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Transfer Data from Android Device to iPhone 8/X/11 - How to

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: August 28, 2020

“I just bought the new iPhone 8 and I wanted to transfer all my files from the old phone to the new one but I was using an Android device before. I searched for the easiest way but I don’t think there are any available. How can I transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8?”

Switching from Android to iOS can be a bit challenging because of so many varying reasons. The topmost of course is the big difference in their operating system and their settings. Many believe that iOS is better because of the security it offers while many users are comfortable with Android because of its convenience.

The argument goes on and on especially nowadays that there are more new devices being released. Whatever Smartphone each of us is using totally depends on how we wanted and why we liked these devices. Often times, the most common transfer is between the Android to iOS or vice versa.

If you are switching phones from Android to iOS, you can definitely read this article. We will guide you on how you can move your phone contents from the Android to the new iOS by making sure all files are safe and complete. There is, however, an app that iOS developed that will help transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8 and is very much compatible with all Android devices.

Part 1. The Most Efficient Method to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 8Part 2. Another Useful Method to Transfer Android Data to iPhone 8Video Guide: How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 8Part 3. Conclusions

Part 1. The Most Efficient Method to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 8

There is one option to help efficiently transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8 safely, securely and it is extremely easy to use. There is no need for you to undergo manual transfer and other complicated steps which can be tiring and confusing especially to first-timers.

All you need is FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer. This program allows you to transfer phone contents from different phones and in just one click. It supports most of the mobile operating systems like: Android, iOS, WinPhone, and Symbian. Find out how you can perform the transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8 by only using FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer:

Step 1: Download and Launch The Program FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer

Download, install and then launch the software FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer on the computer. Once the installation is complete, open the transfer program and when you reach the home screen.
Other Device Trust

Step 2: Connect Android and iPhone 8

Plug in the two devices that you needed to transfer the phone contents from and to. In this scenario, we need to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8 so keep the devices plugged into the computer while the process is ongoing. The device you can see from the top side is the device where the data you want to send from.
Select Device

Step 3. Choose All Files Types

On the left of the screen, you can see all the file types available for transfer. You can see photos, music, video, contacts, messages, and much more. Tick the boxes of the files you want to move and when you have marked everything you needed, click the iOS device you want to transfer toward to continue.
Photos Android To Ios

Step 4. Wait and Done

Wait until the entire transfer process is completed. Avoid disconnecting or using any of the devices while the process is ongoing. Make sure you have enough battery on both devices to avoid any disconnection. If you would like to delete all the phone files on the destination phone then you can also click ‘Delete'.
Photos Delete Files

And that’s it! You have finally transferred all the desired data from the Android phone to the iPhone 8 without doing complicated steps. All you ever needed is FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer.

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Part 2. Another Useful Method to Transfer Android Data to iPhone 8

When you say moving, it actually lets you think about so many difficult and tedious tasks however moving or switching from Android to iOS is a totally easy process. If in the past you need an expert to perform this transfer, now you can totally do it yourself. Read the article for you to get to know more about how you can navigate through and move the files seamlessly. Before you begin the transfer, make sure you are eligible to do this process by checking out the following requirements:

  • You must be using iPhone 5 model and up
  • Android phone must be running on Android version 4.0 and up
  • iPhones should be running on iOS 9 and up
  • Both Android and iOS devices must have enough power or battery supply
  • For iPads, it must be 4th generation or later
  • For iPod Touch, it must be 6th generation or later
  • For iPad minis, 2nd generation or later
  • Verify that all the files and contents you are moving must fit into the iOS device
  • Android device must be connected to a stable wireless network
  • If needed to transfer Chrome bookmarks, update the Google Chrome to its latest version on the Android device first.

When you have met all the requirements above, you can now refer to the following steps below on how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 8:

Iphone8 Plus XMove Data from Android to iPhone 8

Step 1. Move Data from Android

Upon setting up your iPhone 8 device look for the ‘App & Data’ screen. Find and tap ‘Move data from Android’ in order to initiate the transfer. If you had already set up the iPhone 8 then you need to erase the contents on your iPhone by going to Settings>find and tap General>look for Reset>tap Erase All Content & Settings. If you don’t want to erase the iPhone contents then you can transfer the phone contents manually.

Step 2. Launch the Move to iOS app

If you don’t have the ‘Move to iOS app’ on the Android phone then first you need to download from the Play Store in order to continue the transfer from the Android to the iPhone 8. When you have already downloaded this app, launch and then tap ‘Continue’. You must agree to all the terms and conditions to proceed and then tap ‘Next’ to continue. You can find it on the top-right side of the ‘Find Your Code’ screen.

Move Data Android To IosMove Data from Android to iOS Device

Step 3. Find and Wait for Code

On the iPhone 8 device ‘Move from Android‘ screen, tap ‘Continue’ and then wait for the code to appear. The code is usually composed of 10 or 6 digits and will appear after a few seconds. Make sure you have a stable and good internet connection on the Android phone.

Step 4. Enter Code on Android

When the code appears on the screen, enter the numbers on the Android phone and then wait for the ‘Transfer Data’ screen to appear.

Step 5. Choose contents to Transfer

From the Android phone, you can now select all the contents you want to transfer. Click ‘Next’ to continue. Wait until the entire transfer is completed. The actual transfer usually takes time depending on the total load of files you are transferring. Don’t use the phone until the transfer is completed on devices, Android and iOS.

What data can you transfer? Contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, music, message history, web bookmarks, emails, calendars, camera pictures and videos. If some of the apps you have downloaded on the Android device is available on both App Store and Play store then these apps will also be transferred. You can always transfer the free apps that are matching in the App Store.

Step 6. Finish set up in iOS

When you can see that the transfers have been completed on both Android and iPhone 8, tap ‘Done’ on the Android device and then continue setting up your iOS device. You can now finish the set up according to your choice.

Step 7. Verify if the transferred apps are complete

Make sure you have transferred all the phone contents you wanted from the Android to the iPhone 8. If needed, you can also move some of the contents manually.

Video Guide: How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 8

Part 3. Conclusions

It is always a challenge to switch Smartphones especially when you have stored a lot of information and contents. It takes a lot of work and effort before you can finally enjoy the new device. However, this process has now been simplified by FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer. It allows you to move all phone contents in just a few clicks. There is no need to perform any manual operations and troubleshooting. Try it for you to transfer data from Android phone to iPhone 8. FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer doesn’t just offer the phone to phone transfer; it can also do the following:

  • Backup Your Phone
  • Restore from Backups
  • Erase your old Phone

After you have performed the Phone to Phone transfer, then you can do any of the other features of FoneDog Toolkit- Phone Transfer to make sure all the files are safe and backed up properly.

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