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The Best iPhone Photo Recovery in 2018

By XylaJoelle, Last updated: March 20, 2019

Recently many people Googled for an iPhone photo recovery. In this post, we will discuss how to recover deleted photos from iPhone.

If you are an iPhone user, we are pretty sure that you love taking pictures using your phone right? Well, that's pretty normal because iPhone has a great camera. Taking photos of yourself, friends and families using your iPhone is a nice way to keep memories.

However, there is a chance that when you try to view your photos on your iPhone to reminisce the moment, you ended up deleting them. Or another situation is they might have lost during an update on your iPhone. Well, you don't have to worry anymore because we will show you a way on how you can recover them fast, easy and safe. 

The FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool is the best software for you to recover all your lost photos from your iPhone. This software will help you in three easy methods. One method is recovering them directly from your iPhone even without a backup.

Another way is using your iTunes backup and lastly through your iCloud back up. Three options for you so you can choose one of them. This software will certainly recover every photo that you want in the easiest, safest and fastest way possible.

All you need to do is to download the FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool from our official website and have it installed on either your Mac or Windows computer. 

recover iphone photos

Part 1. Directly Recover Photos feom iPhone Photo Recovery

You can do this method even if you don't have any backup. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch and Connect Your iPhone

  •  Run FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool on your Win or Mac computer
  • Connect your iPhone device to your computer
  • Choose the first option "Recover directly from iOS" at the left side of your screen

Connect iPhone to PCConnect iPhone to PC -- Step1

Step 2: Scan Your iPhone

  • Click "Start Scan" button once the software detected your device.
  • Scanning time depends on how large the data is that is stored on your device
  • Wait until the scanning process is done

Start Scan iPhoneStart Scan iPhone -- Step2

Step 3: Preview and Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

  • Click on "Camera Roll" from the left side of your screen
  • You will be able to see both existing and deleted photos from your iPhone
  • Toggle on "Display Only Deleted Item/s" button found at the top of your screen to see only deleted photos
  • Preview all the photos you want to regain
  • Mark down the photos
  • Click "Recover" button to restore all deleted photos

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Complete iPhone Photo RecoveryComplete iPhone Photo Recovery -- Step3

Part 2. Do iPhone Photo Recovery via iTunes

You can recover your deleted photos using FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool via your iTunes account if you were able to backup your photos to your iTunes.

1: Launch, Connect and Select

  • Launch FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using your USB Cable
  • Select the second option "Recover from iTunes Backup File" from the left side of your screen. 

Recover from iTunes Backup FileRecover from iTunes Backup File -- 1

2: Extract Deleted Photos from iTunes Backup File

  • You will see the list of your iTunes Backup File on your screen
  • Select the backup file from your iTunes
  • Click "Start Scan >" button so that the program can begin extracting your iTunes backup file

Select iTunes BackupSelect iTunes Backup -- 2

3: Preview and Restore Deleted Photos from iTunes

  • From the category list at the left side of your screen, select "Photo Stream", "Camera Roll" and "Photo Library" to see all deleted photos
  • Preview your photos one by one
  • Mark down all the photos you want to restore from your iTunes backup file
  • Click on "Recover" button for the program to regain all your deleted photos

Recover Deleted Photos from iTunesRecover Deleted Photos from iTunes -- 3

Tip: If you were able to backup your iPhone device on your iTunes, you may see your deleted photos on your iTunes backup. You can also do the following:
Connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore your iPhone. 
Restore your iPhone data from your previous iTunes backup*WARNING*
Doing these steps have two downfalls:
You will not be able to view your photos before recovering them so might end up recovering the wrong photos
If you have some data that were not backed up, there is a high chance that you might end up losing the data forever once you restored your iTunes backup.

Part 3. Do iPhone Photo Recovery from iCloud

You can as well use this method if you have synced your photos from your iPhone to your iCloud account. Follow the guide below.

#1: Launch and Sign in

  • Run FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool on your computer
  • Select the third option "Recover from iCloud Backup File"
  • Sign in your iCloud using your Apple ID and Password and make sure they are the same as the one that you are using on your iPhone that we are dealing with

SIng in iCloudSIng in iCloud -- #1

#2: Download iCloud Backup

  • FoneDog iOS Data Recovery will then show you your backup files from iCloud
  • Select your desired backup file
  • Click "Download" beside the file

Download iCloud BackupDownload iCloud Backup -- #2

#3: Scan and Choose File Type

  • Let FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool scan your iCloud files
  • Select "Gallery" from the categories shown on your screen
  • Click "Next" button 

Select Photos Type to ScanSelect Photos Type to Scan -- #3

#4: Preview and Recover Photos

  • From the left side of your screen, click "Camera Roll", "Photo Library" and "App Photos"
  • Preview your deleted photos
  • Mark down all photos you want to restore
  • Click "Recover" button so that FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool can start restoring your deleted photos

Recover iPhone Photos from iCloudRecover iPhone Photos from iCloud -- #4

Note: If you were able to sync your iPhone to your iCloud, you can also try recovering them through your iCloud backup. You can do the following procedure:

  • Go to "Settings"
  • Then "General"
  • Select "Reset"
  • Choose "Reset All Content and Settings" (This is to factory reset your iPhone)
  • Set up your iPhone and then restore your device to your iCloud backup

Part 4. Conclusion

Surely, FoneDog iOS Data Recovery Tool will do all the work for you in terms of recovering all your deleted photos. One great fact about this software is that it does not only recover deleted photos but other data as well that you have on your iPhone like your contacts, text messages, call history, and more.

All your personal information like your iCloud account will be safe because FoneDog gives a big importance on your privacy so you don't have to worry.

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