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How to Fix iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error?

By Wian LJ, Last updated: March 20, 2019

You may hear someone ask "I have been trying to enter my passcode but then I got locked out and worse, I got the error "iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes". How do I fix this issue without losing my data?".

Some may search "iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes value is missing". Or "iTunes could not connect to iPhone. The Value is missing." However, these are the same question.
Now, Let's see what does "iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes" actually mean.

Part1. What does “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” error mean?

Forgetting the pass code could lead to something worse. iPhone, as we know, has built-in security features that automatically lock down the device when there are suspicious attempts at breaking in.

This is actually a pretty good measure if we think on the positive side however, it can be a nightmare when you experience this issue and you don’t have any backups at all. All data inside the iDevice will be completely wiped out.

Remember that the passcodes can be unlocked by hackers in just a matter of 4 hours by using good software. Chances are your iPhone could be prone to identity theft by only using 10,000 combinations; this is why Apple automatically wipes out all data when hackers get the chance to unlock the iPhone.

However, you wouldn’t get your phone locked out during the first few tries. It follows a series of attempts like the following:

  • 6 incorrect attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 minute
  • 7 incorrect attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 5 minutes
  • 8 incorrect attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 15 minutes
  • 9 incorrect attempts: iPhone is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes
  • 10 incorrect attempts: iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes

Part2. What to do when this error happens?

Technically, there are three options to do I order to fix “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes” error.

Solution1. Wait.

If you get yourself locked out, don’t force to unlock the device as soon as possible. Learn to wait and work well by following the series of attempts mentioned above. Don’t jump into the hype which may only severe the case.

Solution2. Erase the phone data via iTunes and remove pass code

This process requires that you must have your phone backed up and synced to iTunes. Follow the steps below on how to perform this solution:

  • Connect iPhone to the computer
  • Launch iTunes (if asked for a pass code use another computer with the same synced iTunes, or proceed to Solution3 to use Recovery Mode)
  • Wait for iTunes to complete the sync and backup
  • Click Restore iPhone after the backup is finished
  • On the Setup screen on the iPhone, tap Restore from iTunes backup
  • Select the most recent iTunes backup file and wait until the restoration is complete

Itunes Backup RestoreFix iPhone Disabled Connect to iTunes Error by iTunes

Solution3. Use Recovery mode

If you have not created any iTunes backup or set up the “Find my iPhone” in iCloud then the best way to fix ‘iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes’ error is to enter Recovery mode. Follow the steps below on how to enter recovery mode:

  • Connect iPhone to the computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Once connected, perform a force restart on the iPhone
    • For iPhone X, 8, and 8Plus: Quickly press and release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down and then press and hold the Side button until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • For iPhone 7 and 7Plus: Quickly press and hold the Side and Volume down buttons altogether. Keep holding the buttons until the recovery mode screen appears.
    • For iPhone 6S and earlier: Gently Press and hold Home and Top buttons altogether. Keep holding them until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • Choose Restore from the pop-up screen which asks you to either Update or Restore device
  • ITunes will then download the software compatible for your device. This might actually take about 15 minutes. The iPhone will then exit Recovery mode and you will need to repeat the steps 2 and 3.
  • Wait until the process is finished and then setup the iPhone

Put Iphone Into Recovery ModePut iPhone into Recovery Mode

Part3. The Best Way to fix “iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes” screen (Recommended)

The above solutions are not actually feasible to those who don’t have backups. They will suffer tremendous data loss once they wipe out their phone data. However, there is another recommended solution that will not let go of your phone contents easily. FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery  (Repair) allows you to fix ‘iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes’ error in just a few minutes and without erasing phone contents.

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery fixes different system problems like: Recovery mode, DFU mode, white screen looping on start, Connect to iTunes, and more. This program only fixes system issues without causing further data loss. It also fixes other problems like: iTunes error codes, white, blank, black, and blue screens, stuck on Apple logo, freezing, and crashing iOS.

To learn how to use FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery, check out these guides below:

Step1. Download, install and launch FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery

Download and install the program FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery and then launch it right after.

Select Repair Option

Step2. Connect the iPhone to the computer

Connect the iPhone to the computer using an original USB cable. Wait until the program automatically recognizes and detects the iPhone.


Step3. Download the iOS firmware package

The next step will require you to download and install the correct iOS firmware package of the iPhone. You will need to supply the correct details asked by the program such as the model number and software version of the iPhone. Once you have entered the correct information, click “Download” to continue.

DownloadDownload iOS Firmware Package -- Step3

Step4. Wait until the process is completed

FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery will begin the system recovery and it will take few minutes before it will be completed. Once the repair is complete, you will see a notification on the screen and the device will restart normally.

And that’s it! You have fixed ‘iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes’ error without any data loss. This is possible only through the help of FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery.

Repare Complete

You can free download the software to fix your iPhone disabled connect to iTunes:

Video Guide: How to Fix iPhone Disabled, Connect to iTunes Error

Part4. Conclusions

Backups are really necessary in cases like this error “iPhone is disabled, Connect to iTunes” happen. As we always remind all users to always take care of your phone data if you don’t want to experience any troubles. However, if you are a little too late, FoneDog Toolkit- iOS System Recovery will be there to rescue and save your device.

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