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5 Steps to Recover Your Deleted Text Messages from Android Phone

By Gen.s, Last updated: April 30, 2019

Is it possible to retrieve deleted text messages from a Samsung Impressions cell phone?

Sometimes the worst thing happens and you find you've accidentally deleted an important text message. In an era where popularization of technology is very rampant, we, people are gradually becoming so dependent on our gadgets for personal uses. At that time, you or I must be extremely worried about how to recover the deleted messages.


Let's see how to recover deleted text messages on Android in only 5 steps.

To easily retrieve your deleted messages in 5 steps, here, we will ask a powerful and comprehensive tool for help.

FoneDog toolkit – Android Data Recovery is very capable of restoring lost and deleted files due to any circumstance are it because of accidental deletion or an evil bug and malware. This toolkit has the capability of recovering data like photo by following the five steps after you have installed the program on your computer.

Free Version for you to have a try, why not download FoneDog Toolkit Android Data Recovery and then you can restore deleted messages from Android.

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone to PC

  1. Connect your android device to your computer via USB cord.
  2. Open the installed FoneDog toolkit – Android data Recovery on your computer.
  3. Open your android device.
  4. Enter ‘Settings' and then select ‘about phone'
  5. In the options, tap ‘Build Number’ seven (7) times in rapid succession and then ‘back
  6. Select ‘Developer Options’ in the pop out menu.
  7. Turn on ‘Developer options and select USB Debugging
Connect Android To Pc

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

In enabling the USB debugging, you should see a message pop up on the Android device requesting you to do that. If you had already enabled USB debugging, skip this step.

More Details: How to Enable USB Debugging on Android Device

Allow Usb Debugging
In the pop out question asking to allow UBS debugging, select ‘Always allow for this computer’ and then tap ‘OK’.

Step 3: Select File Type to Recover

Select the type of files you want to recover, because you are recovering text messages, select ‘Messages

Choose Messages

Step 4: Start Scanning

Click “Next” to allow the program to begin scanning your device. The program will proceed to scan the device. This may take a while, depending on how much data you have on your device. If you receive a Super-user Authorization request on your device, tap “Allow” to continue.

Scanning Device

Step 5: Recover Your Deleted Text Messages

Once the scan is complete, you should see all the text messages data displayed on the next window. Select the text messages you would like to recover and then click “Recover.”

Recover Messages To Pc

We've all deleted a text message (or whole inbox) by accident, but it's easy to recover deleted text messages on your Android. Easy as that, for more or less five (5) minutes, you can recover deleted or lost text messages with the use of FoneDog Toolkit.

Video Guide: How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

Here is a simple Video Guide for you to easily to extract deleted messages from Android, all you need to do is click and watch the video to get SMS back right now.

With the innovative technology that we have nowadays, everything can easily come in handy, we can easily go back to the parts of our past that we cherish the most, we can revisit conversations that made us happy once in the past. These mobile devices become the storage of the past, the extension of the present and the planned for the future versions of ourselves. This is why when our mobile device malfunctions, it hurts more than heartbreak and it pained us more than losing cash.

However, there are many unfortunate events and acts that can seamlessly lead to accidentally deleting text messages that you have been saving for the past years without any notice, it could be because of a wrong move, or because you are navigating quite fast when you are using your mobile device or an evil bug that will cause a heartbreak you think you cannot recover from which could be a very damaging situation for us, Android users.

Because of innovations, not all is lost forever when you delete them. Actually, when you delete text messages they are instead temporarily saved in the virtual space of your mobile device which only means that there are ways of getting them back with the use of a computer and a program for recovering data.

Master and follow the five steps to recover your deleted messages with FoneDog Android Data Recovery now! The tool will show you a WONDER.

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