iPhone Won't Backup to iCloud? Here is How to Fix!

By Gina Barrow, Last updated: August 26, 2019

Currently, some customers ask "Why won't my iPhone backup to iCloud? It all began after I updated to iOS 11 and until today I cannot use my iCloud as the backup. I constantly get an error that iCloud backup could not be completed. Please Help! "

We usually back up data to iCloud. But sometimes we may meet some problems. Such as "You don't have enough space in iCloud to back up this iPhone."

And sometimes we are confusing when we want to restore iPhone backup from iCloud. Because it will restore all data but we want to selectively restore data.

Icloud Backup Not Showing Up Issue

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How to Backup Music files to iCloud

Effective Workarounds or Ways to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup

After reading this tutorial, you will no longer yell ‘Why won’t my iPhone backup to iCloud?!’ This is because you have all the choices on which troubleshooting method you can perform in order to fix the problem.

If you need to find the best alternative in the future, consider using FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore to create a safe and secure backup option. Share the good news with friends today!

Part 1. Why Won't My iPhone Backup to iCloud?Part 2. How to Back up iPhone Data?Part 3. iPhone Not Backing up to iCloud? Here is how to Do! Part 4. How to Backup and Restore Desired Files When iCloud Backup Doesn't Work

Part 1. Why Won't My iPhone Backup to iCloud?

Did you know that this problem about iPhone not backing up to iCloud is a common scenario? Yes, it is. If you find your iPhone not backed up to iCloud the moment you wake up in the morning, well you are not alone.

There are a lot of user reports who claimed that their iPhones do not back up to iCloud by means of getting error messages.

Fortunately, this issue is so easy to fix and can be done in a matter of a few steps only. You don’t need to go to a store and have it fixed.

Read along these guides and before you start yelling ‘Why won’t my iPhone backup to iCloud’ to yourself.

Possible Reasons that iPhone not backuping up to iCloud.

Connections and Storage

These two are the topmost reasons why your iCloud cannot create a backup on the iPhone. What you need now is to follow the troubleshooting methods in the next parts of this article.

Why My Iphone Wont Backup To Icloud

Part 2. How to Back up iPhone Data?

For future references, you should consider having an alternative backup to ensure that none from your phone data gets lost or deleted. One of the most effective and easy backup and restore alternative is FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore.

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore is safe and guaranteed effective. It backs up the entire iPhone to the computer with just a few clicks or just a single click only!

This is a third party program that enables users to create a safe backup with the user-friendly application. If you don't believe it you can just free download and try it by yourself.

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How to Back up Files on iPhone?

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore is so easy to use. All you need is to download the free version and follow these steps:

  1. Launch FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore
  2. Connect iPhone using a USB cable
  3. Click iOS Data Backup & Restore
  4. Click on iOS Data Backup
  5. Choose the Data Backup mode
  6. Choose desired files to backup
  7. Wait until the backup is completed
Select Files Type Backup

How to Restore the Backup Before.

Restoring backup is similar to backup steps. Simply plug in and follow the onscreen prompts.

  1. Launch program
  2. Connect iPhone
  3. Choose the desired backup
  4. Scan backup file
  5. Extract all or selective backup contents

The best part of FoneDog Toolkit- iOS Data Backup & Restore is that it allows you to effectively backup and restore phone files selectively.

Restore Files From Backup

Part 3. iPhone Not Backing up to iCloud? Here is how to Do!

We have listed down and tried the possible solutions to why the iPhone won’t back up to iCloud below. Be ready with your iOS device and get this issue fixed in no time!

2.1. Make sure you have the excellent wireless connection

As we mentioned above, internet connection plays a vital role in making sure that the iCloud gets to backup your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings on the iPhone
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Check if you are connected to your home or work internet

If you are not connected, tap on the network name and enter the password

Once connected, go back to Settings

  • Tap iCloud and tap iCloud backup (both must be toggled on)
  • Tap Backup Now

Turn On Wifi

2.2. iCloud Storage Space

Another possible cause of iCloud not taking the backup is because it does not have enough space anymore. Check the iCloud storage if it is already full or not.

Go to Settings

  • For iOS 10.2 and earlier, tap Settings, tap iCloud and tap Storage.
  • For iOS 10.3 go to Settings, tap your name, and tap iCloud. Tap Manage Storage or iCloud Storage.

Remember you are only given 5GB of free space on iCloud. If you need more space to consider upgrading to a higher space by tapping on the Upgrade button beside iCloud Storage.

Otherwise, you need to delete unnecessary backup contents to free up.

2.3. Sign in and out of iCloud

Signing out and back to your iCloud account may help refresh the app and may fix the iPhone can backup to the iCloud issue. Doing this process will resolve any kinds of verification issues that hinder the iCloud to take its backup.

  • Open Settings
  • Find and tap Accounts & Passwords
  • Tap Sign out
  • Confirm the erase settings prompt
  • Re-enter your iCloud account and password

Note: Re-entering iCloud account and password does not erase the entire backup. Once you have signed back in, all your data will be downloaded automatically. There is no need to worry about doing this process.

2.4. Reset All Settings.

When the iCloud backup issue gets out of hand, consider resetting all settings as a final recourse. Reset All Settings does not erase the data on the iPhone so it is safe to perform.

  • Launch Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Reset
  • Find and tap Reset All Settings

Reset Network Settings

2.5. Power-cycle iPhone

A quick power refresh may solve the iCloud backup issue if there are no major problems on the iPhone. You can turn off the device and leave it for a couple of minutes and reboot it right after.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button
  • Toggle the slide to off

2.6. Erase all Content and Settings

If none above have fixed the issue, as much as we don’t want to suggest but it seems to be the last troubleshooting method, you need to erase all contents and settings.

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General and tap Reset
  • Find and tap Erase All Content and Settings
  • Confirm the action

After the iPhone has rebooted, you can easily restore from iCloud and use the backup contents.

Erase Iphone

Part 4. How to Backup and Restore Desired Files When iCloud Backup Doesn't Work

Backup and restore desired files when iCloud backup doesn't work, this video shows you the complete guide, so just click on this video and watch the video tutorial and you can get it.

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