How To Troubleshoot The Facebook Issue “I Cannot Log In”

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: December 16, 2019

Facebook, you’re hooked to this social media giant. You check your account multiple times a day and share photos or videos of your memories. You use it to connect to other people in your social network. But, what if you encounter the problem of not being able to sign into Facebook? Now, you’re annoyed that you cannot see other people’s timeline and share your own experiences.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to log into your Facebook based on different situations you’re facing. There are multiple reasons why your FB account cannot be accessed. Read on this article to learn more.

I Cannot Log Into Facebook! First, Try To Recover Your AccountMy Password Is Not Working OR I Forgot My PasswordI Have Problems With My Email Address, Username, Or Phone Number! How Do I Fix This?I Can’t Find My Account Using The Find Your Account Webpage! What Do I Do?Is My Account Disabled? How Can I Know?My Account Was Hacked! What Should I Do?In Conclusion

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I Cannot Log Into Facebook! First, Try To Recover Your Account

In order to recover your account, you simply have to go to this page here. Then, follow the prompts on your screen. Before you do this method, you should make sure you are using a mobile device or computer you previously utilized to sign into the Facebook account you are trying to recover.

My Password Is Not Working OR I Forgot My Password

In order to fix this problem, try to change or reset your password. Here’s how to change your password once you’re logged into Facebook:

Step 01: Click the down arrow head icon. This is located in the top-right part of every Facebook page.

Step 02: Choose Settings.
Facebook Account Setting

Step 03: Press Security And Login.

Step 04: Find the section labeled Change Password. Press the word Edit next to it.
Facebook Change Setting Password

Step 05: Input the password you currently use. Then, enter the new password you want.

Step 06: Press Save Changes.

But what if you’ve already forgotten your password? Follow the steps above until Step 03. One you visit the Change Password section, press “Forgot Your Password?” Now follow the various steps prompted on the screen in order to change your password. It is important to note that the email address linked to your account should be accessible by you. This is necessary to change your password in this method.

I Have Problems With My Email Address, Username, Or Phone Number! How Do I Fix This?

If you can’t reset the FB account’s password since you forgot the phone number or email address associated with it, you can use the following methods below.

1. Log In Using Alternative Phone Numbers Or Email Addresses

You can log back again into FB by utilizing your alternate phone number or email address. However, if you’re unsure of which alternative you actually have, you can do the following steps below:

Step 01: Make sure you are using a mobile device or computer that you have used previously to sign into your FB account

Step 02: Go to this page here. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Step 03: Once you log into your account, follow the steps above on resetting your password and changing it to a new one.

2. Recover The Email Account Previously Associated With Your FB Account

If you used an email address to sign into your Facebook account, you can actually go to your email service provider and contact them in order to gain access into your email account. For instance, a lot of email service providers allow you to reset your password once you’ve forgotten it. Or, they have options such as “Trouble Signing In?” on their login pages. Again, once you have regained your email, you can simply reset your password using it. Facebook allows you to reset your password by sending a link to your email address.

3. Try Recovering Your Account Through Your Mobile Number

If you used a mobile number to sign into your account, you can follow the tips outlined in this page to recover your FB account. It will show you various ways on how to log in or reset your password using the mobile number associated with your account.

4. Try Your Trusted Contacts

If you have friends in Facebook that you trust, you can get help from them in order to recover your account. This can be done only if you have set up Trusted Contacts before. They can help you get your account back up and running.

Here’s How To Create Your Recovery Code So That Trusted Contacts Can Give It To You

Step 01: Visit Facebook’s homepage using a computer. On FB’s login page, click the link that says Forgot Account?

Step 02: The page will then prompt you to find your FB account by entering your phone, username, email, or full name. If it does so, press Search.

Step 03: Check out various email addresses associated with your account. If you can’t access any of these email addresses, press “No Longer Have Access To These?

Step 04: Input a new email address or a new phone. Make sure you have access to it. Then, press Continue.

Step 05: Press Reveal My Trusted Contacts and then input the Full Name of a contact you trust.

Step 06: It will show various instructions that contains a special link. The said link will include a recovery code. This can only be accessed by your trusted contact.

5. How To Obtain The Recovery Code From A Trusted Contact

Here’s how to get your recovery code from one of your trusted contacts:

Step 01: Send the special link generated above to your trusted contact. Ask your friend to open this link.

Step 02: The special link will include a login code. You should ask your friend to give this code for you to access your FB account.

Step 03: Use the given recovery code in order to access your FB account again.

I Can’t Find My Account Using The Find Your Account Webpage! What Do I Do?

If you can’t find your account using the steps stated above, you can use this section in order to do so. For instance, you can follow the tips below:

  • Input your username in this format: Your actual username is the customized Facebook URL you created before. If you don’t have it, then you can try other tips here.
  • Ask your FB friend to check your profile on the platform. Tell him or her to check the email address or phone number included in your profile section Contact Information. Tell him or her to send this to you.
  • Try to input every phone number or email address you owned before. You should enter them one item at a time. You might have used these previous phone numbers or email addresses and forgot about them. One of them might work.
  • Again, if you can’t remember your username, ask one of your friends to visit your profile. Tell them to check the username beside the words This is your username. Tell them to give it to you.
  • Try to input different name variations you usually use. You might have signed in using your nickname or pen name. It’s still worth a try.
  • If FB asks you to input a name of a friend, you can try different friends. This is true especially if the first friend you input can’t lead to an account. It is important to note that you should input the entire name of your friend. Their first name will be irrelevant and can’t be used to find your account.
  • If you believe your account was hacked or compromised, you can follow the section below entitled “My Account Was Hacked! What Should I Do?

Try Your Trusted Contacts

If you have set up Trusted Contacts before, you can use it to regain access to your Facebook account. Simply follow the section above on Trusted Contacts. It will tell you how to get a special link and recovery code to get from your Trusted Contacts.

Once you’ve generated a link, you can give this to your trusted contact and let them open it. This will contain a special code that should be given to you. Once you get this recovery code from your friend, you can use it to regain access to your FB account.

Is My Account Disabled? How Can I Know?

If your own FB account was actually disabled, Facebook will display a message that it has been disabled. This can be seen when you log into your account.

So, how can you be sure that your FB account has really been disabled? Again, Facebook will actually tell you that your account has really been disabled. However, if you don’t see a message that your account has been disabled once you log into it, you might be facing other login issues. You can use this guide to help you regain access to your account.

Reasons Why Facebook Disabled Your Account

Facebook disables accounts if they see that it doesn’t follow their terms. For instance, the following actions might be grounds for account disabling:

  • Using content or posting content which doesn’t abide by Facebook’s terms.
  • Utilizing a fake name.
  • Impersonating another entity.
  • Continuous implementation of behavior which FB doesn’t allow. This results in the violation of FB’s Community Standards.
  • Continuously sending messages to other people for malicious purposes. Or messaging people which involves conduct that isn’t allowed. This might also pertain to sending out spam messages, harassing others, promoting, and advertising.

It is important to note that you should always read Facebook’s Terms. In addition, you must understand their Community Standards. This is to avoid having your account disabled. Once you know their terms and standards, you can easily have fun with the platform without having to worry about being banned or disabled.

What To Do If Your Account Was Disabled

Facebook can give you another chance once they’ve disabled your account. If you think it was a simple mistake on Facebook’s end, you can use the form they’ve created here. In this form, you can request FB to review the charges made against you and your account.

There are times wherein FB doesn’t provide initial warnings before they actually disable the account. If you have severely violated the terms and community standards of Facebook, your account will be disabled permanently and you won’t have access to it again.

My Account Was Hacked! What Should I Do?

If you think someone is using your account with your permission OR if you think your account was compromised by hackers, then you should visit the specific page for this situation here. This will enable you to secure your FB account. The social media giant will ask you to modify your password. You will also be asked to double check your login activity.

Your account might actually have been hacked or compromised if you notice the following:

  • Your password has changed.
  • Your email address has changed.
  • Personal information such as name and birthdate has been changed.
  • The account has sent friend requests to FB accounts you don’t personally know.
  • Messages were sent to people and you didn’t know about these conversations.
  • Posts on your timeline are apparently done by another person aside from you.

Facebook has provided various tips and tools within their account page in order to help you secure your account. They also have specific pages that teach you how to protect yourself against attacks from malicious software. These unwanted software can compromise your own FB account.

The great thing about Facebook is that it can reverse the malicious process of a hacker potentially changing your email address to a new one. FB sends an email to the previous email address that contains a special link. Clicking this link will allow you to reverse the modification of your email address and even help you protect your account.

In Conclusion

Facebook is the Almighty social media giant used by billions of people. We use it to check into the lives of other people. Plus we use it to share moments in our life we want others to see. Thus, not being able to log into Facebook can be annoying. It can also be very frustrating especially if you have stored in your precious memories in the account.

It can be due to various reasons such as your account being compromised by hackers, forgetting your password, and forgetting your username, among others. As such, you can use this guide in order to help you recover your account and fix the Facebook issue where you cannot log in. Kudos to you and your journey to posting memories on Facebook!

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