How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Oppo

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Are you an Oppo user? Do you have the Oppo phone? Got deleted text messages that you want to recover? Well then, this is for you.

Part 1. All About OPPO

A lot of you may not have heard Oppo before but as an added information to you, Oppo is now the fourth biggest phone manufacturer.

Oppo has been mainly popular in China and also one of the most affordable phones.

This phone was actually released last June of 2017. This mobile device has a 5.5-inch touchscreen display that has a resolution of 180 pixels x 1920 pixels.

Oppo also is powered by octa-core Snapdragon 600 processor and also has a 4GB RAM with an internal memory of 64GB which can still be expanded with the help of an SD card.

The Oppo also comes with great specs in its camera giving you a 20-megapixel on both front and main camera which is very much ideal for taking pictures.

These mobile devices also come with a non-removable battery that has 2900mAh and it also runs on an Android 7.1


With this amazing mobile phone that comes with so many great specs, there are still instances that we tend to accidentally delete some of our important data like text messages.

The biggest problem we'll be facing and worrying is that is that particular text messages that we have on our Oppo device are very important like a location of an appointment meeting from our clients, a project instruction from school work or any other text messages that contain important information.

Normally, we would be thinking if there could be a possible way on how we could recover those deleted text messages from Oppo and if it is really possible to do so. There are actually many reasons as to how these text messages were deleted on our mobile device.

Some of the reasons could be doing a Factory Data Reset, a software upgrade or a custom ROM. There are actually many solutions on how we could recover deleted text messages from Oppo mobile device. 

How to recover SMS from Oppo?

Part 2. Solution on How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from OPPO

1.  A Working USB Cable
This is more likely used to connect your Oppo to your computer for you to use an Android Data Recovery Tool.

Always remember that you should always avoid using a faulty USB cable because it might get disconnected accidentally during the process of recovering your deleted text messages. 2. Using a Computer
This solution is actually the best way for you to recover deleted text messages from your Oppo device. How? This is by downloading a third-party program called a Data Recovery program for Android devices.

The most recommended program for you to use is the FoneDog Android Data Recovery Tool. 


The best part???

Part 3. Restore Deleted Text Messages from OPPO Using Fonedog Toolkit

The Android Text Message Recovery tool is very much essential when it comes to recovering lost or deleted data from your Oppo device like your text messages. This program will surely give you a 100% recovery success rate that is why a lot of tech-savvy users are actually using this program.

It can recover any of your lost data from your Android device not just your text messages but as well as your deleted contacts, document, call history, WhatsApp, photos, videos and more. It is also very safe to use because.

Upon the whole process of recovering your deleted text messages, it will not overwrite any other data and all your personal information shall be kept safe. Follow the step by step method below for you to know how you could recover your deleted text messages from your Oppo mobile device. It also provides Free Trial version for both Windows and Mac users to preview data on Oppo. Give it a shot now!

Step 1: Download, Launch Fonedog and Connect to Your OPPO

Have the program downloaded to your computer and install it. You can have it downloaded to your Windows or Mac computer. 

After you have successfully installed the program, run the program on your computer and then connect your Oppo to your computer using your USB cable.

Connect Android to PC

Connect to Your OPPO--Step1

Step 2: Enter USB Debugging Mode on Oppo Device

You have to enable USB debugging on your Oppo mobile device so that the program will be able to fully scan your device for you deleted text messages. To allow USB debugging, follow these steps. 1. Go to Settings

2. Go to About Device which is found at the very bottom and then tap it 7 times.

3. Wait for the pop-up messages to appear that says "Developer Option Enabled"

4. Check the box to fully enable UDB debugging on your Oppo R11 device. 

allow USB Debugging

Enter USB Debugging Mode--Step2

Step 3: Choose File Type to Scan

After you have fully enabled USB debugging on your device, choose the file type from the list shown on your screen. Select "Messages" and "Message Attachments" and then click "Next' button. 

choose file type

Choose Files to Scan--Step3

Step 4: Scan and Give Authorization

Before the program can fully scan your device, it will first ask your permission to enter your Oppo. To do so, just go ahead and tap "Allow" or "Grant" or "Authorize".

FoneDog Android Data Recovery Tool will then start scanning and extracting all of your deleted text messages from your Oppo mobile device. 


Give Authorization--Step4

Step 5: Preview and Retrieve Deleted Messages from Oppo Device

Once FoneDog Android Data Recovery Tool is done extracting your Oppo, a list of text messages will be shown on your screen.

On this part, both your existing (if you have any) and you deleted text messages from your Oppo mobile device will appear on your screen.

If you have existing text messages saved on your mobile device and you do not want to have duplicates of them, you can toggle on "Only display the deleted item/s" option found at the topmost portion of your screen.

Preview all your text messages that are shown on your computer screen and mark down all the items you wish to recover.

Having them viewed first before recovering will help you avoid getting the wrong items and duplicating them as well.  Once you are done, go ahead and click "Recover" button. 


Video Guide: How to Recover Deleted Info from OPPO

Part 4. Conclusions

Using FoneDog Android Data Recovery Tool is much easy to use as you can see above. It is very efficient and more likely will give you a 100% success in recovering your deleted text messages from your Oppo.

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