to do a two-way backup. In this post, we’ll feature two simple ways to create backups of your iPhone’s data and save them on your trusty computer.

The first is via FoneDog iOS Backup Toolkit, and the second is through iTunes. These two programs work differently, but they nevertheless both work effectively to back up your files. We suggest you use both.

You can enable automatic syncing for iTunes. Once you do, every time you connect your iPhone to your PC, iTunes will make a full backup of your device. Take note that iTunes doesn’t allow you to select which files to back up. It doesn’t permit users to restore specific files too. This is where FoneDog iOS Toolkit comes in.

It allows you to selectively back up and restores data. You can also use your backup to view your files on your computer. The file created by iTunes is not readable by computers, so using FoneDog will address this shortcoming. You can only view the contents of your iTunes backup if you restore it.

You can better protect your data by performing a two-way backup. Making a backup plan for your backup is a great idea, right?

Part 3. How to Selectively Backup iPhone to Computer

In addition to using the iTunes backup method above, there is an easier way to backup iPhone to computer, which is used Fonedog iOS Data Backup and Restore Toolkit. It is in just a few clicks.FoneDog iOS Toolkit – iOS Data Backup & Restore is a software that offers you the freedom to selectively back up your files instead of creating a backup of all files. To proceed, download FoneDog iOS Toolkit on your computer.

Free Download Free Download

Step 1. Download and Open FoneDog BackupToolkit.

Launch the software, and plug in your iPhone to the computer with a dock cable.

When the main menu appears, choose iOS Data Backup & Restore. And then Select iOS Data Backup option.

backup and restore

Step 2. Select Your Preferred Backup Mode.

Click on iOS Data Backup. You can choose between two available backup modes: Standard Backup and Encrypted Backup.

If you’re using a shared computer, it’s best that you choose Encrypted Backup so you can lock your backup. Hit Start.

Select Backup Mode

Step 3. Choose File Types to Backup.

You will now see the file types that FoneDog can back up. Tick the types that you want to include in the backup. Hit Next to begin the backup.

This may take several minutes to complete. Once the backup is successful, you will be able to see the file size of your backup.

select files type to backup

Step 4. Wait for Backup Completed.

The next step is to wait for the backup to complete. This process takes only a few minutes

backup completed

Backup using Fonedog Toolkit is too easy, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download this toolkit to backup your iPhone data to the computer to prevent data loss.FoneDog Toolkit can not only backup iPhone to computer, it can also repair data from computer to iPhone. You will no longer worry about data loss. You can restore your data with simple clicks despite data loss. How to restore data from computer to iPhone? Follow the following guide:

Free Download Free Download

#1. Preview Data from Backup Files

If you want to restore your backup and get your files back on your iPhone, simply connect your device.

Choose iOS Data Restore from the main menu of iOS Data Backup & Restore.

The software will show you all backup files saved on your PC. Select one and click View Now.

view backups

#2. Retrieve Data from Backup Files

FoneDog will start scanning your backup files. Once the scan is complete, you can view your files organized per data type.

You can then select your desired files and hit Restore to Device to start restoring your backup.

Scanning Backup

Don't hesitate! Click me and Download me, Let me help you backup iPhone data to Computer.

Video Guide: Step By Step to Backup iPhone to Computer

Free Download Free Download

The video teaches us some easy steps to selectively backup iPhone to Computer. After watching this video, you will easily operate Fonedog Toolkit.

Part 4. How to Back Up iPhone to Computer with iTunes

To back up using iTunes, make sure that you have the latest iTunes on your computer.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Launch iTunes and it will automatically detect your iPhone
  2. Click on the iPhone icon once it appears. From the left tab, select Summary
    Under Backups, tick This computer under the Automatically Back Up section. This will activate the auto backup feature of iTunes. If you also mark Encrypt iPhone Backup, your backup will be locked with a password. Make sure to remember your password as you cannot access a backup without it
  3. On your first time, you must manually back up your iPhone first. Hit Back Up Now to start


Part 5. Conclusion

If your files are important to you then backing up your iPhone to Computer is a must.

Our post features the two best ways to perform backups: iTunes Backup and FoneDog iOS Toolkit – iOS Data Backup & Restore. What iTunes can’t do, FoneDog can, and vice versa. That’s why doing a two-way backup is the way to go.

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