Fix “The Device is Unreachable” for iPhone Easily

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: July 16, 2020

Are you having problems transferring files from your iPhone down to a computer and you got “the device is unreachable” This is an error in copying files to a Mac or PC computer due to incompatibility. Learn how to get the easiest fix for iPhone the device is unreachable in this new article!

Fix Device Not Unreachable

The error message “The Device is unreachable” is due to incompatible connections such as connecting your iPhone to a Windows computer, like Windows 10 upon importing media files. Today, we will show you different ways to fix this problem, “This Device is Unreachable”.

Part 1. How to Safely Transfer Files from iPhone to Any ComputerPart 2. Possible Solutions to Solve “This Device is Unreachable” IssuePart 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Safely Transfer Files from iPhone to Any Computer

Sometimes we could not avoid getting error messages “This Device is Unreachable” when the devices we use are not from the same line or manufacturer. Often, this leads to incompatibility issues that could lead to something more. Just like importing media files such as photos and videos from an iOS device to a Windows computer(Windows 10).

But then, working around can take much time and effort and you might still end up helpless. I found a solution that won’t take much time to resolve “This Device is Unreachable” while connecting an iPhone to a computer(Windows 10).

FoneDog Phone Transfer is an excellent program that features file transfer from mobile to mobile, mobile to computer, and computer(Windows 10) to mobile, across any operating system. To be exact, here is a table of its functions:

  • iOS to iOS
  • iOS to Android and vice versa
  • Android to Android
  • iOS to PC and vice versa
  • Android to PC and vice versa
  • This software supports the latest iOS 12 and Android 9.0

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What files can you transfer with FoneDog Phone Transfer?

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Pictures
  • Movies
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Podcasts
  • Voice memos
  • And more

#: How to Use FoneDog Phone Transfer?

Just like most of FoneDog’s mobile solution software, its Phone Transfer is also super easy to use and features few to one-click operation.

Given the error message we have above “This Device is Unreachable”, this pertains to an iPhone connected to a Windows PC to import pictures or videos. Here is an example of how you can use FoneDog Phone Transfer:

  1. Download the program for FREE and install on your computer(Windows 10)
  2. Launch and connect your iPhone via USB cable. If needed, tap “Trust this Device” on your iPhone
  3. Select the Files you want to import. For pictures, you can go the Camera Roll or Photo Library and selectively choose desired photos
  4. Click Export to PC and create a folder for these pictures
  5. Wait until exporting is completed

Photo Iphone To Device

FoneDog Phone Transfer works as a gateway for file transfers and dissolves any incompatibility errors. “This Device is Unreachable”. Apart from importing photos from iPhone to PC, you can also move files using other devices. You can also use this program to backup your phone files at any given time.

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Part 2. Possible Solutions to Solve “This Device is Unreachable” Issue

If you prefer not to use any program and wanted to resolve this issue on your own, you can try these possible fixes we have gathered from other users who reported that they got rid of the iPhone error “This Device is Unreachable”. Try which one works well for you and let us know!

Solution 1. Use Another Lightning Cable

One of the reasons for “This Device is Unreachable”, the incompatibility issues is the USB, either the port is damaged or you need an updated USB cable.

What you need to do is simply try another USB cable if you have an extra or borrow from a friend and try reconnecting your iPhone to a Mac or PC computer(Windows 10).

Solution 2. Install or Update The Latest iTunes on Your Computer

Next incompatibility unreachable error, “This Device is Unreachable”, may be caused by outdated iTunes or lack of iTunes at all. iTunes is required on a Mac or PC computer(Windows 10) for your iPhone to be easily identified and accessed with.

To update iTunes on Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. Launch iTunes and go to the top menu bar
  2. Click Help and click Check for Updates
  3. If there is an available update, follow the steps on how to update the iTunes on Windows 10

If you don’t have iTunes yet, simply go to the Microsoft Store and search for iTunes. Install the software and launch it. After updating or installing iTunes, reconnect your iPhone to the computer and test if the error message, “This Device is Unreachable”, still appears.

Solution 3. Turn on Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing

Perhaps, the sharing option is disabled on your iPhone reason for the unreachable error, “This Device is Unreachable”. Many users backed this solution that it helped them resolved the “This Device is Unreachable” unreachable error by simply turning on the Photo Stream and iCloud photo sharing.

#1: To Turn on Photo Stream:

  • Open Settings and head over to Photos
  • Toggle the bar on next to Upload to My Photo Stream

#2: To Turn on iCloud Photo Sharing:

  • Still, under Settings, go to Photos
  • Toggle the bar for Shared Albums

Try reconnecting your iPhone and see if it is working now.

Enable Photo Library Screens

Solution 4. Trust This Computer

Always click Allow whenever you connect the iPhone to a Mac or PC computer(Windows 10) in order to gain access. Sometimes, most users tend to ignore this notification and this is where they usually get unreachable errors, “This Device is Unreachable”.

If you don’t receive this notification, try to unplug the iPhone first and after a few seconds retry connecting and see if there is notification pop up on your iPhone’s screen.

Solution 5. Choose “Keep Originals”

Lastly, many users suggested this solution that greatly helped them get over this annoying transfer unreachable error, “This Device is Unreachable”. It is "keep originals". They simply changed a setting on the iPhone and it flawlessly allowed them to transfer media files to a Mac or PC computer.

Here’s what they did:

  • Open Settings on the iPhone
  • Scroll and tap Photos
  • Again scroll down and go to Transfer to Mac or PC section
  • Choose Keep Originals

Then afterward, reconnect your iPhone to a computer and test to see if the issue is now resolved.

Keep Originals

Part 3. Summary

There you have it everybody; we have finally resolved the iPhone issue “This Device is Unreachable”. We have recommended various tips and solutions in order to fix the problem, “This Device is Unreachable”. First of all, FoneDog Phone Transfer is a seamless program you can use not just for transferring from an iOS device to a computer, like data transfer to Mac, but to so many more devices and platforms.

Next, we have discussed five possible solutions including the possible root cause of the problem, “This Device is Unreachable”. It’s up to you which one works best and what solution you prefer to use. Or, if you have fixed it using other methods, you can share it with us too!

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