How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos?

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: June 5, 2020

“I backed up and synced my photos on a mobile phone to Google Photos app, however, when I deleted those cloud photos directly on the home page on Google Photos app on my mobile phone, the original photo files on the phone were also deleted along with the deletion instruction of cloud photos. How can I recover deleted photos from Google Photos?

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I Brief Introduction to Google PhotosII Methods of How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google PhotosIII Conclusion

I Brief Introduction to Google Photos

Nowadays, it seems to be a great pleasure for you to record their life with mobile phones. As photography on mobile phones comprehensively popularizes and applies in everyday life, it also provides convenience if you long for shooting with mobile phones.

Meanwhile, for you, a photography enthusiast on mobile phones, the memory of mobile phones has become an urgent problem, because the storage of photos occupies a large proportion of the phone's memory.

However, cloud storage solves this problem very well. When you are out of memory, you can directly move the photos from your phone to the cloud storage. The key point is that you don't need to delete phones on the phone.

For photo storage and processing technology, Apple and Google are the two giants. Since it was announced in 2015, Google Photos under Google company has been in a significant role as a photo service provider, including photo sharing and storage service.

Then, if unfortunately mistakenly deleting photos from Google Photos, how to get deleted photos from google photos? The following part will list several methods to cope with.


II Methods of How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Method 1. Recover Deleted Photos on Mobile Phone

Now, if you cannot retrieve and recover your deleted photos via the Trash for longer than 60 days, or for no backing up and syncing the deleted photos to Google Photos, you can try to utilize a third-party software to realize recovery of your deleted photos.

FoneDog Toolkit could be the best alternative for you. This method is majorly about how to recover deleted photos on Android mobile phone.

Note: If you want to recover other data type, for instance, recover deleted text messages from android, you can also use FoneDog Android Data Recovery.

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Step 1. Download the FoneDog Toolkit—FoneDog Android Data Recovery.

Connect Android To Pc

Step 2. Connect your Android mobile phone to the PC and enable USB debugging on Android. It is a mode for USB debugging to allow your Android mobile phone to connect to the PC via USB cable.

Allow Usb Debugging

Step 3. Choose the file type you want to recover, Media>Gallery or Picture Library, and then click the "Next" button to start scanning.

Choose Picture Library

Step 4. Select the deleted photos to retrieve and click Restore to save them on your PC.

Note: You could go for more Android data and file recovery with the software.

Recover Photos To Pc

The toolkit could help recover other mistakenly data, for instance, text messages. If you want to view the complete guide, click the link here.

Method 2. Directly Recover Deleted Photos from Trash

Google Photos provides you a site called Trash to place photos you delete. Photos there can be saved as long as 60 days. It means that you can recover deleted or unfortunately mistakenly deleted photos from Google Photos within 60 days. In this way, you can recover your deleted photos directly from Trash by following several steps below:

  • Step 1. Start the Google Photo app on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2. Click the Menu button in three bars. Then you can see the Trash. Choose it and it will show you your deleted photos.
  • Step 3. Tick photos you want to recover.
  • Step 4. Finally, tap on Recover and the photos are saved again.

Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos Trash

Note: TWO main reasons why you cannot recover your deleted photos via Trash.

  • #1. Photos are permanently deleted or photos staying on the Trash are longer than 60 days. Therefore, you may not recover your deleted photos directly from the Trash. Please keeping reading and see Method 2 for a further help.
  • #2. Here exists the situation that you fail to find your deleted photos on the Trash even though the deleted photos are no longer than 60 days. That’s because the photos are not backed up and up to date to Google Photos so they cannot be found in Trash after being deleted.

An icon a cloud with a slash in the corner of the photos will tell you whether the photos are synced to Google Photos or not. If you happen to this case, please go forward to Method 3.

Method 3. Recover Permanent Deleted Photos via Google Support

If you ever search similar questions to recover permanently deleted photos on Google Photos on Google Forum, you are likely to discover that some users recover their deleted photos through Google Drive support team. Google Drive support team can help recover photos gone from Google Photos without reasons. Some users even said that it can help recover permanently deleted photos mounted to 21 days. Here’s are the steps:

  • Step 1. Surf on the Google Drive Help page and select Missing or deleted files.
  • Step 2. Then tell the support specialist or fill in a form about how to recover deleted photos on Google Photos.

Recover Deleted Photos From Google Photos Google Support

III Conclusion

Google Photos excels in photo sharing and storage service. To obtain a better experience on Google Photos, you are suppose to know about how to recover deleted photos from Google Photos, consisting of directly recovering deleted photos o from the Trash, recovering permanent deleted photos via Google support, and recovering permanent deleted photos on your Android mobile phones with the help of an absolutely best software, FoneDog Toolkit—FoneDog Android Data Recovery. It can safely recover deleted data from Android phone and tablet.

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楊喬安2019-11-20 11:08:47


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FoneDog2019-11-22 05:54:38

您好,您可以下載該工具並試用免費版本,以查看它是否可以預覽已刪除的數據。 如果您還有其他問題,請聯繫支持中心以獲取更多幫助。謝謝。

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alex2019-08-08 02:16:44

thanks fonedog, it was quite simple to recover my deleted photo

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alexis2019-05-27 22:01:38

elimine fotos y videos de la nube de google fotos, tanto de la nube como la de la papelera de la nube, los archivos eran de mayo 2017, estos archivos los borre en ese mismo año. mi pregunta es ¿puedo recuperar estas fotos y videos? gracias por su ayuda

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Ignacio2019-05-17 12:19:10

Un tercero me robo y manipuló mi cuenta Google fotos y me borro fotos definitivamente importantes del nacimiento de mi hija y muchas fotos más y no se como poder recuperarlas nesecito ayuda por favor

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Ina Miteva2019-05-08 10:45:53

I've deleted pictures, after that I decide not to delete them. But only 15 pictures were moved to bin, all other were desappeared! I want my pictures and videos back! HELP

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FoneDog2019-06-25 03:15:48

Hi, you can have a try on FoneDog Data Recover to recover your missing pictures and videos.

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diego cañellas2019-04-13 00:22:46


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FoneDog2019-06-25 03:13:01

Hola, se recomienda FoneDog Android Data Recovery.

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Inocencio2019-04-05 21:19:41

Quisiera recuperar fotos de una cuenta de Gmail, son de mi credencial de elector por ambos lados

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Nataly Cervantes2019-03-23 07:26:11

Hola, por favor Ayúdenme... El 28 de febrero eliminé permanente mis fotos de google fotos, y hace unas semanas me robaron mi celular. Cómo puedo recuperarlas, y me acabo de dar cuenta que se eliminaron algunas imágenes demasiado importantes. Cómo puedo recuperarlas. Por favor Ayúdenmeeeeeee... Estoy demasiado desesperadaaaaa.

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FoneDog2019-06-25 03:10:55

Hola, lamentamos que la recuperación de datos de Android de FoneDog solo sea compatible con la recuperación de datos en su dispositivo. Si perdió su dispositivo pero desea recuperar los datos eliminados, puede intentar recuperarlos de otras copias de seguridad de datos.

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Alejandra Villota2019-03-10 07:24:25

Hola, hace dos días elimine muchas fotos de la papelera, es decir, definitivamente que hoy en día me son de urgencia recuperar, por favor podría hacerlo?

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FoneDog2019-06-25 03:07:07

Hola, puede usar FoneDog Android Data Recovery para recuperar sus datos eliminados sin copias de seguridad.

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