“Can I recover deleted Excel Files from Android? My boss is going to kill me! I was working on some excel files from my Android phone and things were going great as I was traveling home and I pressed something and accidentally deleted it! Please help me; I need that report back on my phone as soon as possible!”

Mobile phones are great; in fact, they are pretty much mini computers in our hands now. We can do reports, handle emails, send messages and so much more. Androids like most other phones are pretty advanced, in fact, you can even download and use Excel sheets on most Android units. This makes getting work done while in the middle of a commute or a vacation as easy as reaching into your pocket.

How to Recover Excel Files From AndroidHow to Recover Deleted Excel Files from Android

Part1. What Causes Delete Excel File?

Unfortunately though, as easy as it is to access work, it’s also that easy to make mistakes such as accidentally deleting a whole Excel file. There are a number of reasons to lose these important files in the blink of an eye, most common reasons are as follows:

Deleted by mistake – Don’t blame yourself, it happens and unfortunately, you probably aren’t the first one to experience this mistake. You could be trying to save it but somehow you press the only button you don’t want to or perhaps you are trying to move it to another folder and somehow dump it in the trash can? Well again at this point, you aren’t the only one who’s done this, so don’t worry about it just yet.

Reformatting the Android unit – Every so often some problems occur in their Android phones and the best option is to reformat the whole thing. This means of course too pretty much reset the phone almost to a blank state but if you are able to back everything up properly then it shouldn’t be a problem. You covered most of your bases anyways, text messages, your favorite photos and much more. Only you forgot about that important excel file still in one of your folders. Oops.

Buggy phone – Alright, the reason people need to reformat phones is pretty simple: the Android unit has quite a few glitches. It could be that the phone switches on and off for no apparent reason. The touch function could be going insane. Or perhaps you are missing data all of a sudden. Is a text missing? Wait a minute, where did your excel file go? Oh dear.

Dropped the phone – There was that one moment where the world slowed down, you could see your Android phone slowly descending and that cracking sound as it hit the ground, made you break out in a cold sweat. You scramble to see the damage, the screen is busted, the backlight barely sparks up as you frantically press whatever you can to make it switch on. You try to remember if you needed anything at all from the phone and then you remember that excel file that you desperately need.

At this point in time, you are probably thinking that one of the above reasons caused you to lose your excel data or something to that sense. Either or you need your excel data back one way or another, but it doesn’t seem to be anywhere on your Android phone, you’re at a dead end right now and need as much help as you can find.

Thankfully you found this and you are elated to know that there is a program known as Fonedog Android Data Recovery. Just follow the instructions below to recover the excel file back to your Android phone.

Part2. Steps to Recover Deleted Excel Files from Android Phone

Download and Install FoneDogDownload and Install FoneDog Android Data Recovery -- Step1

Step1. Download and Install FoneDog Data Recovery

Download Fonedog Android Data Recovery program into a computer, ideally the same computer has been connected to your Android phone at one point or another.
Run the program and make sure that it downloaded properly before proceeding to the next step.

Step2. Connect Your Android Phone to PC

Using a USB cable connect the Android phone to the computer and make sure the connection is secure.

Android ConnectedConnect Android To PC -- Step2

Allow USB DebuggingAllow USB Debugging -- Step3

Step3. Enable USB Debugging

You will receive a notice from the computer asking to set the Android into a “Debugging Mode,” don’t worry this is standard. If by some chance you already set your phone to “Debugging Mode,” it is likely you can skip this step and proceed to the next.

Step4. Choose File Type to Scan on Android

Upon entering the “Debugging Mode” you will be given options by FoneDog Android Data Recovery as it has several options to retrieve other files that you may have deleted by accident. It can even return text messages, call history, audio files and much more. Since you want to return an excel file, click on the “Documents” option and press the “Next” button to proceed to the next step.

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Choose DocumentsChoose Documents to Scan -- Step4

Scanning Device to Find Deleted Excel FilesScanning Device to Find Deleted Excel Files -- Step5

Step5. Start Scanning Device to Find Deleted Excel Files

FoneDog Android Data Recovery program will then begin to scan your phone. As mentioned before it will scan whatever was on your phone even if you deleted it and it is no longer available to be accessed. Please note that this may take some time depending on the amount of data Fonedog Android Data Recovery needs to go through. Kindly make sure that your mobile phone has enough energy for this process if you can keep it at 100% that would be ideal otherwise a minimum of 20% should be more than enough for the process.

Step6. Preview and Recover Deleted Excel Files from Android

The data that has been removed will now become available. You can scan through them and choose which documents or files you want to reinstate your phone. Simply choose the ones you want to reclaim and press the “Recover” button. Proceed to the final step.
Make sure to disconnect your Android phone from the computer in the proper manner, it is ideal to avoid disconnecting suddenly which could cause some loss of data. While you still have the option to return the lost data, it would seem a little counterintuitive.

Preview and Recover Deleted Excel FilesPreview and Recover Deleted Excel Files -- Step6

Video Guide: How to Recover Deleted Excel Files from Android Phone

Now that you have the excel sheet back, you can now confidently go back to work or school with the information or report that you need to submit, all you need to back you up is FoneDog Android Data Recovery program.

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